Develop a growth mindset

How To Develop a Growth Mindset?

To develop a Growth Mindset, you need a set of small steps with proper guidance that will help you to change your focus from results to the learning process.
– Fahim Lashkaria – 

To develop a growth mindset, we first need to know that do we have a fixed mindset or not? The question is how do we know that we have a fixed mindset?

Let’s dig the characteristics of a fixed mindset and how they are developed.

In a fixed mindset, we tend to believe that your intelligence and talents are fixed. The goal is to look smart all the time and avoid looking dumb at all costs.

Often we tend to give up easily or are broke in times of setbacks. Ignore negative but useful feedbacks given by others. Other’s success makes us feel insecure. We thoroughly believe that our abilities determine everything.

You know a lot of people have what’s called a fixed mindset. They just don’t believe they can grow or get better.

They believe that nature, personality, talent is a kind of god-given and they cannot bust through.

What they believe is that they are just who they are and things will always be the way they are. Life can’t be improved and they can’t get that much better at things.

If you believe and act on any of these characteristics then its sure that we have a fixed mindset. Don’t worry. It can be changed to a growth mindset.

How To Develop A Growth Mindset?

Here are four fundamental rules you must follow that are necessary to develop a growth mindset.

Believe In Your Ability

growth mindset

ِِA growth mindset begins with the fundamental rule in life. That is you must believe in your ability to figure things out.

If you believe that you can figure out how things work and you can get better at anything, you lay the structure in our mind. This inspires and enables us for lifelong improvement and growth.

Without this fundamental belief, if you take on a task that you don’t know how to do, you are gonna say, “Oh, I don’t how to do that and so I quit.”

You want to be like somebody, whom you see as your role model, but you don’t believe in your abilities. Thus, you will say that you are not like that person and so you quit.

This belief is the underlying element of a growth mindset. You cannot grow, go anywhere without looking at the next stage of your life.

With this belief, if you have a great dream and you don’t have any clue how to do it, you will still move ahead. This will allow you to get up and get to work.

If you don’t believe you can figure it out, you will not have that urge to start. Thus, you won’t begin it at all, and even if start with external pressure you will soon quit.

Push Your Limits

growth mindset

The second rule to develop a greater growth mindset is to push your limits. Usually, we limit ourselves and assume we are who we are.

If I say should go out and share your advice or wisdom with the world. Most people will say, “Who am I to do that?”.

You assume that you are not good enough and capable of sharing things that you know. When you will do it. You need to push your limits.

Don’t let your current knowledge skills and ability to narrow down your vision for the future. What you’re capable of today has little to do with what you’re capable of or possibly able to achieve in the future.

You can’t predict the future based on the skills you have today. You grow, learn, evolve every day.

How different you are today than you were ten years ago? How many more things you’ve learned?

We all change, develop, and grow in life. But we need to push our limits to grow.

Stop saying these things:

  • I am not capable of this/that.
  • I am an introvert so I can never share my dreams.
  • How can I be an entrepreneur if I don’t have that?
  • I cannot be promoted. and Bla bla.

Remove all these negative thoughts from your mind. They prevent you from growing.

Start Learning

growth mindset

The third most important thing is to develop your skills rather than sitting and waiting for the right time or the right opportunity.

Increase your knowledge by reading books, attending seminars, webinars, learning new skills required to master your dream.

Colleges and institutions aren’t going to give you this practical curriculum. Don’t wait for somebody to hand you the research of what you want to do.

Find your passion, define your dreams. Design your learning process so that you can make your dream possible.

I am not what I am today. I am a successful blogger. Earning five figures from my blogging. Apart from that, I am a Behaviour Analyst and a Mindset Coach. But it did not happen overnight.

I gave my time to enhance my knowledge by reading books, going to seminars, learning public speaking, and whatnot. It took me years to enhance my skills.

I had no idea how to do any of them. But instead of saying I don’t know how to do that and stop myself, I designed my learning process to fulfill my dreams.

In this course of time, I realized that I could do anything. Don’t design your learning process just to see and be happy by seeing it every day. Don’t sit down.

Get your ass off the comfort zone and start working and I am sure it will be worth it. Thorough implementation of this will make you stronger and as you get stronger you will be more open to new ideas.

The world is always changing and with this learning process so are you. You are now capable of handling things better. Other people’s perspectives don’t matter.

You will find yourself as a more open person. You will develop an open mindset towards growth.

Enjoy the Process

growth mindset

As you seek to grow, you will have situations, people to discourage you. Times when you fail and when things suck. You might see things not working your way.

During these tough times enjoy the process. The struggle is always a part of something great. See the lives of successful athletes, speakers, or anyone. They will always have a tough past.

The winners are those who don’t give up when they fail. They take these struggles as their strengths and enjoy the challenges.

This is what a growth mindset is about. Not to be fearful of what will be the outcome. I am doing my best and learning every day.

Don’t hate that process or think that it sucks and so you need to quit. Just go with the attitude that though the learning process is difficult, in the end, it will enhance my skills and help me succeed.

Keep in mind, all this hard work and effort and tough times will work as a tool to be more empathetic to others. It will help you serve somebody in the future. These struggles will forge a stronger character within you.

People who have a growth mindset are those people when they are knocked down, they maintain resilience and enjoy the process.

They always say that this is a part of the process. Every time a new struggle comes up, they don’t fight it, run away from it, or get upset. They accept it with grace.

Final Thoughts

Develop a growth mindset

Thus developing a growth mindset will enable you to maintain calmness during the chaos. You will see hardship and will not freak out.

Because now you believe in your ability to figure these things out and ready to get out of your comfort zone.

Now that, you have designed your learning process and thoroughly working on it you can learn new things. You now have a healthy relationship with your struggles and enjoy them rather than giving up.

Sometimes we lack to see our potentials. Don’t stop there. Get a mentor a life coach that will help you identify your potentials and help you do that.

We are here to help you discover your potentials, help you design your learning process, and inspire you to push your limits and cultivate a mindset that helps you enjoy the struggle.

I am a Behaviour Analyst and a Mindset Coach purposefully working on Millennial Mindset. I see them wasting their talents. Furthermore, I want to help them discover themselves and be successful in life.

We have a Millennial Mindset Development Program that you can join to know yourself, find your purpose, change your fixed mindset, develop a growth mindset, and climb the stairs of success.

Feel free to ask for any help you need. We will be more than happy to help you as an individual, a parent, a boss, or a teacher.

Develop a growth mindset

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