About Us

“Happiness is the best makeup.”

– Drew Barrymore

About Don’t Worry Be Happy

Don’t Worry Be Happy is an institute that helps you identify your weaknesses and uncover your true potentials by changing your mindset (belief system) from fixed to growth-oriented mindset.

However, it is not another mentor/life coach site that you often visit. We are unique. Call us your “friend-tor”. A friend and a Mentor.

It is an educational organization that offers advice on life issues. Thus, one can select the area who wish to improve and discover our programs specifically designed to change one’s mindset.

Knowing and changing your mindset for your personal growth is not taught in school or any universities. Therefore, we are here to help you change your mindset and grow in life.

Moreover, we want to make this mindset development so easy and affordable for everyone. Anyone can do it and at their own pace.

Because your mindset plays a critical role in your life. The reaction to every situation depends on your mindset. The Placebo and Nocebo effect of your mindset gives you negative or positive results.

How Can We Help You?

We are two friends – on a mission to make this world a better place. Where every one of us is happy and living an abundant life.

We see & meet youth every day. I feel the lack of guidance, wisdom. They have a lot of potentials but are wasting them.

Boys, girls, men, women – all living their life merely satisfied with their average life. Not thinking to grow not thinking to dream higher.

It is a human tendency that when you are lost somewhere you ask the person who knows or experienced it previously.

Our themes are:

  • Mindset Development
  • Relationships
  • Work
  • Social Life
  • Financial Goals Setting

What We Offer

We want to guide you and make you learn the life lessons and for that, we have created something special for you.

We have a blog, books, and upcoming events to meet and greet you personally and provide you training for your life-growth.

Our Team

Fahim Lashkaria – Founder, Friend-tor, Behavior Analysts & Entrepreneur

Saloni Desai – Co-Founder, Friend-tor & Millennial Author.

Fahim’s Story

Hi friends, I’m Fahim Lashkaria.

I ain’t any different from you. Just like you who was broke, struggling, losing jobs, facing failures.

Running here and there. No directions in life. Someone said this and I used to do it. Someone said that and I used to do it. But it wasn’t getting anywhere.

Back in 2006, I first saw the famous video clip “The Secret”.

It was the turning point. It triggered my desire to know more and more about it and apply the same formula in my life. That was the time, I started reading thoroughly about this concept.

Grinding all these years helped me discover many secrets of parenting, relationship, success, job, and business.

It took some time to manifest things but now that my life has bestowed me every day with miracles.

The life I wished for, the people I wanted in my life, the kind of work I longed for and the success I dreamt of.  I am having it all with me.

  • What I did and how I did?
  • What was my attitude?
  • Which habits brought me where I am today?
  • What price did I pay for what I have today?

I want to share everything that I faced, everything that I learned, and everything that helped me with you so that you don’t need to face the same.

It is simple. I have sacrificed years on these and have experienced them. You use my experience and achieve success without wasting so many years to explore.

Saloni’s Story

Hi fellas, I am Saloni Desai.

A super millennial who lives life on her terms. Living a life which many of us dream. A perfectly balanced life with a dream job, people to love and care and an abundance of money.

There is no surprise in it. Anything and Everything is possible with perfect mental attitude and perfect guidance.

I was not what I am today.

Initially was a non-believer in all these stuff like universe and abundance. Sounded all water bubbles.

I met Fahim in July 2018. A perfect friend-tor and a nice guy with a good heart.

We discussed some theories of life and he introduced me with an idea – Law of Universe.

I started studying my life patterns and applying the guidance. Within months I started observing changes in my life. Everything around me started changing. Now, I count the miracles every day.

One fine day we were having evening tea together and got up with the idea of making this website.

The thought behind was to create a platform where everyone can be guided and get benefit out of these well-known theories of life.

I being a millennial will be able to make you understand these things very easily. In just laymen terms. Like we chit chat with each other.

We will just get into your head and will encourage and train you to get a perfect mindset that will help you throughout your life.

This is not only you who will benefit from this. Once you are doing it you will be able to help others around you the way I am doing now.

It could be your friends, partners, parents or your colleague.

Let us help each other to be happy and an abundant life with whatever we want.

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