Effective Vision Board

How To Design An Effective Vision Board?

An effective vision board is a movie trailer that you empower with your positive emotions. 
– Fahim Lashkaria –

People often complain that their vision board doesn’t work. The problem is not on the board. But it is their unclear dreams non-specific imagination and lack of emotions.

Step-by-Step guide on how to create an effective vision board with a detailed explanation. This has helped me and I am sure will help you too. But, before we move forward let’s discuss some important things related to the vision/dream boards.

You aren’t alone in this. During the initial days, I also faced the same problem. It took me 2 years to figure it out. Lots of digging, reading, meeting mentors, and practicing it.

What are Vision Boards?

Effective Vision Board

Dream/vision boards are nothing but a visual representation of your life goals. They help you transform your thinking. It gives clarification and focus and inspires us to act to achieve our goals.

These dream boards are one of the important tools that help in applying the Law Of Attraction. They are the visual reminders that help us resonate with the energy that is required to achieve our goals.

Most of us know, what is LOA. If not you can check out more in detail about LOA here.

Time & Place For Making An Effective Vision Boards

The best time to make your goal boards is either at the beginning or end of the year. You can do it over your birthdays also. These times are great to do this because we are in the perfect mindset for the assessment and creation of new plans for what we want for our lives.

I prefer making it when I am on a vacation. All alone, in the laps of nature and nothing to disturb or distract. No phones and no other connectivity. This helps to focus properly and define everything in detail.

You can create a single board in all areas of life or a separate board for each goal. We will discuss it below in detail.

These boards work. They help you shift your mindset and inspire you to take action. It works on the principle, “Believe you deserve what you desire.” This makes the manifestation easy by seeing and feeding your mind with thoughts that empower you to work for it.

The best place to hang your board is where you can see it every day like the bedroom wall, behind the bedroom door, home office, living room, etc. Seeing it gives you a lovely feeling. A visual reminder is similar to artwork hanging in your home.

Did you know, the famous actor Jim Carrey wrote himself a check of $ 10 Million, and he made it.

Do you remember, Mr. John Assaraf from “The Secret” movie? He had a vision board on which he stuck the pictures of his goals.

This included his dream house, car, city everything. He used to see it every day and it inspired him to work on his goals.

Pre-work Before Designing An Effective Vision Board

Effective Vision Board

You need to do some preparation before finalizing your dream board.

Defining Dreams

The most important part of designing your dream board is defining your dreams clearly. Make sure you define goals in all areas of your life.

Be crystal clear about what you want. You are the only one who can define what you want.

Take a notebook. Define and write your Social, Financial, Spiritual, Health, Relationships, Job/Career, and Business goals.

What social status you want to enjoy, what kind of financial freedom you look forward to, how spiritual you want your life to be, what kind of physical health you want. Define your partner, job, career, business that you want to do.

Write the script for your movie. Describe your screenplay with as many details as you can.

Keep everything in the present tense like “I am enjoying the ride of my car”. Mention the name of your car.

Setting Goals


Once you write your dreams now it’s time to set the goals. Focus on the results, don’t linger in between. While setting goals make sure they are SMART.

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Achievable
R – Realistic
T – Time-Bound

Specific Goals

Your goal must be specific. What type, what color, which places, etc. Don’t leave it out. Having specific goals makes a significantly greater chance to accomplish.

For example, if you want a car, be completely clear. What type, which color, which company, new/old, interior, etc.

This provides your mind with a perfect picture and when the universe brings it to you you can easily identify the opportunity. Check out my story of manifesting a car here.

Measurable Goals

When you set your goal keep it measurable. It is the criteria for measuring progress. Define indicators of your progress.

Don’t use so much, so many, or such other words. It should be measurable in terms of money, attributes, and emotions. For example, you want financial freedom then define the amount.

Achievable Goals

The goal you decide must be achievable. Don’t throw arrows in the dark, something that is impossible. Ask yourself do you have the resources to achieve the goal? If not, what is missing and how can you get them?

Realistic Goals

Goals must be realistic. It should be realistically achievable with the available resources and time.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you committed to achieving?
  • Do your time frame and resources match realistically with the goal?

Time-Bound Goals

Your goals must be time-bound. A goal that has a start and finish date. This motivates you to work in the direction of fulfilling your goals.

Losing weight is the best example. So if you want to lose a total of 20 pounds. Define a start and finish date. Divide it into smaller goals and achieve them every week/month.

