Inferiority Complex

Simple Mind Hack To Get Rid Of Inferiority Complex

Inferiority complex begins when you agree that you are nothing. No one is responsible or author of it except yourself.
– Paul Gitwaza –

The inferiority complex distorts the reality and also decreases the probability of winning. 6 out of every 10 people feel this in different areas of life.

This inferiority complex makes their life move backward or stagnant. They remain where they are. We often see people working in a company at the same post for a year or you can say until they retire.

Many times, it happens that whenever you go for selling yourself or your products, you feel shame inside. Because you think others are better than you.

Moreover, when most of us go for a job interview, we feel that we aren’t capable and avoid asking a bigger amount as our salary. Just because we feel inferior.

But you know the problem is not with your confidence. The problem is the wrong self-belief that you have made. This work’s as a virus. It destroys the system and doesn’t let it work properly.

Have you ever told yourself or imagined in your head that you can earn 1 million dollars or deserve to earn anything you want? On the contrary, you might have smiled it away or have laughed yourself about making this much money.

Tell me. Have you ever failed at something not because you don’t have skills but you have doubts about winning upon it? Do you ever question your ability or self-sabotage yourself from deserving something better?

I am sure, this might have happened to you. Not so often then at least once in a lifetime.

Guess what, I also have felt the same at certain points in my life. But one thing that always inspires me is that I believe in my capabilities and I believe in Him. He can be anything you believe in – God, energy, or power.

Imprint this thought in mind. You are your own creator. Yes, only You, can write your own destiny. You can build wonder and do unimagined things.

Today, I will tell you something that will take away all your fears. We will work together from its root.

Mind Hack To Get Rid Of Inferiority Complex

Inferiority Complex

Our brain is an idiotic creature. It’s bound to our guidance and beliefs.

If you command your brain to go to one destination, it will only take you there. It will not mention the nearby places that you can visit too. It works in a very stipulated manner.

We need to make it smart by installing the smartest software in the world. You need to command it better with specifics.

If you tell your brain, ‘I want to earn 30,000 dollars.’ Your mind will start working on its own. Don’t’ give second thoughts as you deserve it or not or how is it possible.

Just command your wish and leave it on its own. Be 100% sure. No doubts. Because doubts kill more dreams than failure ever has.

The software is installed now. This software is called beliefs. It has started working and it will work on its own. Leave it on autopilot mode. Your work is done.

One day, when you will be sleeping or reading or taking a shower, your mind will respond to you with an idea. An idea that will help you accomplish the $ 30,000 dream. And there it goes. It’s a simple task that you can do with your mind.

All I mean to say here is that it’s not your job to question your capabilities and have negative thoughts or energy.

Make things simple with your mind. Because your mind or you can say your subconscious mind absorbs this software easily. It doesn’t work until you install the software called beliefs.

The way you talk to your mind, it responds in that manner. If you think you can’t get higher pay or let’s be more specific. Let’s assume 15,000 dollars a month. You are never going to get it. Because you have installed the belief software that is only worth 5000 dollars.

In short, what you 100% believe is what you get. Sending clear signals to your mind is very important because it only understands the command.

It doesn’t depend on your skills or capabilities. Eventually, the situations will arise where you will even develop the skill to reach your goal.

Final Words

Inferiority Complex

Limiting beliefs or inferiority complex is the biggest hindrance to our growth. It doesn’t apply only to earning money but every part of our life. The end result is always about happiness.

Rather than complaining to the power about not giving, you need to change your mindset. Change your limiting beliefs.

Here are 5 practical ways that will help you overcome limiting beliefs.

How specific are you in asking and how much you believe is what actually matters.

So, if you currently have any such virus in your software, update your software, update your beliefs. You will see a huge difference in your life.

Moreover, this will help you get rid of your inferiority complex easily. Believe me, you can have anything you want. Just ask for it and 100% believe in it.

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