Month: December 2019

How To Design An Effective Vision Board?

An effective vision board is a movie trailer that you empower with your positive emotions.  – Fahim Lashkaria – People often complain that their vision board doesn’t work. The problem is not on the board. But it is their unclear dreams non-specific imagination and lack of emotions. Step-by-Step guide on how to create an effective […]

How To Retire Young With 1 Million Dollars?

The amount of money you have, has got nothing to do with what you earn. People earning 1 million dollars a year can have no money and people earning $35,000 a year can be quite well off. It’s not what you earn, it’s what you spend. – Paul Clitheroe – Everyone dreams of having $1 […]

How To Deal with Setbacks In Life?

“When you face setbacks, you need to remind yourself that whatever is trying to defeat you could very well be what God will use to promote you.” – Joel Osteen –  No human on this planet is without setbacks. The actual problem is not the setbacks, but our response to them. But you will be amazed […]

Traits That Made Me A Good Salesperson

People buy from good salesperson whom they trust and feel comfortable with. – Anonymous – There is a great myth about a good salesperson in society. Those who can take money out of your pockets even by fooling you are called good salespeople. But that’s not true. You could win that deal but won’t be […]

Why Difficulties Are Necessary In Life?

Difficulties in life do not come to destroy you but help you to realize your hidden potential and power. Let difficulties know that you are difficult. – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam – Silent waters never made good sailors. Hence difficulties are always a part of our life and it’s through them we achieve our […]

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