Month: November 2019

3 Things We Don’t Like To Admit

“There’re Some Things That People Don’t Admit Because They Don’t Like The Way It Sounds.” – Cindy Chupack – Those who understand and accept things that they do wrong can always change themselves but those who don’t, it is really hard to change. Some things in life we are programmed to do because we have […]

How These 4 Habits Led Me To Procrastination?

“The Four Habits of Procrastination: Overthinking, Social Media, Napping, and Minor Chores.” We often hear of the word – Procrastination. But you might have not thought of these 4 simple things that play a big role in your procrastination. Sometimes these habits even make you think that you are productive while you are procrastinating. I […]

How Knowledge And Wisdom Are Interconnected?

“Knowledge comes from learning and wisdom comes from living.” Knowledge and wisdom are different but interconnected with each other. On one side, Knowledge is about gathering information, and on the other hand, wisdom is to apply the knowledge in your life. There is a very thin line between both. People usually mistake knowledge with wisdom. […]

How Reading Habits Helped Me?

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”  – Joseph Addison –  Reading habits are not a hobby. However, for some people, it’s only a task. I will tell you how reading can make a big difference in your life just like it did to me. When I was in the adult […]

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