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Simple and Easy Tactics To Achieve Your Financial Goals

No one ever achieved financial goals with a January resolution that’s abandoned by February
– Suze Orman –

We all have our financial goals. How successful are we in achieving those goals. Many times we see people living a lavish life and often think about how did they achieve.

There are some very simple tactics to achieve your financial goals. These tactics have been tried and tested by hundreds and thousands of people around the world.

I achieved my financial goals with these tactics, people whom I shared these tactics, they too achieved it and I am sure you can too do the same.

The best thing about these tactics is that you will not only have an abundance of money but also help you be a good human as a whole.

I agree with this completely that money can’t buy love, happiness, or life. But we can’t deny the fact that it is a necessity.

We all have a life that we dream about. Everything we think needs money to accomplish it. Saying this I don’t mean that you go mad behind money.

Having abundant money is not at all bad. But one thing is to be taken care of is that it shouldn’t rule on your head. If you care about this and don’t become a proud freak, it is just a way of living.

While I was reading one of my religious books, I found the same in that. It mentioned, “Money is a boon or a curse.”

The scholar further explained that if money doesn’t get to your head it is always a boon. The moment it reaches your head and makes you proud then it is always a curse.

12 Tactics To Achieve Your Financial Goals

Let’s talk about the simple tactics I mentioned above.

If I ask the question to a hall filled with people, ” who wants to earn more money or who wants to learn to make ample money? I am sure, except a few all the hand will raise and say yes to this.

As we all raised our hand for the question, let see what simple tactics we can follow to achieve our financial goals.

  1. Believing in Yourself.
  2. Being Grateful For What You Have
  3. Having a Company of Financially Successful People
  4. Writing Down Your Goals
  5. Making a Wish Board
  6. Emotional Attachment With Goals
  7. Physical Visualization of Goals
  8. Writing and Reading Daily Affirmations
  9. Defining Distribution of Money
  10. Proper Planning
  11. Taking Action on Your Plans
  12. Be Patient

Following these 12 simple tactics, I can assure you that it will help you easily achieve your financial goals.

Before explaining each of the above things I would tell you that your brain has infinite powers. The universe serves to those who believe that they deserve. If you have even 0.01% doubt you will find it difficult to achieve them.

1. Believing In Yourself

Believing in yourself is the first key to anything and everything. Until and unless you don’t do that the results are not gonna come. When you believe it starts manifesting.

I have seen many people having great ideas. But still, they lack in making money. Why? Just because they don’t believe in themselves.

You see people who might have fewer things but still achieve great things. I have studied many lives and concluded that only one thing was common in them. They believed in themselves.

Once you start believing in yourself, you gain confidence and hence you start getting results.

2. Being Grateful for What You Have

Financial Goals

Being grateful is the key to success. When you are grateful for what you have you feel contentment.

I have tried this many times in my life. The more I was grateful the more I was rewarded. The universe always gives you more of those things that you are grateful for.

It prevents you from being greedy and hence saves you from disaster. I would like to tell you a short story here just to understand this Law of Universe.

There were two beggars in 1600 BC. Both earned their living by begging on the streets. One was a grateful person and always used to complain about his day.

One day they both met. Both had only one cloth to cover their body as was the dress during that time.

The complaining beggar asked the grateful beggar about his day. He said it was quite good and had enough to survive.

Now, the grateful beggar asked the complaining beggar about his day. He started complaining that he doesn’t have enough.

The moment he said that a strong wind blew and took away his only cloth. Sometimes it is instant and sometimes late but it happens. This law of universe always works.

3. Having Company of Financially Successful People

Financial Goals

You might be thinking that I am mad. What does this thing have to do with achieving our financial goals? There are 3 major benefits you get by doing this.

First and foremost, being with them you develop a healthy financial mindset. This helps you to evaluate opportunities and act on them properly.

Secondly, you tend to get opportunities also being around them. Thirdly, it will help you to easily visualize the lifestyle that you will upgrade after achieving your money goals.

I had just returned from the Middle East. I used to go to my uncle’s shop for just chilling. The purpose was to see if I could do any business in his area.

But my destiny was here as a blogger. I will share this story in some other article.

He used to surround him with such people. I know all of them. When he used to come to office he used to say today I will make a sale of X amount.

To my astonishment, he used to do it as he said. All of them had the same habit. Apart from that, these circles sometimes provided him with great earning opportunities.

4. Writing Down Your Financial Goals

While writing down your goals you need to be very careful. Your goal should be SMART.

Financial Goals

Define your goals. Both short term and long term. Break down your goals in to monthly or even weekly.

For example, you want to earn Rs. 600000 a year. So it is Rs. 50000 a month and Rs. 12500 a week.

While defining your goals, you must also define the lifestyle you will be enjoying after achieving those goals. This will help a lot in your visualization process.

5. Making a Wish Board

This thing I learned from Mr. John Assaraf from “The Secret” movie. It is a physical board on which he stuck the pictures of his goals.

