can money make you happy

Can Money Really Make You Happy?

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
– Winston Churchill –

Is money necessary to be happy, is money a really important aspect of life, is it everything that will make you happy forever? Or is it something else?

You might be surprised to know that money is not everything but still, it is.

There are many aspects to it. Money can be your best friend and also it can eat you up in debts if not used with proper intentions.

I want to ask you a question today,

When you get a bonus, do you get happy?

And when you share your bonus with your colleague who has helped you during your project, make you happy?

This question only means that neither the first answer or second answer decides you are a good person or bad person, do you use money in a good way or in a bad way.

It is not about how to use your money and get happy; instead, it’s about how to share your earnings in the best way possible & make the happiest world.

Money alone cannot make you happy. But also, if it is there or not there in your bank account, your inner happiness should not get hampered.

The Point Where Money And Happiness Meets

Every person has their wishlist:

  • Earning lots of money.
  • Saving money.
  • Investing the money.
  • Buying a house.
  • Buying a dream car.
  • Traveling to the mountains.
  • Getting the best education to your future child.
  • Saving for your old age.

Your children are doing the same. And story over.

So, where did you find happiness in between your life which you fixed just before living it?

can money make you happy

If you are happy, you are going to generate good vibes around you, you will be more inspired to do things, you will make others happy, and eventually, you will make handsome money and be happy about it.

But in the reverse scenario, only “money” cannot give you happiness because it is not being shared. It is not being invested properly.

It satisfies you with the material things which you always wished for but you don’t have anyone to sit beside you in your brand new car.

You have a big house but there is no personal corner where you could just sit with friends or family and enjoy the time.

In fact, with more money,  you don’t have time because you will be busy making it double. And one day, lying on a death bed, you will end up having guilt and sorrows for what you wanted to do or wish to do but couldn’t.

You valued money that came to you through the society but you forgot to repay it.

The Giving Pledge

can money make you happy

Warren Buffett is a famous business magnate, investor, and one of the honorable philanthropists in America who has many similarities like us.

You all have heard of his success stories and how rich he is but today let’s look at him from another perspective.

He is from a decent family but not the established ones. In his 15, he started saving money for future business. He started with a pinball machine installation business and made around $9000 from it.

He knew from the beginning that he was going to be rich. He never doubted for a minute. Even after many partnerships and the business failed, he never lost his hope.

He achieved what he wanted to. Today, he is one of the richest business tycoons in the whole world but still somewhere his happiness was incomplete.

He decided to give away 90% of the shares of Berkshire Hathway company to the charity.

He earned lots of money and then he took a giving pledge:

“Were we to use more than 1% of my claim checks on ourselves, neither our happiness nor our well-being would be enhanced. In contrast, that remaining 99% can have a huge effect on the health and welfare of others.”

Keep all we can conceivably need and distribute the rest to society, for its needs. My pledge starts us down that course.

He set an amazing example for all the rich Americans who have never thought of giving charity to this level and till now, he has done the highest charity.

He not only gave charity to the needy people but he encouraged others to do the same. And this is the biggest learning you can take from him.

No matter how many times you fail in life, you should not decide your fate now and always believe in your learnings.

Follow your passion so hard that one day you can help others and make their lives shining just like yours.

All the money that he earned till now, he gave it back to society, to the needy people and organizations.

Because building your empire may give you happiness but building it for someone will give you inner joy that you will take with you when your soul departs your body.

The Man With Billion Dollars

can money make you happy
Secretary Alex Azar and Bill Gates

Bill Gates who introduced Microsoft to us, has amazing philanthropist thoughts. He is a friend of billionaire man – Warren Buffett and took part in his “Giving Pledge”.

One day sitting with his wife, he talked about how they will spend a lot of money on philanthropy. He believes that this is the basic responsibility of anyone who is with a lot of money.

Once you have taken care of your children and yourself with all the needs and wants, the best use of extra wealth is to give it back to society.

Leave the world better than you found it. And that’s what he has done. He is going to give half of his billion fortune to the charity.

Earning becomes the most important part of your life but so is giving. If both aspects go hand in hand, then definitely you can make a happy living.

can money make you happy

People remember Mahatma Gandhi because he fought till his last breath, he always wanted more for others than for himself.

That’s why the country decided to print his portrait on the currency note. No other personality could better represent the ethos of the country than Mahatma Gandhi.

Do something which not only makes you rich by heart but people remember you every time they see or your life doing.

What Is The Real Charity?

can money make you happy

Recently I was reading the book “Here, There and everywhere else” by Sudha Murthy. A very interesting short story is in the book which will enlighten you about sharing is caring.

Sudha Murthy once visited a corporate company where she was called as a guest to talk about her charity commission.

There were more than 1000 employees. For about 1 hour, she spoke about how a charity can bring peace and happiness in life.

Everybody clapped for her and cheered her thoughts. They were so inspired that they decided to give something to charity.

After 10 days, Sudha Murthy received around thousand of gifts sent by all the employees. She was grinning about how her speech could impact a thousand people.

She sat and opened some gifts and she was quite devastated.

All the gifts kept inside the boxes were either used, tiered off, or in bad condition. There was some old stuff and old cloths given by all the employees.