Breaking Goals

Break your goals. You must have 2 types of goals; long-term and short-term.

When you divide a big log of work into small pieces, it never feels boring and you are enthusiastic all the time. The same applies to your goals.

If you want to make a million-dollar, make a plan month to month, year to year plan to reach your goal.

Here is an excel template that can help you make plan your goal to make a million dollars in less than 8 years.

Finding & Designing Images

Effective Vision Board

The next step is to find images that match your dreams. Just finding isn’t enough. Search hard to get a perfect match. This is the key to making an effective vision board.

If you are unable to find images create your images using tools like Canva. It has ready templates and free images that can help you easily create a perfect image to place on your vision board.

If you are too lazy, which you shouldn’t be, then hire someone a graphic designer or a photographer to make you some wonderful images showing you have achieved your goals.

This is important because when you see yourself in that images it creates more emotions.

Pinning To Your Board

Pin your perfectly designed images on your board in chronological order. The way you plan to achieve. Your effective vision board is ready.

You can linearly place them. Starting from small goals and reaching finally your end goal.

You can make multiple boards for each goal. Keeping them at places where you want you to see them regularly.

Social goals in the Living room, health goals in the bathroom, business/job/career goals on the wall of a home office, relationship goals in the bedroom, and so on.

After Designing Your Vision Board

Effective Vision Board

Now here is the actual thing that provides power to our vision boards and makes them more effective giving you results.

Emotional Visualization

Sir Bob Proctor always says ” If you can see it and feel it, you can achieve it.”

The mind understands the language of images. When you attach it to your emotions it and start feeling the joy as you have achieved it.

This will ignite the process of manifestation. It will help you find ways that will get you nearer to your goal.

Make it a routine to do it every morning as soon as you wake up and before going to bed. You will start seeing the difference.

The law of attraction is the attractive, magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together. This law attracts thoughts, ideas, people, situations, and circumstances.

Physical Visualization

For me, this is fun to do. You might surely call me mad but appreciate me when you will apply this.

Physical Visualization means feeling your goals physically. Let me explain.

You plan to buy a car. So to manifest this goal, you go to take a test drive of the car you wish to buy.

Remember the smell of that new car. Put your hands on the dashboard, steering, driving it. All this will give you the feeling of owning it and eventually help you manifest it faster.

Similarly, do it for your financial goals, write a check to yourself of the desired amount.

The famous Actor Jim Carrey did the same and wrote a million-dollar check to himself. And finally, he achieved it.

You can change add zeros to your bank statements reflecting those balances you desire. This will help very much in getting towards your financial goals.

Daily Affirmations

Create simple affirmations saying the words that you have already achieved. Like ” I m so happy and grateful for the fact that I am earning XXXXXXX amount.”

Similarly, for all your financial goals you make these simple affirmations. Read them daily as soon as you wake up 15 – 20 times and 15 – 20 times before you go to bed.

You can keep it near your bed on a board or as the home screen of your smartphone or in the form of sheets. Read them twice daily with and feel them achieved.

While reading you will again attach these with emotions and feel the same way as you have achieved. In simple terms, daily for 5 minutes start daydreaming that your goals are fulfilled.

Identify Opportunities and Act

Effective Vision Board

Usually, people lack in this. Opportunity strikes and they are in a dilemma and don’t act. Once you have put your faith and believe that you deserve it be sure it gonna come.

Keep your eyes open for opportunities. The universe doesn’t knock, it serves. So look for things that you asked and when given the opportunity act.

Being a Mindset Coach, I meet many people. They are doing this and while hearing their stories I help them identify that they missed some opportunities.

Rather than regretting later, it is good to keep your eyes open. Be extra vigilant.

Final Thoughts

Effective Vision Board

You might have heard this many times, “Good things happen to those who wait.”

This doesn’t mean you keep on waiting. Here the waiting means to consistently do your job without worrying about the result.

I started blogging in 2016. For 9 months I just kept on writing and doing efforts on my website. Suddenly, after those nine months, my lovely baby started gaining people’s attention.

Patience is the key to success. Read stories of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs you will surely find this in them. Their patience and consistency brought them where they reached.

This is a complete guide for creating an effective vision board.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you need any help in creating or discussing your vision boards, I will be more than happy to help you

Happy Manifesting!!

Effective Vision Board

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