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Complete Mindset Development Program

What You Will Learn In Complete Mindset Development Program?

Why You Must Take This Program?

Mindset is a set of beliefs developed during your growth. Mindset is a product of our past positive and negative experiences. In simple terms, it is a frame of mind.

These beliefs turn into a habit and eventually develop your attitude towards things and situations. In other words, Attitude is a learned tendency to evaluate things in a certain way.

According to Stanford University Psychologist, Carol Dweck:

Children taught to look smart tend to become more concerned with how they are being judged and fear that they might not live up to the expectations of others.

Similarly, Kids who are taught to explore, embrace new experiences, and take challenges to develop a different mindset.

They don’t see mistakes as setbacks and are willing to try new things, make errors end up eventually learning and achieving their potentials.

In the Complete Mindset Development Program, we help you develop a mindset to focus on the process rather than its outcome.

This, in turn, will help you understand that your efforts, hard work, and dedication can lead to learning and growth in your life now and later.

In this Complete Mindset Development Program, we will work on different mindsets:

  1. Self-trust Mindset
  2. Goal-Setting Mindset
  3. Patience Mindset
  4. Courageous Mindset
  5. Focused Mindset
  6. Positive Mindset
  7. Learning Mindset

Self-Trust Mindset will develop a profound belief in yourself and your capabilities. Due to lack of this, we often tend to don’t move forward and act on things. This leaves us where we are and hinders our success and growth.

Goal-Setting Mindset develops a habit of defining goals and working towards achieving them. Without goals our life is directionless.

Patience Mindset helps you develop patience for results after you have worked your part. Sometimes we tend to lose out on opportunities due to lack of patience.

Courageous Mindset will provide you enough courage to face your fears and take action. Courage is similar to a muscle and can strengthen with use.

Focused Mindset helps you curb your procrastination, laziness, and distractions. It develops discipline in life and helps you manage more works than before. Focused Mindset creates discipline and this creates a bridge from your goals and accomplishments.

Positive Mindset develops a placebo effect in your life and saves you from self-created problems and situations. Positivity breeds success. You tend to learn to handle most situations with positivity.

Learning Mindset helps you face failure with grace. With this mindset, you can turn your passion into your profession. If you want to grow you need to keep learning.

Program Content – Complete Mindset Development Program

Happiness Mindset Program is conducted in 4 different phases which are as follows:

Assessment – Phase 1

  • Candidate Assessment

Mindset Basics – Phase 2

  • Develop a profound belief in yourself and your capabilities.
  • Developing a habit of defining goals and working towards achieving them.
  • Learn to develop patience for results after you have worked your part.

Mindset Development – Phase 3

  • Opportunities to develop courage mindset.
  • Develops discipline in life.
  • Positive Attitude towards life.
  • Handle Failure with grace.

Final Assessment – Phase 4

  • Evaluate all aspects of life after developing these mindsets.
  • Exercises to practice these mindsets.

Duration of Complete Mindset Development Program

6 Month


Rs. 25,000/-

Early Bird Discount: 50% valid Till 31st October

Rs. 12500/-

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