She was sinful about it. How can such educated people working in big corporates have such mentality?

People gave stuff not because they wanted to share or give. They gave it to clean the garbage of the house.

When you give someone it should be the best in what you have. What you wish others to do for you, do it for others.

This story lightens up to a point God is not there in the temple, church, or mosque, he is with the people. If you serve them with whatever you have, you have served God.

Our ancestors have said one thing in our Hindu Vedas:

” Give everything with heart, kindness, sincerity and those who are needy. Do it without expectations because it is not a gift. It is a duty.”

Who says you can only do charity with money? You can help people in numerous ways.

There is a lady in my city who visit street children every Friday night and teach them basic subjects. She sits with everyone and personally helps them educate them.

There is a man I know through my boss who always keeps basic study books, a diary and a pen in his car. Every time he sees a child begging, he would give it in their hands.

You remove a big stone lying on the road and hindering people. This is the help you have done to society.

You have sacrificed your part of the food packet to give someone who needs it, is a charity. Help and charity can be done without investing in a single penny.

You just have to acknowledge the opportunities because God gives us to all. God always says, “Help others and take care of the people, I will take care of you.”

Accumulating money in a bag and keeping it with you can’t give you satisfaction, but sharing that bag with others is going to give you a thrilling experience that you will never forget in your life.

Be like a flower in the forest, enchant everyone around you.

The Coffee Guy

VG Siddhartha who was the owner of Cafe Coffee Day recently committed suicide. Despite having a huge brand name, he died because of financial pressure.

We assume that rich people will be happier than others. But money is only a part of psychological wealth. It is not everything.

If it would be, then the Nokia brand could have saved itself out of a brand name or same goes with Blackberry company.

We see success behind people and brand but we don’t see their hard work, their process going through each aspect – good, bad, or sometimes even worst scenarios.

As a person, as a business, everyone wants to grow. Everyone wants to touch the height. That point from where everything seems tiny down below.

Living A Rich Life

can money make you happy

The status, money bags, spacious office, luxury cars, and the big house can make you happy for some time but have you ever wondered what if you still not completely happy.

If you still live life in fear that someone will take off your business or your property. If your wife leaves you or your children don’t respect you. If you can’t spend the time with the people you love.

“I have now $50 million but I was just as happy when I had $48 million.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It doesn’t mean you should live a life like a monk. You just have to find the difference between having too much and having less. You need to balance the money and happiness part being the part of the puzzle.

The 3 Pillars of Happiness Other Than MONEY

You can build an amazing happy life even with less money. There are 3 pillars of happiness apart from money:


Tell me honestly! Does it make you happy when you are secured by your parents in every emotional way possible?

Does it make you happy when your wife loves you even when you have just one hall house to live?

True wealth is your family and friends. Those 5 closest people to you who always walk beside you in any situation.

Also, one should not ruin any relations especially with friends in terms of money. I see many people having silly fights over money sharing.

In love relationships, sometimes the one that love, spends more money and believe that it will make their love rich and precious. Because in love, without exchanging expensive gifts, it cannot be called dating or a relationship.

There are many misconceptions about money addressed with possession. Money has the power to attract things in life but sometimes you can attract the wrong people in life too. So be aware of your misunderstanding with money when relationship matters.

Having precious people around you makes you the richest person than having a huge bank account.


Experiences are the real treasures that stay with you longer unlike other material things. Because they are more real. They tend to grow more positive with time and things lose their value. Memories and experiences always make you smile.

Spend your money on experiences than buying things. That will stay with you much longer and gives you a happy mind.

Do you remember your first roller coaster ride? Do you remember your favorite ice cream you shared with your best friend? Do you remember your first kiss?

These are all experiences and memories which stay with you for a longer period and always give you a big smile on your face.


We all earn money to get security in longer life. But what if it makes you worried all the time about paying your bills, paying tuition fees and EMIs?

Gaining security through money is fine but it should not make you sick. Instead, it should make you worry less about it. You don’t have to be rich to pay your bills or for a coffee. You can manage your money in the best possible way and not spending on worthless things.

You need to gain some control over your spending and you are sorted.

So The Conclusion To All Misunderstanding

Your distribution of money is very crucial in your life. When you define your financial goals, define it in 3 parts, one for you and your family, the second one is for investment/saving so your money piles up and the third is for the charity, social work, and helping others.

Also, read the amazing article “Simple & Easy Tactics To Achieve Your Financial Goals.” for detailed discussion & examples on money management in life.

Always inline your passion with money rather than just chasing money with a blindfold. Money is as much as important as you breathe but some exercises are needed to compete against your odds. Right?

So let’s remember these key points:

  1. Helping others gives you full contentment then helping your self.
  2. Buy experiences than material things.
  3. Be aware of comparisons of financial status with people.
  4. Never get money in between your relations.
  5. Be fulfilled with less.

In the end, I want to say you all:

Your house becomes home, your expensive watch becomes a time watching the machine, your financial position becomes respect, your fun becomes happiness – when you see money as only a usable variable than anything beyond.

can money make you happy

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  1. Money is not everything, but we cannot deny the fact that it is a necessity in everyone’s life. We just need to be wise on how much importance it helds for us.

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