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What Is A Gratitude Journal and How It Benefits Us?

Gratitude Journal, a path to abundance and contentment. 
– Fahim Lashkaria –

We often hear the word gratitude journal. It has been spoken a lot about in religious scriptures and we hear them in motivational speeches and videos.

Unfortunately, we just hear it and never have tried to make one. Some of us do but not in the right way and those who don’t, underestimate the power of gratitude.

Before we move to the gratitude journal and how it benefits let us have first understand the word gratitude.

What is Gratitude?

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude is an emotion and not an act. Being grateful means being thankful. Thankful to your creator, lord, or whomsoever you believe in. Thankful to human beings, family, friends and everyone around you.

According to me, Gratitude consists of three things: Expression, Emotions, and Actions.

Expressing gratitude is by words, emoting/feeling your words turning them into heartfelt emotions and then showing the same in your actions.

Unfortunately, very few people practice it and those who do, have only the first part. No doubt saying and writing it down gives benefits but feeling and acting being grateful will elevate your life. It always starts with words then turns into emotions and then actions.

Gratitude is often misunderstood. We are only grateful when we are given something or achieve something. It should be even in pain as it provides hope. Rather than seeing lack, focusing on being thankful things will help us look forward to solutions rather than panicking.

What Is A Gratitude Journal?

Gratitude Journal

Journaling is a task of writing down things. A gratitude journal is a book where you list down things that you are grateful for regularly. It can either be daily, alternate days, bi-weekly or weekly.

There are multiple ways to write your gratitude journal.

  1. In a Dairy.
  2. On paper and maintaining a file.
  3. On applications on Gadgets like smartphone, PC or a laptop.

How To Write A Gratitude Journal?

Gratitude Journal

Most people have this question that what should be written in a gratitude journal? The answer is everything that you are grateful for.

The first and foremost thing to be included in a journal is the gratitude towards your Creator. Being thankful for giving you life, giving you good health, giving you a good family, house, kids, and everything that you can think of.

Secondly, being thankful to those who are your supporters. That is the people around you. Being thankful for their work, gestures and everything they do it for you.

The third is health. Being thankful to have good health, no complications, being able to do things normally.

Fourthly, your society and your surroundings. Being thankful for a good boss, good job, financial stability, and anything related to you.

The Soul of Gratitude

Gratitude Journal

You can be thankful for more than 1000 things a day. Yes, it is easy to be grateful for these many things but to write to them we don’t have that much time.

A very easy way to feel gratitude is to see people lower than us. Lower doesn’t mean in monetary terms, but in emotions, happiness, health, ability to move around.

Just think about the value of eyes for a blind, hearing ability for a deaf, breathing ability for an asthmatic patient.

Similarly, the value of bike those having cycle, the value of car those having a bike. Moreover, having obedient children for those having abusive child or parent.

There is a lot more if we properly tend to see. I can say that you can publish a book every three months just writing about your gratitude.

Tips To Maintain A Gratitude Journal Regularly

Gratitude Journal

Here are a few tips that will help you maintain a gratitude journal regularly.

  • Start small. Don’t put the burden on yourself at the initial stage. Start writing 5 things a day and then slowly increase. It will hardly take 10 minutes of your time.
  • Set up a time. You know your schedule and it is not necessary to do this sitting at a place. You can do it while commuting, while taking a break or just before sleep.
  • Doing it before sleep is the best time because you close your day with a grateful note. Moreover, it will also give your mind a sense of relaxation and it is good for a sound sleep.

I have a different ritual for maintaining my gratitude journal. I use the Notes Application on my mobile to record all things that I am grateful for during the day.

In the night before going to sleep, I write them down in my journal. I benefit twice with this. It provides me with an opportunity to be grateful twice in a day.

While I am traveling or in case I don’t get time, I do this task on Sundays or Holidays. I hope this might help those working in busy schedules.

Benefits of Maintaining A Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal

There are so many benefits of gratitude. Here are a few just to inspire you.

  1. Gratitude is a spiritual discipline. Being grateful is the key to success. When you are grateful for what you have you feel contentment.
  2. The universe always gives you more of those things that you are grateful for. It prevents you from being greedy and hence saves you from disaster.
  3. Some of the proven benefits of gratitude are: improves psychological health, improves self-esteem, and provides mental strength.
  4. Gratitude helps you stay happier, reduces stress, increases positivity, makes you feel better about yourself and this eventually improves your emotional life.
  5. It helps to sleep better, boost the metabolism and immune system. I addition to that your social life also improves due to your contended life and grateful nature.
  6. Moreover, it helps increase your productivity and makes you more creative. Though you work for someone or yourself.
  7. It breeds positivity in hard times. Usually, while going through hard times, we often tend to see things that are not good. Gratitude helps us to focus on things that we already have.
  8. Every day make a habit of thanking God for making your desires come true. Being thankful for what you have now. It is the reverse mechanism. The more you are thankful, the more universe bestows upon you.
  9. It prevents us from chronicle diseases such as high blood pressure and other heart diseases.
  10. When you are grateful, it helps in our manifestation process. It stops inside and helps to focus better on actions rather than results.

Check out more than 20 personal stories of people who have benefitted from practicing Gratitude.

Final Thoughts

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude is the only positive emotion that is connected to all parts of our life. Making a habit of writing a gratitude journal will change your life.

If you are still in doubt, go and check the life of successful people. All of them will have this attitude of gratitude in them.

What are you waiting for?

Make a promise to yourself today to maintain a gratitude journal. Be consistent. Start small and you will see a change in your life and your happiness will increase.

If you have any questions, feel free to write the min the comments below. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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