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How To Easily Manifest With LOA? Dos and Don’ts

“Your mind is a magic pot, from which you pick the things, and manifest life out of it. If you don’t tell your mind, your priorities, it will be easier for your mind, to pick anything, to serve you with your life.”
– Roshan Sharma –

Often we see people complain that they cannot manifest. The basic reason that matters the most is our belief system and our priority. Once you amend these two there are some dos and don’ts that you can follow to easily manifest your desires.

Let us have a brief understanding of how our belief system and priorities make a difference in manifestation.

Belief system

Belief System

Everything starts with the mind. The whole game of manifestation is completely dependent on your belief system which forms a specific mindset and then helping you to achieve.

To make it simple, it is a set of principles that form your being. An invincible force that defines your reaction to anything, either it is positive, negative, or neutral.

Your belief systems are built based on your surroundings. It is your acceptance of a particular belief to be true. You derive them either from your religious belief, your parents, society, or a particular philosophy.

Thus, we limit ourselves and face problems doing great things. We think it’s not our cup of tea. That’s not at all true. You can change your belief system anytime in life you want.



The second thing that matters here is your priority. Have you observed, you tend to do even the hardest things when you give them the highest priority.

Successful people are those who have given the highest priority to their goals. What is the connection of this to manifestation?

Everyone lives by a set of principles. These principles define your action against it depending on the level of priority you give to it.

It has been observed that your highest values inspire you from within and you don’t need anyone to motivate you for that particular action.

The moment you set a goal that is in line with your highest values, you tend to walk to the top. You are internally inspired and awakened. You spot the opportunity, you make decisions quickly, you act and manifest easily.

Ask yourself, Have you aligned your goals with your highest value? If yes then the world is yours. If no, then you need to work on that.

Nothing is missing in you. You have everything, the matter is to unlock your true potentials. If you believe this, you start attracting your desired realities automatically. You will attract similar people and opportunities that will help achieve your goals.

Having said that, here are some dos and don’ts that you need to follow to manifest easily.

Dos and Don’ts of Manifestation

If you are facing problems manifesting your dreams or applying the LOA, the possible cause might be that you haven’t understood the working of it.

Somethings are such we must not do but we are doing and some which we must be doing but we aren’t. If we know we will be able to align ourselves with LOA and manifest easily.

Be The Change You Desire

Easily Manifest

Usually, we make this mistake. Everyone wants to be wealthy but are afraid to act like them.

To be wealthy, you have to think like them and act like wealthy. To learn so you need to get into their circles. When you get into their company you attract wealth.

I returned from the Gulf in 2014. I tried ample businesses. But wasn’t successful. You name it I have done it. Kind of.

I desired for a business that allows me to work on my terms and my schedule. I realized my mistake and shifted myself. I got into people like whom I wished to become.

Being with them, I mentored myself and learned those mindsets. Within months I was able to crack and lead my desired life.

It wouldn’t be possible without changing myself to what I wanted to be. Marshall Goldsmith has said it perfectly, “What got you here won’t get you there”.

Make Peace With Your Past

Easily Manifest

Our failures, rejections, and heartbreaks in the past haunt us. This makes our belief in the reality of manifestation so cloudy that we often can’t see the thing happening or changing.

Either it is a relationship, business, or job you will notice that those who have made peace with their past have easily got better relationships, business, or jobs.

If you have failed in the past that doesn’t mean that it will be the same this time. Now you are more wise and experienced. Making peace with the past will help you take new opportunities and excel in your life.

Making peace with the past means to learn from the mistakes, not to repeat them but it should not stop you from getting up and moving further doing new things.

Make Meditation Compulsory

Easily Manifest

Meditation is an important part of manifestation. It clears your mind of negative emotions and helps you stay calm and relaxed.

I always suggest my clients do meditation when they are feeling anxious about their desires. This helps you convert your anxiety of when and how your desires will manifest to a now moment.

Even you should practice your visualization and affirmations while in meditation. At those times you are at higher frequencies and vibrations. It adds emotions to your desires and helps you manifest easily.

Meditation connects you with your infinite being and helps you know your real self.

Develop An Attitude of Gratitude

attitude of gratitude

Gratitude helps you stay happier, reduces stress, increases positivity, makes you feel better about yourself.

It boosts your metabolism and immune system. In addition to that, it improves your social life as you develop contentment and grateful nature.

Furthermore, it increases our productivity and makes you more creative. This is only halfway. The main part comes now.

Every day make a habit of thanking God for making your desires come true. Feel thankful that you have it now. It is the reverse mechanism. The more you are thankful, the more universe bestows upon you.

Help People

Help others

When I say help, it doesn’t mean monitory help. It can even be just a small word of inspiration or encouragement to others. This has worked miracles for me.

