Job Satisfaction

How to Find Job Satisfaction?

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.

– Steve Jobs –

Many people say to me that job satisfaction is merely a myth. Reality is way different. I feel for them. But let’s be real logical human.

Reality is nothing but accepting things the way they are. To change anything in your life, you have to work for it.

Your job is the place where you 1/3 of your life. Out of 24 hours you are there for a bare minimum of 8 hours. The job is your second home. And if you are not happy, it can ruin your big plans.

Let’s talk on this honestly. Please, be honest with yourself if you truly want to climb the ladder of success.

To find your job satisfaction, you need to understand the process.

Every graduate thinks of doing a job after college. Very fewer students think to have business at first? Why?

Everything doesn’t fall into your way as soon as you start. It is a gradual process.

Because you want to learn first how to do it and then become a player in the ground.

Those who don’t want to do business, you find a job that pays you first. Then the job that pays you well, you choose your interest and finally landed over to your dream job.

This is applicable even when you change your job industry; like from marketing to HR or from sales. For this also the same process will be applicable.

Every little or big thing you do in your job will pay you. That for sure. Every job prepares you for your future career move.

Just a small example, Fahim used to work for a company for merely Rs. 4000 ($62) a month. During that time, he used to think that what is that this will give him in return. He just used to punch the data and make some excel sheets.

Slowly and gradually that those skills that he learned at that organization helped him climb the career ladder. He moved to Dubai worked there for about 10 years and after returning from Dubai he started into blogging. Today he is an excel expert with his successful blog

As you can see in Fahim’s case, it was all the process that paid him off later after years.

Your acceptance to your current job role, you’re boss orders, your colleague’s behavior – everything counts. You need to believe that this job will add something to my potential.

Wherever you work or for how much time you work, it all adds up to your learnings, your next big thing, your next big career move.

Let us take another example here bcoz with an example things are understood easily.

I know one of my friends who were not so good at sales. But received an internship through college and paid well at first. She decided to accept the offer. It was in the finance industry.

She did not have much knowledge about it. She worked there for around 8 months. And understanding some finance terms plus investing in stock markets.

In the beginning, she was doubtful about the job role but decided to give it a try. Slowly, she was able to make sales. Not huge sale, but she was doing fine.

One day, she felt stressed. She wanted to take a break from the job because she was bored. She said to me I am not happy here. At that time, she had no clue why she doesn’t like it. Later on, she joined the education industry and did nice sales over there.

She kept on looking at her interest and one fine day, she received an offer letter from an IT company where she received a job of a content writer. She is now very happy here and doing the job in that company for long.

The amazing fact is that in-between she took a break from a job & started freelancing in video & photography. Now she works in the food industry too. ( A full-time video maker & editor for food videos).

It took her approx. 4 years to find a dream job. In all these years, she worked in various industries and gained good experience.

The point here is she believed in the process. She kept on looking and hunting for her interest. During her job roles, she gave her dedication full.

We need to build an attitude of learning in every process that we go through. Because that is the solution to all your dissatisfaction.

Job Satisfaction

3 Important Things You Need To Work On

1. Acceptance

Acceptance is the key to success. Acceptance has been a key to happiness. An attitude of accepting things and people can change unpleasant and irritating experiences into pleasant ones.

It helps to reduce the negative effect of a situation. This is all we need the most while working. I always say’ ” if your mind is at peace your work will have the better quality.”

2. Believe in the process

Believe that this job will teach you tons of things. The whole process will make you a better person every day.

3. Dedication

Any job role needs a super kind of dedication. This shows how much you give respect to your job role and how much you do justice to it.

You are using your job time only for office work and nothing else. You are accepting your mistakes and not repeating them.

Your dedication is doing a job role and more than that. Never stop yourself from doing a work that is not under your job role. Open your doors to learning more. You will open many opportunities for yourself.

To find job satisfaction, we need to work on 2 main areas: Inner and Outer.

Let’s first look at the inner circumstances which are very common between the employees like,

I don’t like my boss.
My collogues are irritating and never support or respond well.
My office environment is not so cool.
I can’t use my phone to call my mum also.
I don’t get any celebrations in the office.
I have no paid leaves.
I don’t get half leaves.
I don’t find work interesting.
My job timings are very high.
I don’t get time for private times.
I don’t get vacations for the festival.

You can find your reason here from the list. So where is the problem? Your company or with you? How will you find your comfort in the job?

Let me ask you more precisely, you are finding a job that pays well or has a good job role to offer you? Or you are looking for a comfortable job that pays you well, a job providing all kinds of facilities, an amazing job role & pays you well.

If you ask current MBA students, what kind of company you want to work with? They will say, “ I have a dream to work with Google or Microsoft or IBM or P&G but nothing less than this.

If you see the current profile of the current CEO’s or marketing head of big brands, they have been through all the process of learning and then selected for the job in MNC’s.

