Depression and Anxiety

How Positivity Helped Me Beat Depression and Anxiety?

Positivity is the only way to beat depression and anxiety.
– Fahim Lashkaria –

According to Anxiety And Depression Association of America, anxiety and depression are the most common mental illness in the U.S.

It is affecting around 40 million adults in the United States from age 18 and older. This is approximately 18.1% of the population every year. These facts and figures are of only US, now think how much of it will be around the world.

I was successful in beating severe depression and anxiety only with the help of positivity. Thus, according to me, it is the only way.

Positivity doesn’t mean to ignore the reality of the situation. It is none other than your response to the situation. Your negative response to a situation makes it worse and positive response makes it solvable or at least bearable.

I know that it is easy said than done. I have been through that hell. So let me take you through my journey. How cultivating a positive mindset helped me beat depression and anxiety.

My mission is to help every single person on this earth to be free of these devastating mental illnesses and help them live the life of their dreams.

Let us understand how negative or positive attitude affects our response to situations.

How Negativity Breeds Depression And Anxiety?

Depression and Anxiety

With a negative approach, they try to resolve the problem. Being mentally hit by the situation, they keep thinking of the harm it did rather than why it happened.

They tend to carry that negativity with them and eventually end up in making it worse than before. Often, this leads to anxiety and they tend to worry about their future.

Often, such people get angry on unnecessary things, feel hurt and start assuming always the bad even when it doesn’t exist.

Trying to make things work and facing failure every time due to the negative approach, it breeds a belief in them that nothing is working out and then they stop trying or taking any action.

They start social distancing and lose hope that they can get better. This is what we call a state of depression. Often, depression and anxiety go hand in hand which means one follows the other.

How Positivity Breeds Hope and Actions?

Depression and Anxiety

On the contrary, a positive approach builds hope of things getting better. This hope makes your mind calm and helps you to evaluate the situation properly.

Furthermore, this positive approach helps them to develop a solution-focused approach to their problems. It leads to actions in hope of things getting better.

This conscious action leads to the betterment and slowly they rise above the previous situation. These small achievements lead to more action and eventually help to get over the unpleasant situations.

3 Things That Inspired Me To Beat Depression And Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety

I was stuck in the vicious circle of depression and anxiety. A vicious circle is a problem that creates new problems which then cause the original problem to occur again or even worse.

Day by day getting worse and finally becoming helpless. Staying at home, sleeping in my bed and staring at the ceiling. Sometimes overeating and sometimes no appetite.

It was a gradual process, but these 3 things inspired me to change my life from hell to heaven.

No One Can Help You But You

Depression and Anxiety

My best friend was the one who worked on me during those days. He came around every single day to talk to me. But nothing seemed working on me.

I was open to completely to him. I presume that it was my biggest mistake. He suggested solutions based on the knowledge he had about my situation. I was not in the listening mode. Every solution seemed impossible.

It was one of the worst days of my life. Since morning, I was facing problems. Turning even good things to bad. I even told my friend to be away from me.

It was then, he blasted on me. He said those words that changed my life.

“It is not that things aren’t good. You don’t want to take responsibility for your present situation. You aren’t truthful to yourself and always blaming others for your problem. Stop expecting that God will come from the sky and amend your life. He gives you ways to do it. You have to do it. If you don’t want to do it. Stop complaining.” 

This shook me hard. This was the first lesson I learned that no one can help us but we want to change. If you want to a solution we have to be truthful to ourselves and others trying to help us. Thus, I came into the listening mode.

We started evaluating the situations once again from the start. Trying to figure out what was wrong and why it was. We got into the process of finding my mistakes, things I didn’t do or could have done better.

He then introduced me to the famous movie, “The Secret”. it was about the Law of Attraction. But it started with positivity. Giving hope to a devasted and broken people like me to achieve and grow.

Stop Riding The Mad Horse

Depression and Anxiety

I had started my journey. Things got a bit better, but still, something was not completely under control. After completing “The Secret”, I read another book from the series, “The Power”.

I was just halfway through and I came across the chapter of overcoming negativity which includes guilt, fear, anger, and unworthiness.

In that chapter, the writer explained all these things with an example of a mad horse. You have real power. It depends on you how long you want to ride that mad horse and feel miserable.

This was the second thing that made me overcome depression and anxiety. It helped to calm my mind in worse situations as now I believed that I have the power.

It inspired me to stay calm and positive as I was not overreacting to situations. Thus, helped me find solutions easily or react to the situation as needed.

Every Adversity Carries Seed Of An Equal Opportunity

Depression and Anxiety

Time was changing for me. I started believing in myself and understood that I was the master of my sea.

I was balancing things now and was successful in breaking that vicious circle. Now, I just wanted to turn my life now to greater heights. I had developed a positive mental attitude.

2 books had already changed my life. Thus, my love for books had grown and was always looking to get hands-on some whenever it was possible.

It was then while roaming into the streets of Mumbai, I found the “Success Through Positive Mental Attitude” by Napoleon Hill.

I was reading the first chapter where Napoleon Hill said that every adversity, every failure carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

Finally, here is the third thing that took me completely out of depression and anxiety. I started evaluating my past life.

Looking deep to find that seed of equal opportunity. It didn’t happen right away. It took some time. But eventually, I was successful in finding those seeds of equal opportunity in my failures.

And when I found those opportunities, the most important thing was acting on those. Starting from working in MNCs abroad to working in an airline in the Middle East and then to have my own business. It was this positive mental attitude that helped me grow.

During these times I applied some simple exercises to stay positive. Hope it might be helpful to you.

13 Simple Exercises To Stay Positive In Negative Situations.

Final Thoughts

Depression and Anxiety

All these 3 things just changed my life from rags to riches. From demotivated and broke to an enthusiastic and positive person.

Did you notice in the above story how my life of change started with the law of attraction?

First, “The Secret” then “The Power” and finally the “Success Through PMA” helped me turned my depression and anxiety into happiness and fulfilled life.

This is the reason, I am a great of Law of Attraction Practitioner and Coach. I don’t know what people think of it. But my perception of it is just simple. It is the process for people like me to know ourselves, create hope and inspire us to take the required action.

I have no grudges who don’t believe in LOA because either they might have not been broken to that extent or faced severe depression or anxiety.

If anyone of you needs any help overcoming your depression or anxiety feel free to consult me. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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