When you inspire or encourage others, you are also getting inspired and encouraged by it.

My mentor always used to say that the more you say the more you believe, the more you believe the more it gets real.

One of my friends wanted to quit smoking. Thus, he started talking about quitting it in the circles. Those who didn’t want to quit got fed up and left his circle.

In the end, he and one other friend remained. And eventually, they could quit smoking.

Stay Happy

Easily Manifest

I believe that for manifesting being happy is most important and makes manifestation 10x.

I have applied this in my life ample times and thus I always try to be happy in every possible way. My website name also is “Don’t Worry Be Happy”.

Everything we do as a human is only for one reason. That is to be happy.

Celebrate small victories. Evey small step you are reaching towards your goal. This will fill your heart with winning sense and eventually make you a winner.

When I first started my first website, I divided my goal into small goals. After every small achievement, I used to treat myself. Sometimes with family and sometimes alone. I never missed it.

Don’t Resist Change

Easily Manifest

You cannot cook chicken using vegetables. Similarly, to get what you want, you have to change yourself during the process of manifestation.

You have to change lifestyle, your habits, your thinking everything. If you don’t then the universe does it.

You have expressed your desire to the universe but that desire requires a new you. The universe will first shatter you to make a new you and give you. This is not the case every time. But if it is, don’t resist change.

Don’t Get Too Attached To Outcomes


We often get attached to our outcomes. Getting attached to outcomes creates frustration. This created doubts and the universe doesn’t like doubts. Furthermore, it delays the outcome too.

Trust the timing of the Universe. It always has the best timing for us. It delivers when it thinks it is appropriate.

Many times it happens that manifestation is delayed because we aren’t ready. For example, you wish for a big thing but have a small house. So the universe will first give you a big house and then your desired thing.

My friend manifested a car but didn’t have a garage to keep it. He was in a hurry. So he grabbed it.

After 2 years, staying out in hot sun and rain the car color faded and he had to manifest a new car again.

Thus, have complete trust in the Universe. You have placed the order and it will be delivered at a perfect time and appropriate situation.

Don’t Shape Your Desire Seeing Others

Follow Desire

It is a human tendency to like other’s things. I have seen millennials taking a career which they don’t like or want to but as others choose.

The same thing we repeat in desiring things. In the depths of our hearts, we know it but as we see their life good we tend to make it our desire. When we get that, we are unsatisfied.

Before placing your order to the universe for your goals and desires make sure you choose it wisely.

Evaluate your life, check everything in detail, and then do it. You know yourself better than others.

A true mentor will always check your compatibility with your goals and give you the best that you can digest and have.

I am a Behaviour Analyst, I take utmost care and time to understand my clients. I even check their histories, social background, their life from childhood to present and then give them a viable solution.

So be careful what you desire for yourself. Don’t become the sheep of the herd.

Don’t Make A Wish

Easily Manifest

Stop saying “I Wish” instead say “I Will”.

Let me explain.

Your words shape your future. If you wish something, you are sending the vibration that if it comes at a later time it’s fine.

But when you say “I will” it is a commitment that you will do anything required to get it done and you send vibration that you badly need it and the universe will respond.

Usually, the manifestation takes time is because we lack the commitment. You see the opportunities but wait for the right time. This is what gets it delayed. The right time will never come.

Don’t Pour Negativity


According to me, negativity is like fire to dry grass.

Someone makes fun of your desires, you tend to take it personally. Then you start thinking that manifestation isn’t happening. They were right and bla bla.

Stay away from naysayers. Let them be happy with their mentalities. You enjoy your journey. You cannot be positive all the time.

Previously, I have written an article in which I have explained How to Stay Positive in Negative Situations. It was the first article I wrote for this website. Make sure you read it:

Don’t Ignore Your Intuitions

Easily Manifest

Intuitions are the signs that the universe gives you. It has happened many times with me. I put a desire and then in some discussions or seminars or even general talks, I tend to find the answers.

The universe often gives you a call to take action by these intuitions. To meet someone, to do a task, or even to visit a place.

One fine Friday, I was sitting and thinking about my business. Out of the blue, an invitation to a seminar popped up on my screen.

I registered for it. That seminar allowed me to learn new things.  and with that, I was able to help a lot of people.

Just be vigilant. Try to see things differently. Ask questions to yourself and your inner self will surely respond. Don’t sit. Act upon your intuitions and easily manifest your desires.

Final Words

All the things mentioned above are such that you can do it. The main thing is to know. Most people lack the knowledge and hence fail to manifest.

Make sure you work on your belief system and assign the highest priority to your desires first. Then follow these simple dos and don’ts. I am sure you will easily manifest your desires.

Happy Manifesting!!!

Easily Manifest

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