7 Necessary Things

7 Necessary Things No One Taught Us While Growing Up

Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

– Harriet Tubman –

Our life would have been different today if we were taught these 7 necessary things at an early age. I learned these things with experience. No one taught me this.

I have seen many millennials between the of 14-25 years of age who have potential, but due to lack of these things are either living their life without any purpose or wasting it at a wrong place.

They have developed such mindsets that it is neither helping them to grow nor they are happy from within.

List of 7 Necessary Things To Learn While You Are Growing Up

  1. Understand & Act Upon Our Intuitions
  2. The Importance of our Belief System
  3. Setting Healthy Boundaries
  4. How To Manifest What We Desire?
  5. Difference Between Unconditional & Conditional Love
  6. Difference Between Ego and Soul
  7. The Need For Spiritual and Emotional Development

Let us discuss each one in brief.

1. Understand & Act Upon Our Intuitions

You might have heard this word many times from our teachers, parents, and even our coaches. But how many of us really understand it.

Some call it a gut feeling and some call it their inner voice. But what actually it is?

It is your subconscious power that guides or warns you from doing certain things. It can be a peaceful or dreadful feeling in your stomach or chest.

Sometimes it happens to us that though our decisions are irrational and we still feel confident and happy.

We see some lucid dreams which guide us to a certain act. But often we fail to understand it.

You are pushing back but still, some opportunities go on knocking. Your thoughts get pulled in a certain direction even when you least want to think of them.

These are all signs of intuition which most of us today know it less or don’t know at all.

If our guardians knew about it and taught us understanding our intuition our confidence and our success ratio would be higher.

2. The Importance of our Belief System

A belief system is a set of principles which form the being of any human. It is nothing but an invincible force that develops your behavior.

The belief system develops on the basis of your surrounding you live in. These things can be either the religion, philosophy, or moral code.

Usually, we see many persons in our circle who are more sigh and lack confidence and others we find blunt and bold. Their belief system cultivated due to their surroundings.

The society, parents, locality have cultivated many wrong beliefs in us and we still live on those stereotype belief system.

Thus, many times we face problems doing great things as we limit ourselves from doing it. This is because we think that it is not our cup of tea, we cannot do it, it is for a particular sect/group of people and bla bla.

Truth is; you can achieve anything in life if you believe. There are no boundaries.

7 Necessary Things

We often see people reaching from rags to riches. We can achieve that too. The only thing that we need to do is reconstruct our belief system.

3. Setting Healthy Boundaries

Most of us weren’t taught this while growing up. And so often we end up cleaning others shit, lack in doing necessary things or schedule our own life.

Healthy boundaries mean nothing but to exercise control over what ideas and opinions are we take in, and which we disregard depending on circumstances.

We see many people living life on others opinion. They did an MBA and so I want to do it, They bought this car so I will buy that. The list will go on.

Setting healthy boundaries means catching these opinions before they influence to do things randomly without thinking. It means deciding either to let them in if they are helpful to us or throw them back they aren’t meant for us.

4. How To Manifest What We Desire?

Manifestation is connected to your belief system. Most of us weren’t taught this and thus living an average life.

We always liked what others had, but never asked or consulted our own being what we desire. Peoples dreams became your own dream and you failed.

Manifestation is very easy. The main mantra of manifestation is that you believe that you deserve it and then things start to change. Opportunities come your way, you get job calls and everything you desire starts to follow.

We are not yet clear about what we want, we talk but don’t take action, we aren’t patient and we don’t trust the process.

Trust me, merely doing the opposite of the above will get you higher than where you are now. What is that; Getting clear about your goals, take action, trust the process and have patience. Gratitude will help you the most in this.

7 Necessary Things

I know one of my colleague who was working with me. Initially, she was struggling to make her living. We talked a lot about those things.

But soon she learned to manifest her dreams. She exercised the principles thoroughly. In about 8 months, she uplifted her lifestyle. Started making good money. Living her credit-free life.

5. Difference Between Unconditional Vs Conditional Love

Why it is necessary for us to know this? If you don’t know the difference you heart breaks frequently and sometimes you get encountered by wrong persons in your life. It might also happen that you will lose someone precious unknowingly.

Conditional love is the love in which you demand equal similar action against it. I relate this to mere expectation. When you want someone to reciprocate action in lieu of your love and you don’t get it you feel broke.

Unconditional love is the love of the soul. It has no boundaries. Whether you reciprocate or not it is there.

It is a positive force that affects all aspects of life. Though it is physical, emotional, mental, and also our spiritual state of being.

Expression of unconditional love will bring healing to everyone & everything we touch. If we understand this, our lives will just be in complete peace.

I have a habit of observing things. When a person has unconditional love, even animal reflect that, especially dog.

You touch them with unconditional love even if you don’t know them you will see them reciprocate the same love.

Why are saints or motivational speakers loved by everyone? Because they share unconditional love with you. They don’t have any desires to get anything from you. Still, they provide good to you.

6. Difference Between Ego and Soul

Is it necessary to know this? Yes, it is. Why? Because it defines and creates your spiritual being.

Now, what is ego and what is a soul? I will define it in just two words. Ego is selfish and Soul is selfless. In simple terms, the Ego is “ME” and the Soul is “WE”.

Ego has always been an obstacle in our life. It ruins relationships, love, friendship, or what things it gets in. It generates expectation and expectation always tend to give disappointments.

Thus, the ego is a negative force that ruins your life. It a venom that needs to be removed.

Ego says that if I have this or get this or there then I will be happy or be in peace whereas the soul abundance, prosperity, happiness, or health, etc. are to be felt from within first.

Usually, we see some people are happy with no much possession and some are unhappy even though they have more than enough. They live their life with egos rather than souls.

7. The Need For Spiritual and Emotional Development

Failing to open up our minds to the abundant possibilities of spiritual and emotional development results in failure to move forward in our lives as well as failure to understand how we might have constructively contributed to our issues or circumstances differently.

Our society, parents, school play a great role in our spiritual and emotional development. But unfortunately, now they are developing machines.

We have to suppress our feelings, stopped reasoning things and accepted whatever is given to us.

Emotional development consists of understanding your emotions and then addressing them in a healthy way.

Spiritual development is to release your emotions that weigh us down, the emotions we need to let go. Spiritual development lifts feeling to a higher level, where you connect with your divine nature and the truth.

Spiritual and emotional development are cumulative and you need to be continuously working on them, so that can build our emotional strength.

Final Words

Having said all this, it is never too late. When you decide to change you can. Nothing is impossible.

You might find it tough at initial level but you can learn them and make your life also meaningful. A life and a story that you are proud of. A story that inspires others to grow.

If you have any queries share them in the comment section below. We will be more than happy to help you.

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