Law of Attraction

Ready-To-Use Gratitude Journal Template

It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up. – Eckhart Tolle – Writing down about things and people that you are grateful for in your life can benefit you in many ways. Being grateful helps you to focus on the present moment and appreciate the good in […]

What Is A Gratitude Journal and How It Benefits Us?

Gratitude Journal, a path to abundance and contentment.  – Fahim Lashkaria – We often hear the word gratitude journal. It has been spoken a lot about in religious scriptures and we hear them in motivational speeches and videos. Unfortunately, we just hear it and never have tried to make one. Some of us do but […]

Are The Principles of Law Of Attraction and Islam Same?

Law of Attraction and Islam – Same thing said in two different ways. – Fahim Lashkaria – The law of attraction became a famous theory in 2006 after the release of a documentary by Rhonda Byrne. This documentary is called “The Secret” and later converted into a book. This book became popular across the globe […]

A Science Backed Formula To Heal Yourself With LOA?

You can heal yourself by awakening the consciousness of your mind from pain to healing. – Fahim Lashkaria – Can a person be healed through the law of attraction? The answer is “yes”. Multiple studies have been done by neuroscientists on this topic. They have concluded that our mind has the immense power to heal […]

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