How I Changed My Life 360 Degree?

“Yesterday, I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”
– Rumi –

My life is ordinary. I belong to the famous quote: “Eat, Sleep, Repeat.”

I need money, a rich lifestyle, a perfect dream job, and a compelling bank account. In the end, I will enjoy the serenity.

No no!

My thinking brain said to me with a big loud voice. He said,” You are not born for no celebrated life. Fuck your ass every day and get your dream life.”

So what could be so amazing in my life? I asked myself a question to myself and today, I can answer it gloriously.

I made bad choices, was around aimless people, fucked up in ruthless sales jobs, running for money here and there and getting my skin tan and sailing without direction.

I didn’t know how, when, and what timeline I should set for my goals. Thus, I never settled for anything permanently. I was looking badly for a change in life so I was able to change my fate.

Things started happening. I got my dream job call, my pay was raised, I was able to lock my first international trip and I could see my money going inflow.

It looks so easy and effortless, right?

Do you think it was that easy to find what one wants? We all have to pay the price. Price in terms of money or time or even boredom.

I paid my price for 3 years to become a writer, a good visioner, and a perfect artist of money handling.

Today, I want to take you over my journey to share with you how I changed my life 360 degrees. The purpose of sharing this is only that anyone of you could also change his/her fate too.

“Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely.”
– Henry Ford –

Of course, I have had failures and disappointments, but what’s the point of living a hurdle free life.

The great Robert Kiyosaki started a company at 30 but failed to protect the products and eventually, the company went bankrupt. Afterward, started a company selling T-shirt, hats and other licensed product and went bankrupt.

Then he began his investing and writing career. At 50 years old, he achieved international notoriety when he penned the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book.

Amancio Ortega was so poor that his mother had to beg for essential items. He was forced to drop out of school to help siblings and sewed shirts by hand throughout his teen years.

Worked nearly for a quarter-century and now owns hundreds of stores of the biggest brand in the world “ZARA”. He is also the 5th richest man in the world.

Failures are never enough so your effort should be too.

Believe in yourself is the first key to success.

believe in yourself

I was humiliated hundred times in life, bullied in school, was told unbearable things by teachers that I won’t make it in my life and waste it completely.

Even when I entered college, I was treated badly by other fellow students for no reason. People hated me. Laughed at me and made fun of me.

After such discourteous circumstances, I never stopped loving myself. I started caring for myself more in that process. Because only you can take responsibility.

One thing I believed in life is “going with the flow”. There are some things you have no control over it and it’s of no use to blame yourself for it either.

Thus, I went on doing my work, I went on reading books, started spending more time with my dog. I can say I changed my focus to something else which I loved doing the most.

And all these helped me a lot to change myself. It changed my mind and my belief system.

I started gaining more knowledge through books and also did painting, writing poems, scribbling, and possibly all other things.

Slowly and gradually, it helped me changed my attitude and behavior too.

My whole childhood was in solitude and therefore I always had time thinking about myself.

A day came when my belief system has grown to a vigorous level and I understood my value.

I started making friends, got in small groups, exchanging ideas with teachers, and learned the English language for likable communication.

To believe in yourself, first, you need to value yourself. You need to do everything possibly good things for yourself.

Go outside your house, start communicating with like-minded people, make friends, join groups because all these will give you a platform to show yourself every day.

You have no idea how your confidence will grow. You won’t believe your self and will be able to break every chain.

Start doing something you love to do most.

Treat yourself with good knowledge.

Gain confidence.

Believe that you can do everything possible in the world.

Believe That You Deserve And

Universe Will Serve It.

believe in universe

I believed in GOD and will always. But my way of seeing GOD used to be different.

Whenever I used to go to the temple, I never asked for anything to him. I just prayed, “Please GOD, give good health to my family and friends.” My prayer was just in these two sentences.

I did not know any prayers because I never learned. Why I was praying in two sentences is because the image of GOD for me is my family, friends, and myself too. I followed this for half of my life. (Currently, I am 27.)

Until one day when my idea of seeing GOD changed. On one late evening in the office, I was working for a project. My boss who is my mentor too came to me and showed a beautiful video on the phone.

I was so astonished to understand the other prospect of GOD.

The video was about a girl who wanted to see the famous “Northern Lights” in Norway and traveled there in cold weather at midnight waiting for it to happen.

There was no chance that she would be able to see the lights. She requested GOD to make it happen which was not possible on that particular day.

Her desire was so intensive that GOD listened to her wish and she saw incredible Northern lights in the sky for a few seconds.

I was blown away seeing the video.

I asked my boss what it was?

And that day, he introduced me to the Universe. You can say God too. Everything is the same.

He said to me, “We are a gift of God. We all are the supporters of God who help other human beings. We are not God. You believe it to be your family or anyone you love but we are just supporters. ”

Whatever I was doing before for praying was good but not enough. Because I was not doing it right.

We are born to achieve everything and get success, but if we are brave enough, the Universe listens to the braves.

Brave enough to handle situations in life and stand for the right.

And today, by God’s grace I received everything I wanted. Good health, enough penny to spend and eat plenty of good food.

