3 Things We Don’t Like To Admit

“There’re Some Things That People Don’t Admit Because They Don’t Like The Way It Sounds.”
– Cindy Chupack –

Those who understand and accept things that they do wrong can always change themselves but those who don’t, it is really hard to change.

Some things in life we are programmed to do because we have seen them giving us expected results or they have been our social standards.

We have developed a perception about them that those things will work or will be accepted only if a particular way is followed.

As a Behavior Analyst and a life coach, I have been consulting many people and seen these things in most cases.

I have a habit of studying deeply about people and have concluded that most of the time it is our own mistake that brings us problems. We know it but we don’t admit.

Things We Don’t Admit

Here are three things that we don’t like to admit:

1. Over Care For People To Get Love


We usually try to be what others want. We pressure ourselves to be perfect for others. Care for others to get love.

Do you know, Why we do that?

Because since childhood you have got love or attention or a company to be with only by caring for others or by being perfect for others.

We aren’t taught at that childhood stage that our own opinions also matter. Thus, we do what others are pleased with. Because we fear to lose them or not getting love.

My study shows that usually, this kind of person has a dreadful and lonely past. You will see most of them will have separated/divorced parents or might have lost them at an early age.

Sometimes people for whom you try to be perfect or over care tend to take you for granted or might use you for their good.

But still, we are pressuring ourselves or care for others because that was the only way you could receive love as a child. We don’t admit as we fear to lose them.

I know being alone is tough, but being used by others is worst. It creates frustration and even though we are with them we feel alone.

2. Chase Materialistic Happiness


Most of us are doing this. But again, we don’t accept. When I say most of us, it is because my parameter of materialistic happiness might be different.

Buying expensive things or possesions to show off is chasing materialistic happiness, but it doesn’t end there only.

It also includes those small things that you do which give you social status. It can be eating out big, going to new places just to show your status.

We do all these just to because we are convinced that we know we are not enough for ourselves.

3. Blame Others For Your Faults


You will find such people in every part of life. In school, college, job, and mostly in corporations. It is not they don’t know but they just try to hide their shortcomings and incapability.

This makes them feel better than others. But eventually, they are hindering themselves. In the long run, this habit leads them to be isolated from the world. No one will like to be with them.

Again this thing is also developed from childhood in people. Children who are a victim of aggressive parents tend to develop this habit.

Once they are caught doing anything wrong they are sure to get banged or scolded by their parents.

Hence, they try to hide their faults and learn the technique of putting it on others. Later on, when they grow older this thing continues.

Final Thoughts


Now the question arises that how do we overcome these things. The first and foremost thing is to admit that we are doing.

Once you admit these things, you can cultivate a new mindset by making peace with your past and become a better person.

Don’t pressure yourself to please others. Those who love you will always stay with you no matter what.

Materialistic happiness will be for a short time. Society isn’t gonna feed you. Hence do what is feasible for you and not for social status.

Learn to admit when you are wrong. Don’t put it on others. When you accept your mistakes it always helps you to grow in life.

If you need any help we are here to help you. I am a Behavior Analyst and mindset coach. Share your story with me and I would be more than happy to help you.

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