This included his dream house, car, city everything. He used to see it every day and it inspired him to work on his goals.

In today’s technocratic world, you can do it on your laptop or even your smartphone. Create a small video with images of your wishes and see it every morning.

The more you see it the more it becomes easy to feel it. This will make your visualization very easy.

This will send a message to the universe of what you desire. It will keep you inspired and motivated to work thoroughly every day on your goals.

6. Emotional Attachment To Your Goals

Sir Bob Proctor always says ” If you can see it and feel it, you can achieve it.”

The mind understands the language of images. When you attach it to your emotions it and start feeling the joy as you have achieved it.

This will ignite the process of manifestation. It will help you find ways that will get you nearer to your goal.

Make it a routine to do it every morning as soon as you wake up and before going to bed. You will start seeing the difference.

The law of attraction is the attractive, magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together. This law attracts thoughts, ideas, people, situations, and circumstances.

7. Physical Visualization of Your Goals

For me, this is fun to do. You might surely call me mad but appreciate me when you will apply this.

Physical Visualization means feeling your goals physically. Let me explain.

You plan to buy a car. So to manifest this goal, you go to take a test drive of the car you wish to buy.

Remember the smell of that new car. Put your hands on the dashboard, steering, driving it. All this will give you the feeling of owning it and eventually help you manifest it faster.

Similarly, do it for your financial goals, write a check to yourself of the desired amount.

The famous Actor Jim Carrey did the same and wrote a million-dollar check to himself. And finally, he achieved it.

You can change add zeros to your bank statements reflecting those balances you desire. This will help very much in getting towards your financial goals.

8. Writing and Reading Daily Affirmations 

Create simple affirmations saying the words that you have already achieved. Like ” I m so happy and grateful for the fact that I am earning XXXXXXX amount.”

Similarly, for all your financial goals you make these simple affirmations. Read them daily as soon as you wake up 15 – 20 times and 15 – 20 times before you go to bed.

You can keep near your bed on a board or as the home screen of your smartphone or in the form of sheets. Read them twice daily with and feel them achieved.

While reading you will again attach these with emotions and feel the same way as you have achieved. In simple terms, daily for 5 minutes start daydreaming that your goals are fulfilled.

9. Defining The Distribution of Money

We make this mistake in this part every time we see money coming to us. We have social, cultural, religious responsibilities.

Thus, when do all the above things we should keep in mind to pay back to the universe. I m sure and give you in writing that it will come back to you multiplied.

Thus whenever you define your goals divide it into 3 parts. One for you and your family. the second for saving/investment so that your money piles up. The third for charity, social work, or helping others.

You will be surprised to see the results. I would rather suggest doing this even when you have less to do so according to your capacity. These activities include feeding the poor or even helping the homeless.

If you aren’t having money start doing it with your deeds. Help someone regain their confidence, help people in their difficulties.

This will give you a sense of satisfaction and will develop a habit of giving and sharing with others. Which will eventually grow more when you have it.

10. Proper Planning

Thinking about the goals will not help you achieve them. you need proper planning. While planning, consider all the hurdles that might come during the way to reach your goal.

Don’t assume and plan. Do some research thoroughly and then plan with actual market facts. Make arrangements to survive that crisis. Be prepared. Be optimistic about the results.

Financial Goals

It will also help you know the current trends which are workable. Sometimes the solution you might have might be outdated.

This will make your plan survive the worst scenarios and also help you plan the solution ahead of time.

I have seen in my life. If plans are written and followed consistently, you assuredly achieve the target. Remember, a goal without a plan is just a wish.

11. Taking Action on Your Plans

Financial Goals

Now that you have defined your goals and planned, the only thing you need to do is taking action.

There is a famous quote ” Even if you are on the right track you will get run over if you just sit there.” Read it twice.

Not taking action will allow fear and doubt to enter. This can lead you to procrastination. You need to leave your comfort zone.

If you wait for the time to be perfect you will wait for your whole life. Just Do It.

My partner Shabbir always says,  ” If you are gonna do it, do it now, don’t postpone it to even later time the same day.”

12. Be Patient

You might have heard this many times and I also have heard it, “Good things happen to those who wait.”

This doesn’t mean you keep on waiting. Here the waiting means to consistently do your job without worrying about the result.

I started blogging in 2016. For 9 months I just kept on writing and doing efforts on my website. Suddenly, after those nine months, my lovely baby started gaining people’s attention.

Patience is the key to success. Read stories of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs you will surely find this in them. Their patience and consistency brought them where they reached.

Final Thoughts

Best of luck to all of you who are determined and hustling to reach their goals.

Here, I have listed things that I have applied in my life and got the results. These things, I have learned in about 15 years from my life experiences.

This website is our payback to the universe. Applying these solutions, if anyone of you gets success the purpose will be served.

If you need any assistance just feel free to contact us through the comments section. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Financial Goals

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