We love looking at outer things, but we must see the dedication of those people who have achieved in their life.

To see it, let’s understand the inner side circumstances for employees and how to deal with it.

1. Positive Mental Attitude Towards Job

When selected for the job role, it’s very crucial to accept the whole job role with utmost ease and understating.

Sometimes you haven’t understood your job duties and getting everything wrong. You end up blaming either the company or boss that you are not trained well.

You have to learn and understand each & every process in detail so you can perform your duties well.

Apart from that, you feel not so connected to your current job. Because you are lazy sometimes, you are not so responsive to such events in the office or your co-operation is not well maintained with other colleagues.

You don’t share your doubts with them. Because you feel shy that leads you to be a left out one. You are working in a company as a team member. You have to give your opinions. You have to be active enough to start a conversation with others.

Creating a repo with your teammates gives you good mental energy. This way, you can understand your team well, enjoy your work, and can keep your mental attitude positive.

Work is a priority. If your mood is not set to proper emotions, it becomes a little difficult to keep up that positive spirit.

You should love the surround, keep showing gratitude towards your teams and boss. It brings you an immense level of focus on work. Slowly and gradually, you will love your work and your office too.

2. Let It Go When Things Seem Difficult

Okay. This may sound it’s not possible every time for us to let go but you can make it possible. Suppose, you are working on a project or your everyday task, your boss calls you in his cabin.

He seems to be a little upset with your work. According to you, you have done a nice job but your boss has a different opinion. What will you do in that situation?

Many of you will argue and question. Some of you will listen to him and try to understand his point of view. The first approach is not correct.

Put yourself in another’s shoe and you will understand. Sometimes we see things as we want to see. Try to avoid that attitude because doing this simple thing will bring peace in your mind.

There is always a way to approach your ideas to solve the problems. Use it at the right time with the right kind of attitude.

Let it go in life is very much important in professional & in personal life too. You have to be easy going. The office where you go, you have to maintain such kind of easiness with people & bosses. You will bring your value in life.

3. Learn To Say “NO”

Some people think that saying no on the face to someone can present you rude. But many times, it is necessary to do that.

You have to be firm with your decision. Saying no can save you from many things. In professional life, this is the key to live by.

You can buy yourself some really good work and treasures. Sometimes people take the task in hand to impress the boss, even though they can’t do it well. This will bring your value down.

Say yes to those things which will create some opportunities for you. Say yes to work that you are confident about. You always have opportunities around you but you have to choose which one is for you.

4. Don’t Complain Often About Your Job

This has a direct connection to what you love to do and what you don’t. But I understand sometimes in the process of finding your dream job, you have to do some jobs to support your financials. And that is okay.

One of my mentors used to tell me, do a job that you love, or love a job that you do. It’s so true.

You have to do your hard work to find the best for you. It can happen in near 5 years or 10. You need patience for that.

Till then, don’t complain about the current job. Be grateful for it that you received an opportunity, at least for the reason that it is supporting your basic needs – food, shelter, and clothes.

Fight the big fights and keep working. Have a faith in you that whatever I am doing right now has reasons and learnings and you will flourish one day.

5. Don’t Comment On Things You Don’t Know

To have a healthy relationship with your colleagues, it’s crucial not to comment on the things which you don’t know.

If there is discussion is going on between some people, don’t get into it. Because it can create a mess between you and them.

You should always decide your boundaries in regards to your professional relationship with everyone. Sometimes you listen to the half story and the half you don’t know therefore it can backfire you.

If you are asked about your opinion, then it’s fine to talk about it. It is not necessary that every time the discussion takes place, you have to be a part of it if you want no problems in your job.

For good reasons, it’s better to keep silent where your voice is not needed. I call it unnecessary talks.

6. Be On-Time

Being on time is the key to impress your bosses and have no problem asking for leaves in the future.

If you come office on time, it shows how serious you are for the job. Some people are there who have no clue when they will reach the office.

If they reach at 11 o’clock, to settle down will take half an hour & then they will think about what they want to work on today.

They will then start work at around 12 & after one hour, it’s their lunchtime. At that time, they will talk about unnecessary things, other colleagues.

Then they will start catching up on work and go to the desk. For approx. 2 hours they will work and leave from the office at 6 in the evening.

Where is the actual work that they will do to become the employee of the month?

Are those the same people who don’t come to the office early every day & then complain about their career graph?

You cannot achieve that career position in life if you have this kind of attitude towards job timings. You are being paid for the work & time.

You have to give results to the company if you have taken the responsibility of the job role. Keep important tips with you that a person who manages the time to achieve life’s big goals.

7. Keep Your Professional & Personal Life Separate

Have you seen people in the office talking about the bad mood of their husbands last night? family problems they are up to? I mean why.

Why you have to get all those stress to the office. You are in the office for about 8-9 hours and you have a different life outside the house.

One of my colleagues used to be so happy and always eager to get work from the boss. I admired her attitude in the office.

