5 Practical Ways To Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are self-imposed barriers to success. The moment you change them, you can become limitless. – Fahim Lashkaria – We often hear motivational speakers talking about limiting beliefs. What are these limiting beliefs? Many times we even don’t know we have them. Even though we try to move forward but something stops us. We […]

How To Develop Solution-Focused Approach To Problems?

We all have problems. It is the solution-focused approach that makes the difference. – Fahim Lashkaria – The solution-focused approach is nothing but a process of calming yourself down in tough times and seeing the overlooked side of the problem. Developing this approach not only helps you stay positive during problematic situations but also helps […]

Why Millennials Quit Their Job So Frequently?

Millennials quit because organizations don’t customize training, career paths, incentives and work responsibilities for them. – Carolyn Martin – One of the basic reasons why this Millennial generation also known as Generation Y doesn’t stay long in their jobs is the compatibility they can’t find at workplaces. They have been brought up in such a […]

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