Helping Others

How Helping Others Can Benefit You?

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”
– Napoleon Hill –

Helping others is often considered a good deed. You might also remember many instances from your life when you were most in need and someone might have helped you. Getting a helping hand in times of need is just so charismatic.

Help is not only when you monetarily help someone. Help can also be listening to someone’s problem, giving them hope in difficult times, inspiring or motivational words and many other small gestures.

Let us discuss how this simple act of kindness can benefit us.

How Helping Others Can Help Us to Grow?

Helping Others

Helping others is not only good on the religious or karmic grounds. It also has a huge impact on our happiness and mental attitude.

Usually, we think that we can only help others when we are capable or settled in our life. But that’s not true. In my opinion, your life changes only when you start helping others.

This simple act of kindness changes our approach to life in unknown ways. It leads to mental shifts that help you stay positive. Therefore, leading to success through a positive mental attitude.

You cannot get ahead in life with a negative mindset. Thus, we need to start helping others to cultivate a positive mindset.

Here are 4 things that I got by helping others and that helped me stay positive.

Provides Satisfaction

When you help someone, we feel worthy of ourselves. Being a mentor and a coach I get great satisfaction by helping somebody. Seeing them take advantage of an opportunity which he or she might have not grabbed, smile on face after achieving their goals is so satisfying.

I started all this before I officially became a mentor. I had the habit of helping others and even back then, this satisfaction led me to help more and more people.

Develops Gratitude

While helping others, we get a chance to see people’s lives more closely. When we hear their stories of heartbreak, pain, lack, privilege, etc, we become grateful. It leads to contentment and fulfillment.

It helps us see life from a different angle. We see it from the angle of abundance rather than scarcity. This cannot come when you are not helping others.

Not only this, when we feel abundant and grateful, our happiness increases and leads to a calm and satisfied mind. This further leads to proper decisions in life.

Improves Relationships

When we help others, we build connections. Those whom we help value our acts of kindness. This helps to create connections between people.

Often it happens that from these relationships we get our life-changing opportunities. We find genuine people to be a part of our team or receive help in return that helps us to kick start our work.

Final Thoughts

Helping Others

While helping others not only the receiver benefits but also the giver. It helps to develop a positive mental attitude leading to happiness and success. Sir Napoleon Hill has described the Positive Mental Attitude among the 17 principles of success.

This helping habit played an important role in my success journey. Thus, I have included it in my list of 13 Simple Exercises To Stay Positive In Negative Situations.

If you have any queries or questions, feel free to share in the comments below. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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