One day I went to her & asked how she manages everything as a single mother & keeping her spirits at work every day on a high level.

She replied a very simple answer, “ I joined the job so that I could focus on the happy part of life. I like working because it gives me pride not for society but me. I get an appreciation for my work and that is my biggest happiness. I have never implied my work as my job. I have always implied my work as my identity & my copyright on it.”

I was inspiring and from that day, I decided to always look at my professional life with more respect.

No matter how much you have hurdles in your personal life, your professional life too can give you a new goal, a new purpose to live your life with utmost dignity.

Sometimes professional life can help you grow in your personal life. Because you are not an actor or actress who is acting something different at your home & different in your job.

Your skills & attributes define you as a person in your personal as well as in professional life. Every point mentioned above will change your professional life if you simply take action on it.

Now let’s look at some amazing outer side job circumstances and how you will deal with it.

1. Don’t Choose Your Job Influenced by Others

In school time, you have a friend who takes engineering, so you too. Your friend takes fashion designing, so you too. You think that whatever your friend is doing, you have to follow her.

Even in society, people get influenced by others and tend to choose the career line which they think is best for them but it’s not in reality.

I have seen this especially when all are mad behind government jobs. Because they have reasons. Pay is good, unlimited yearly leaves, pension, low job timings, good and happy life.

What if you discover a writer in you and still decide to do which is not meant for you. A person can flourish in anything if they believe they are the best in that. Confidence is needed.

During your school time, you have been taught,” don’t be the sheep that follow the herd.”

We have learned such big life lessons when we were kids and now how can we forget these important lessons when we have a full mind of choosing what is right or wrong for us.

Choose what you feel you are meant for this and not that. Because your excellence in work can take you anywhere in life.

Even if you are a painter, your art can be sold in millions if you think you are the best in it.

Listen to people but don’t follow people’s opinions because in the end, you have to buy the bread for you and you have to decide, how can you buy your bread every day.

2. Don’t Run In The Dark Street

Running in the dark street means running in the street of a dream where there is no house of yours.

You choose a career that you think you will have fun doing it but you have no base of understanding in the job role.

You cannot become a pilot just because you love the idea of flying the plane. You cannot become a horse rider just because every Sunday you ride on a horse at the beach for some moments of joy.

You have to be realistic about your career. You cannot decide something in life for which your passion is not there.

I am aware that many people out there who work in the industries in which they don’t have interest & still working for their bread & butter.

But ask those people how many years they are doing the same job they were doing since the beginning.

There are profiles where I have seen they are stable in their job role because they know what they want. They have clear minds who follow their dream & achieve it.

Have you met a marketer and their sales targets they have achieved? Because they love marketing.

They love what they are doing. They love to wake up every morning and go to their first sales meeting, repeating everyday same schedule still loves their job.

The only difference between happy and unhappy professional seekers is the choice that they make.

3. Financial issues killing you

Money is important to you and so to me. Sometimes, I feel, it’s the only thing that can buy me happiness.

You want to make money so that you can live a leisure life & give the same to your parents, husband, wife, or kids. You want to be equipped in life to fulfill your every big and small wants.

Many times, I have seen people working for money and not for their passion. I understand it takes time to find what you love and do what you like.

My point is not to tell you here that in whatever situation you are, you will be tomorrow in the same zone.

My point here is everybody has some issues to deal with in life. Today you are earning 10,000 per month & tomorrow you can earn up to 20,000 or 5,000 also.

Seriously! I started my job career with 20,000 and after leaving that job, I received an offer of 11,000. Because the industry was new.

When you want to achieve something, work well. There is no one I have seen who has not to cop with a hard life or struggle.

Job Satisfaction

Even a rich man cannot teach his son how to manage the money and forward his legacy if he is not meant for the same.

Suppose he wants to become an actor then he will have his hardship in life. No problem is permanent. Things happen, situation changes, job changes but at last, you will end up at your destination.

There will always some tweaks, if’s & buts. But you, my friend, don’t forget that this is not what life is.

Life is not a race nor a game, you write your moments, your story & your legacy with your hand. Nobody can take it from you if you believe you deserve the best.

If you think you are doing what you always believe in, you are dreaming for what you want, you have that fire which is burning in you every day to reach to your career goal but still, somehow you cannot take up forward what you are doing right now, read below:

Let’s be real. Let’s be friends and talk seriously here.

You are doing whatever it takes from you to do & still you feel you are not just the right fit in your current job.

Don’t panic and don’t worry be happy. Be happy that you now know what you want. There is no problem to take a break and hunt for the right job.

You are not jobless. Don’t keep that pressure on your innocent mind. You are just taking a break to understand what you want and where can you get it.

Make sure that you keep a back up of the money from at least two months which will help you to look out for your expenses until you get the new job.

You not only work for your work but every relation in life, you work for it and you believe in the process. It’s work in progress.

Job Satisfaction

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