Be Patient

How Can I Be Patient While Manifesting With LOA?

Be impatient with actions but patient with results.
– Naval Ravikant –

Being patient is the key to manifestation. Many of usually feel that nothing is happening and become impatient. It is something that everyone faces. It is human nature, but our response to this situation is what matters.

Impatience is the source of doubt. Doubt that you don’t deserve what you are longing for and thus creating negativity.

No desire is big for the universe. Whatever you will ask it will provide subject to your belief, mindset, and actions you take to achieve it.

I was also the same. Being impatient and always getting around negativity. Unfortunately, I left things when I was about to achieve. Due to the clouds of impatience, the visibility of my goals became dull and I left. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else.

How To Be Patient While Manifesting?

Be Patient

Being patient breeds positivity and gives hope. You might have seen the successful people claiming that they are sure that it will happen even when things are going against them.

After all these years of studying, research and implementation, here are a few things that can help you be patient while manifesting with LOA.


I recently wrote an article about the clarity of goals, in which there are 4 questions to attain clarity of goals. The fourth one is “What you are getting?”

This question is the reconciliation part. Are we getting things that we desired? Sometimes in the pursuit of attainment of our desires, we lose our way. Without evaluating things, we start working on things that lead us to a different way.

Are you getting it? Are you moving towards your goal or stuck in a pattern of doing the same thing over and over again.

Many often we hear people say, I tried 1000 times but still not getting there. When you ask them to help you count those thousand things, then they will say 100 things. But in the end, it comes that they were found doing the same things again and again.

Getting the results is the final part. If you are not getting the results you are wasting your time, money and energy. Find what you are doing wrong. Reconstruct your plan.

This will help you to do the required things and be patient. It will save your time & energy being wasted.

Moreover, when you know that the cause of the delay, you become more optimistic. This will turn your impatience to patience.

Trust The Universe

Be Patient

When you desire something, you also have to be in the same alignment of it. You want a loving partner and you are filled with anxiety and have a doubtful nature.

Will you manifest? No. This applies to anything you want to manifest.

Thus, just keep in mind that the thing you want to manifest requires a new you. You cannot fill clean water in a pot that contains muddy water.

First, you will have to clean it completely and then you fill. Similar is the case with the universe, it makes what you need to be and then give it to you.

Giving time is necessary. So you need to be calm and don’t pay attention to your negative thoughts. Remember  “Good thing come to those who wait.” This doesn’t mean you wait the whole life. Give a reasonable time.

This video changed my perception of manifestation. Grab your headphones and plug them to your phones or whatever device you are on and just see this video. I hope you will get the required answers.

Take Some Rest

Take some rest, but don’t quit. Sometimes, working on our goals we get tired and exhausted especially when we don’t see the expected results. It’s fine.

Take some rest. Calm your mind. This will help you relax for the moment and help you think about solutions or ways that you can implement to reach your goals.

Collaborate With Others On Same Mission

Often we lack the mindset that is required to achieve our goals. Either we cultivate it or learn from someone.

There are 3 ways to do this:

  • You cultivate it by reading books and attending seminars.
  • Find a mentor who can help you build your dreams and inspire you towards it.
  • Work for someone who has achieved it.

I did all three during my journey. Don’t feel shame in working for others. Think that it is also a way to your journey to achievement.

Surrounding yourself with positive and successful people. There are many benefits to it. One of them is that you will have deep insights into your goals.

Final Thoughts

Be Patient

Following these things has helped me manifest my financial freedom, relationships, house, car, and whatnot. All this happened at the time God/Universe thought was best for me and when I was most in need of that.

Hope this post might help you be patient and join the club of achievers.

If you have any questions feel free to ask us. We will be more than happy to respond.

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