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Millennial Mindset Development Program

What You Will Learn In the Millennial Mindset Development  Program?

Why You Must Take This Program?

Millennials(1990-2019), the new digital generation who are passionate and unconventional. They differ in life priorities, work preferences, behaviors from their parents and the prior generation bosses.

We see millennials wasting their profound talents in the wrong direction. They can easily learn, earn and enjoy their dream life. The only missing thing in them is the understanding of their needs.

We specialize in understanding their current mindset and providing them to understand their own priorities.

This helps them define their priorities, set goals, achieve their goals with profound guidance and make them ready to lead in their life.

In the Millennial Mindset Development Program, we turn their weaknesses into their strengths.

It includes Disrespect to Respect, Dissatisfaction to Contentment, Stress To Liveliness, Showoff Mentality to Saving Mentality, Unpurposeful life to Goal Centered Life.

Program Content – Millennial Mindset Development Program

Millennial Mindset Development Program is conducted in 3 different phases which are as follows:

Millennial Assessment – Phase 1

Millennial Mindset Knowledge Base – Phase 2

Confidence Development – Phase 3

Final Evaluation – Phase 4

Duration of the Millennial Mindset Development Program

6-8 months depending on the candidate


Price: Rs. 25000/-

Early Bird Discount: 50% valid Till 31st October

Rs. 12500/-

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