Life is magical if you are an amazing magician.

Once A Learner, Always A Learner.

always a learner

Sometimes I feel so lucky that I have constant agony to always learn something new. I think we are incomplete without trying something new in life.

I can’t imagine my life without exploring something brand-new. When I was 16 years old, I used to paint a lot. After then I decided to write some poems. I did not know where it’s all coming but I used to do whatever came my way. I even tried sketching and failed but enjoyed the process a lot.

When I turned 18, I got my new phone. I got interested in capturing pictures. I loved photography then and now too. After certain years, I learned how to make videos. I learned to edit too from some online courses.

But never had the idea that one day all these learnings will make meaning in life. I met with an opportunity where I could use my writing skills. I started writing blogs for my company. And then the opportunities for writing came on my path as well.

Currently, I am working with a recipe website where I am a full-time writer and part-time videographer too.

The sky is the limit.

Hugh Mcleod has written in his book ” Ignore everybody” that, “Everybody has their own private Mount Everest they were put on this earth to climb.”

You may never reach the summit; for that, you will be forgiven. But if you don’t make one serious attempt to get above the snow-line, years later you will find yourself lying on deathbed and feel emptiness.

Keep that fire within yourself to always attempt new things in life.

Vincent Van Gogh who is a famous painter said,” Great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together.”

You have to create your journey pieces by pieces.

Talk to the group of people around you, read some amazing books, doodle the small things around you, learn a new language, or go and explore some places.

Every corner in this world is full of history and knowledge. Moreover, it’s free. Go get it.

Because I Went From Negative To Positive.

negative to positive

Negative and positive is part of your attitude and not your life.

I recognize my previous behavior was leading to negativity.

For instance, I order something online, pay the money in advance and have a suspicion that what if my order doesn’t come or the product comes in bad condition.

Cross-checking is a different thing when you take extra care and make sure nothing goes wrong. On the other hand, doubting is something different. Because it leads to negativity.

Recently, I joined a new job and working as a videographer apart from the writer. I am not a professional videographer but have a basic idea about the camera and angles.

Currently, I am done with more than 70 videos and it took approx 6-7 months to leave my negative attitude. And I tell you how.

In the beginning, since I knew little about videos, I thought I was doing great. When I gained more knowledge in videos, I started feeling bad about my previous videos.

Then one day, I decided to do the best video but inside I doubted that what if the video goes wrong. And it turned out to be the worst video than previous ones.

What do you think about what approach I could have preferred?

The best thing is I learned how to shoot but the bad part is I doubted what if it goes wrong. It means if my shoot would go smooth, I would be happy and if it fails, I would sit in the corner blaming whatever I can.

Your approach can be wrong in achieving anything in life, but you shall never have a second thought that you are not capable enough to do it in the right way.

These insecurities and unnecessary negativities can hinder your performance.

Today, I have experience of 70+ videos, and now I have my style of capturing videos. I and my team addressed every small detail about videos that were going wrong previously like the angles, shaking, lights, and many things. Now we are sorted with everything and we achieved what we wanted.

You can change your attitude at any point, you just gotta stop and re-evaluate what can you do right instead of why everything is going wrong.

Moving On From The Past.

moving from the past

Many of us believe that living in the past gives pain. But I have an amazing formula which you can also apply in your life and enjoy the pain as well. Not kidding!

I also have some bad memories of my past. I did fail in the test, relations, and life.

We all have our past but we can’t blame ourselves for that.

What we were in the past, we are not the same now. After all, a human being is a constantly changing animal.

I was bullied in school many times as I have talked in our above conversations. I remember a girl named Monika who had bad business with me during school. She used to make fun of me with her friends because she enjoyed that a lot.

The school was finished and I was about to enter college but I didn’t forget her. I was having a fear that when I will enter college, I would meet a girl like Monika who will again spoil my days.

Since those school incidents, I kept the fear inside me of being bullied again.

So, I went onto my Facebook account, searched her profile and messaged her,” The way you behaved with me in school was inappropriate. I don’t know what problem you had with me but you should never do the same with anyone.” That’s it.

I don’t know but I was furious that day and shot the message. Within a week, she messaged me saying sorry and accepted her bad behavior.

I was so relieved with my fear.

Though my college life was also a little tough at some point but then seeing her message I felt that what people think of me is none of my business.

Because people will come in your life every time, they may like you or dislike you, they may friend you and then befriend you but you shall never break yourself.

You shall always forgive those who have broken your heart because that’s the best way to treat your past and make your present fearless and peaceful.

I am sure you have felt broken, disheartened and disgusting about some incidents in your life. But then it’s your life in the end. You cannot change your past because we don’t have any time machine to go back.

What we can do is going with the flow, learn something new every day, never blame yourself, and even others at any point.

Just enjoy the process of life in all ways possible.

I will come up with some more interesting talks with all of you. In the meantime, you can too message me if anything is hindering you at this point. We can surely make a way out.

Any problem is not pain. It is always an experience – good or bad, to learn from it.

If God closes one door, he opens 10 new for us.


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