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Meditation Program

What You Will Learn In Meditation Program?

Why You Must Take This Program?

Meditation is not as hard as it seems. It is just the proper streaming of your thoughts which leads to calm your mind from wandering.

Regular meditation will help you stay focused. Being focused will help you be more creative. It increases both types of memory, long term as well as short term.

It also reduces anxiety. A decrease in anxiety levels reduces sudden emotional reactions to situations.

Meditation Program helps you create self-awareness and helps understand our own self and body better.

It is scientifically proved that during meditation beta waves decrease. It helps the mind to release stress and focus on present rather than the past or future.

There is more than one way to meditate. Sitting and focusing on one specific thing like breathing or a sensation in your body. It can also be a particular object outside of you.

The purpose of this type of meditation is to strongly focus on one particular point and bring your attention back whenever it wanders.

The other type of meditation is open-monitoring meditation. In this type of meditation, you pay attention to all happening around you. You just notice everything without reacting.

We will study your mind patterns in detail in this Meditation Program and help you develop the easiest way to meditate anywhere anytime.

After years of study, we have developed a different theory of meditation. This theory involves the study of your likes, dislikes, love, and passion for things and people.

Program Content – Meditation

Meditation Program is conducted in 3 different phases which are as follows:

Meditation Basics – Phase 1

Personal Evaluation – Phase 2

Practice Meditation – Phase 3

Duration of Meditation Program

3 Weeks


Rs. 6,000/-

Early Bird Discount: 50% valid Till 31st October.

Rs. 3000/-

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