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Traits That Made Me A Good Salesperson

People buy from good salesperson whom they trust and feel comfortable with.
– Anonymous –

There is a great myth about a good salesperson in society. Those who can take money out of your pockets even by fooling you are called good salespeople.

But that’s not true. You could win that deal but won’t be able to get recurring business.

It is your customer’s empathy and trust that will give you a good bond and also recurring business.

Not only this, in the future, even if you change your company and present them with a new product they will are likely to buy or at the least endorse you and refer you.

I speak this with my past experiences. Let me share with you a personal story that will help emerging salespeople gain a good and reliable customer base.

Traits Of A Good Salesperson

Back in 2014, I was a management student back. Soon after MBA, I got an offer from an immigration consultant. I was recruited as a salesperson.

I was doing a job in sales earlier too. But this particular job was the place that helped me become a good salesperson.

I would share my work style and strategies that I learned for better management at the workplace.


When a company recruits you as a salesman and bounds you with a sales target, you are sure to know that their sales are down. To confirm this, I started digging deep.

You believe it or not but I am a little over-curious creature. When I entered the company, I started talking to people, old clients, students.

Since I was in direct touch with students, they told me that they were not getting proper answers about their university applications. I came to know the biggest loophole that was hindering our sales.

Thus, being curious is a necessity to be a good salesperson. IT helps you understand your business, your customer thus hit your target.


good salesperson

Empathy is again an important trait of a salesman which leads to great customer service. When you genuinely care for people it provides your client the freedom to express their concerns.

Empathetic salesmen put themselves in the shoe of their clients and this is what I did.

So I went to my boss and discussed what we can do to resolve their issues so that we can work better. And there was no way to increase the application speed due to universities itself don’t reply on time.

Finally, we thought and built a crystal clear system to increase the meeting time with students to show extra care and manage their issues as much as we can.


Now, we gave two days a week for meeting students and greeting their parents. A small seminar related to their applications and language aptitude. It worked great for my company.

Slowly and gradually, most of the students and parents became quite familiar with us and our work style.

This helped us get more & more students out of those small meetings and then it turned into regular meet-ups.

My boss was quite happy that we were able to crack the issue and make the process for both the company and students smooth.

This is how my creative approach helped me and my company both grow in accordance.

Client Engagement

good salesperson

When you give time to someone, they feel valuable and overwhelmed.

We decided to have student-parent meetings every week to discuss their application status, their aptitude test performances, and sometimes their issues.

We wanted to build a personal space between us so don’t feel left out of the system.

For any company, giving time to their customers sets the best standards for the company. It makes your customers feel more important and so you both discover a healthy relation.

Moreover, when you set the time to engage with every client, you can be more productive than before.

Because now you know what they want and it is better than running the bulls in the dark.

Set Time Make Time

good salesperson

Setting time for every task gives you one instant benefit: the time to relax and satisfaction from inside. These two factors are however you may consider small benefits but plays a huge role in employee satisfaction.

When I managed to meet at least five students a week and completed student training gave me more me-time in the office. So, I could learn more about what the next marketing activities will be.

In my free time, I used to read some useful articles related to my work that enhanced my performance.

Moreover, I did some social media jobs for my company during that time and as a result, it increased my company’s online presence too.

A job is not the only job you are paid for. A job pays you more when you increase your productivity at work.

Try to do something new that can help your company grow because ultimately it will help in your growth too.

If you set time for your every task, you tend to gain more productivity and enjoy the work at the same time.

Managing time means setting up a smooth work system for yourself. Thus, helping your clients to get smooth services as well.

Eventually, you can enjoy your small vacations or breaks tension free. This is also a way to increase job satisfaction because these are some things that are in our hands at the end of the day.

S.M.A.R.T Goals

good salesperson

You must set these S.M.A.R.T goals. During my sales job, I used this goal strategy to increase productivity as well as my pay at the end of the day.

First, let me tell you what these S.M.A.R.T mean:

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Achievable

R – Realistic

T – Time-bound

This is one of the best tips every salesperson must follow to achieve their goals. Any difficult work gets smoother and better if you convert it into goals and that too smart goals.

Let me show you how I did it and so you can too.

Specific Goals: “S” stands for specific goals. In this section, you write about what are your goals exactly in action worlds.

My specific goal was to increase student sign-ups. So, I wrote, “I want to sign up students for this month.”

This is how you write down whatever you want to achieve.

Measurable Goals: “M” stands for measurable. So, the goals that you write needs quantification.

I wrote down as I want to sign up more students so how many?  For example, ” I want to sign up for ten students this month.” Now it sounds more profound and specific.

Achievable Goals: “A” stands for achievable goals. If your goals are not attainable enough, they are not realistic then they won’t give you the exact result that you are expecting.

For example, I decided to do sign-up for ten students so how did I decide it? Of course, based on your student tentative list.

In my meeting list, there were around 100 student inquiries generated. So, I came up with my top 10 student list which I can crack in this month.

I called them personally and understood what problems they have and if they understood the process or not. This is how you set achievable goals that lead you towards success.

Realistic Goals: “R” stands for relevant goals. Sometimes the goals that you set may have an expiry date.

They were applicable enough at the time but not any longer due to changes in circumstances. So you see, whether it is still relevant in the present day.

For instance, I decided on my top ten student list that I can sign up in this month, but what if one of the students faces financial bound and can’t sign up for this month.

In that case, the backup plan should always be there. I need to make a list that has at least 15 top students so that my goal doesn’t change and I can achieve what I wanted to.

Time-bound Goals: “T” stands for time-bound goals. I set the time before only when I decided to sign-up for the ten students and the tenure was one month.

So, if you don’t set the time, you can end up signing in ten students a year. Don’t let this happen and decide the time frame.

Your every goal written down in that diary needs a time-frame to complete it within the time. Otherwise, your goals are not easily attainable enough.


good salesperson

Following these traits will not only make you a good salesperson but also a well-recognized person.

As I said earlier, it is not only for now. Today you might be selling something and later something else. This will help you be a rock star throughout your career.

Following these traits as a businessman will make your company reach higher levels. There is a lack of good companies in the market and the competition is less and there are obvious chances to win the game.

good salesperson

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