benefits of Traveling

9 Surprising Benefits of Traveling You Never Thought Of

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
– Saint Augustine – 

We all love traveling and why not because we gain new friends, experiences, and stories. When it comes to personal growth or self-improvement solo traveling plays an important role.

The benefits of traveling are life long. It instills characteristics that last life long in us. Moreover, traveling not only changes us physically but also psychologically.

One of the best benefits of traveling is that it triggers self-growth. You cannot have the sales growth, material growth, or any growth without self-growth.

9 Surprising Benefits of Traveling

benefits of Traveling

I have traveled for almost 15 years of my life and saying this with experience. Let me share with you how traveling has helped in my personal growth.

Gain Confidence

I was a protected child and never was allowed to travel alone or go on school picnics. In grade 8, it was the first time I was allowed to go on a school picnic. Earlier I was shy and an introvert.

This travel experience built confidence in me. Till now everything was done by others for me. Now was the time I started doing things for me. I faced many problems initially but anyhow managed to solve them.

This was the first travel experience, which just sparked the light in my head. The first step towards self-growth. Without confidence, we cannot climb the ladder of growth. We have to believe in our strengths.

Develop Out Of The Box Thinking

During my graduation, I traveled a lot between Surat and Mumbai. During these travels was put in many difficult situations like pocket pickings, losing all baggage, left behind, etc.

All these tough situations helped me develop out of the box thinking. This was just because, I was all alone and had no choice but to fight for survival. I learned to identify people. Whom to approach people and whom not to.


All these incidents during the graduation time made me extra vigilant. It helped me identify and sense any wrong coming my way. Earlier, there were no such easy communications.

Keeping yourself vigilant was the only choice. Gangs were working on trains and busses to rob and fool people. Vigilance was necessary. But we learn only after being a victim and so did I.

Learn To Deal Setbacks

benefits of Traveling

During travel, I was put in many difficult situations. Fighting with those situations, slowly and gradually it developed a mindset in me. All these problems I faced, I always saw myself better than my situation which was earlier.

In worse situations, I always remembered those incidents where I was left with no choice and how I overcame those situations.

There were a series of setbacks that I faced in my life in these 15 years. During these setbacks, I got the strength to fight and managed to deal with setbacks easily.

Increase Knowledge

Travelling helped me a lot to increase my knowledge. I learned 5 new languages and also got to know about several cultures nationally as well as internationally.

These language skills helped me a lot while I was working in Dubai. My knowledge of the Arabic language saved my friend from going to jail as I was able to explain the policeman the actual scenario.

Knowledge of other Indian languages helped me jell easily with people on the train, bus, or flight. Helped me make new friends and see unexpected places that were never mentioned on maps or travel logs.

Develop Communication Skills

Most of the time, I used to travel alone for work. Sitting alone and getting bored is what I don’t like. Initially, avoided talking to people. But slowly and gradually, I learned communication skills.

Learned how to initiate the conversation with strangers. This helped me learn in advance more about the destinations. Often found cheap restaurants, hotels, and shopping places wide those communications.

Know Yourself

Traveling lets you meet the real you. You come to know your real strengths and weaknesses. Usually, when we face difficulties during travel and when by such circumstances we break our comfort zones.

Human minds tend to act differently and with more effort under difficulty. Difficulties in life do not come to destroy you but help you to realize your hidden potential and power.

Importance of Teamwork

Every year, I go on a mountain trek with friends. These difficult treks have helped us learn a lot about teamwork. We learn to help our team members in climbing the difficult trek.

This same attitude is helpful in our professional life too. This teamwork attitude helps us eliminate workplace competition and helps you co-exist with healthy rivalry. I learned the importance of teamwork during these treks.

Learn To Adjust

Most importantly, I learned to adjust while traveling. While we travel we face many odd situations. These situations help us learn to adjust.

I usually see people having difficulties while traveling. They require some specific things with them while they travel. Too much traveling helped me develop the habit of adjusting and hence made my travel easier.

Adjusting with and without mineral water. Traveling in AC or Non-AC train or bus. Sleeping in 5-star rooms, or 3-start rooms. I have easy food habits and can easily adjust to local foods. All these things made my travel easier and more convenient.

Final Thoughts

benefits of Traveling

All the above benefits of traveling are long-lasting. All these things helped me in self-improvement and also elevated my professional life.

So don’t wait. Plan up your travel and learn some life-altering skills that will help you grow in your personal as well as professional life.

If you have any questions or queries feel free to ask in the comment section. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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