Why Millennials Quit Their Job So Frequently?

Millennials quit because organizations don’t customize training, career paths, incentives and work responsibilities for them. – Carolyn Martin – One of the basic reasons why this Millennial generation also known as Generation Y doesn’t stay long in their jobs is the compatibility they can’t find at workplaces. They have been brought up in such a […]

Traits That Made Me A Good Salesperson

People buy from good salesperson whom they trust and feel comfortable with. – Anonymous – There is a great myth about a good salesperson in society. Those who can take money out of your pockets even by fooling you are called good salespeople. But that’s not true. You could win that deal but won’t be […]

How These 4 Habits Led Me To Procrastination?

“The Four Habits of Procrastination: Overthinking, Social Media, Napping, and Minor Chores.” We often hear of the word – Procrastination. But you might have not thought of these 4 simple things that play a big role in your procrastination. Sometimes these habits even make you think that you are productive while you are procrastinating. I […]

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