Clarity of Goals

Clarity of Goals – The Most Important Element Of Manifestation

Clarity of goals + Commitment + Action = Manifestation
– Fahim Lashkaria –

Clarity of what you want to manifest is just like the blueprint. It plays an important part in manifestation. People often complain that the Law of attraction doesn’t work. They do have goals but either they aren’t clear or borrowed.

If I say to run in the dark, you don’t know where you will go. The same is the case with unclear or borrowed goals. Borrowed goals are those goals that others set for themselves. They want it and so we want it.

Such goals are emotionless, purposeless and thus aren’t inspiring us to take action or work hard to achieve them.

You move one step ahead and then two steps backward. Pulled back and sometimes not even getting started. Excited for a while, talk about it.

Most of us have been through this? Right.

Setting such goals, you will either not achieve them or go on changing your goals. Your time, money, effort that put on such goals all will be wasted. And none of us want to do that.

The first and foremost thing is our belief. If your beliefs are aligned with your goals then you are more likely to move forward and do whatever it takes to achieve it. On the contrary, if you have limiting beliefs then you are going to spend time thinking it and not doing anything.

These things can be avoided if we properly define what we want and have complete clarity of goals.

4 Questions To Ask For Clarity of Goals

Clarity of Goals

Here are 4 proven ways to gain clarity of goals that will keep you motivated, help you master your goals and inspiring you to give your 100%.

Follow through these questions while setting up your goals, in the middle of the process and compare them at the end. This will massively increase your focus and help you easily achieve your goals in every walk of life.

What Do You Want From It?

Whenever you decide upon a goal, the first thing you need to ask is what will be the outcome? Doing this particular thing what will you get?

This question helps to stop doing useless things. You are constantly knowing the outcome and if it is coming out of that target then you work on it.

When you know your outcome, you become focused.

When you decide upon buying a car, you see that car again and again on the road. Why?

As you have given the target to your mind of that car it brings forth to your eyes again and again. This fills the drive to work for it and keep you focused on the target.

Your mind puts forth the target again and again in front of your eyes. You start seeing it more and more and this creates the belief around your goal. Thus, knowing your outcome is as necessary as your goal.

Why You Want It?

“Why” is the purpose of your goal. If your goal is purposeless it will not survive the setbacks. You will lose the drive. Be sure of your purpose for the goal. Why you need this?

We often see people, starting something but leaving it in between. Because they don’t know the “why”. Provide a reason for your goal.

Your WHY can be anything. You want to be wealthy, you want to make a difference in your relationship, upgrade your standard of life, help the human race, help people around you, help your community.

Just define your why and it will provide you the push every day to work tirelessly on your goals. It helps you see your goals in tunnel vision. Always keeping the outcome in focus helps do what is required to achieve it.

What is Your Action Plan?

Action is what makes things happen. You cannot shape your body just by thinking yourself in that way. Though it is part of it, if you want that body you need to work hard and sweat your body out.

This is just like asking God/Universe for winning a lottery without buying a lottery ticket. LOA is not magic. it is the combination of making your mind upon something you want, and then working on it.

Make an action plan. Thoroughly work on it. Keep your outcome and why in focus to give you the drive.

What You Are Getting?

This question is the reconciliation part of your goals. Are you moving in the right direction? You decided on your outcome at the first level.

Are you getting it? Are you moving towards your goal or stuck in a pattern of doing the same thing over and over again.

Getting the results is the final part. If you are not getting the results you are wasting your time, money and energy. Find what you are doing wrong. Reconstruct your plan.

If you fail at something don’t worry. Don’t change your goal, change your plan. If one doesn’t work choose another way to do it.

At this stage, if you change goal, then it is completely clear that either you are not clear of what, why and how of your goals or running behind other’s goals by considering them your own.

Final Thoughts

Clarity of Goals

Your outcome, your purpose, your plan and your reconciliation of the result will make you more clear and helps you work on this that matters to you and your life.

Commitment is necessary for doing all this. There is a big difference between you want something and you are committed to getting it.

Commitment means you will do anything to get it. No matter how many times you fail, you rise, plan a different way and then again back on your goal.

If you need any help with gaining clarity of your goals, feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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