Law of Attraction Doesn't Work

Why Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Work For Me?

Ease Is A Greater Threat To Progress Than Hardship.
– Denzel Washington –

Sometimes Law of Attraction gets awesome results and most often Law of attraction doesn’t work. The actual problem is mentioned in the above quote of Denzel Washington.

We want to manifest things that require action and consistent efforts but aren’t ready to give put required efforts and time. We give up believing that LOA is thinking and getting it.

Sorry to say, But it doesn’t work that way. You need to get your ass off the bed, leave your comfort zone, work hard consistently, and wait for your tree to bear fruits.

A farmer doesn’t get fruit the day he plants the seed of the tree. It takes time, consistent care, watering, and most importantly saving from pests.

Law Of Attraction Doesn't Work

I know you won’t digest this. If you don’t agree, then just scrap the wisdom quotes related to hard work from those successful people in history.

Those on Instagram showing you their success stories build in a short time is all bullshit. It is just another way of selling their products. Stay away from them.

You like videos, right? Hear this:

Though as compared to earlier achieving your goals has become easier. But still, it demands hard work, dedication, consistency to achieve your goals.

As a Behavior Analyst, I study the behavior of people on different levels. Their thinking, their mindset, their actions, their body language, everything in detail.

Let me try to take you through the journey of your manifestation. Let me know in the comments that it happens with you or not.

An Unusual Story of Our Manifestation

You want to buy your dream car or house. It is going to cost you $100,000 or whatever be that amount.

Your Salary is $10,000. You save $2,000 every month. Logically it takes 50 months to buy that house. But its too long.

You have been introduced to LOA. You want to achieve in 1 or 2 years. So you need to either save $8,000 or $4,000 or you have to earn extra.

You do the affirmations, vision boards, visualization, 5X55, 3X33, seeing 1111, and every other exercise which is available on the internet.

Now, you see it, put on your vision board, visualize it. You feel good thinking about it.

This is because, you are thorough in your thoughts, firm in your decision, completely believe that LOA is working, and somehow working for it.

Initially, you think that it is happening. You got a raise at your job or got a new client which adds $1,000 to your savings.

This is where LOA works for you and takes you near to your goal. Now your goal is 3-4 years away.

But you have to complete it in 2 years. So you need extra effort to make to complete that in time. This is where your hard work will come in.

After a few months, even by making efforts, you aren’t getting that extra amount. You try and fail. You again try but fail.

Now either you give up on your dream or accept the reality to buy it after 3-4 years at whatever price it will be. Your belief in LOA decreases and you start complaining that it doesn’t work.

Some of us might not complain, but somewhere in the corner of our heart, the fear has started developing. This stops the LOA to work due to your doubt.

End of the story and your mind thinks that LOA is bullshit.

Why Didn’t LOA Work or Stopped Working?

See the life of every successful man in this world, you will find 3 things they did with LOA to reach where they are.

  1. Hard work
  2. Consistency
  3. Patience

Just to name some, Thomas Edison, Jack Ma, Will Smith, or else take any successful person in this world.

You will see that he has given many sleepless nights, extra hours staying out of his comfort zone, doing consistent efforts, and the amount of patience.

I would like to simply request my fellow LOA practitioners to be logical in their goals and also the process of achieving it.

We all have heard names like Tony Robbins, Mel Robbins, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Joe Vitale, Rhonda Bryne, etc.

I don’t know how closely you watch them, how deeply you follow them. If you will closely see their lives, hear and read their stories you will find the amount of hard work they put, the patience they used, the amount of consistency they gave.

I am sure, your brains will shut down. I just talk about the Mel Robbins, I see her efforts on the stage, for preparations, continuously giving time. Sometimes her tiredness.

She recently shared the picture of her dream home which she acquired. Go and ask her was it easy.

Law Of Attraction Doesn't Work

The biggest problem is that we don’t want to lift our asses, stay in our comfort zone, and dream of the damn great life. Go, get it, if you can.

Let me share with you some of my manifestation stories which will indeed inspire and give you a clear view of practicing LOA.

How I Manifested My Car In Just 8 Months?

Law Of Attraction Doesn't Work

I was working in the United Arab Emirates. In 2012, I applied and got my driving license. Soon after getting it, I decided to get a car.

Usually, I used to buy gold and other stuff for the family. As soon as I decided to get a car, my manifesting game started.

I started to take the test drive for different cars and finalized my make and model. I chose the Nissan Maxima because it had all that I wanted. Power, Leg space, length, class and look.

My Story of Manifestation with LOA

3 months I spent, visualizing and feeling the car. I was specific about my car. Golden color Nissan Maxima Cefiro with tan interior.

Wallpaper of my work computer, my lappy, and my smartphone were decorated with Maxima. Daily, I spent 15-20 minutes visualizing my car. Feel the smell of my car, feel the drive everything possible in my hand.

Initially, I thought to buy a new car, it was quite expensive. So decided to buy a second hand. I started looking for Maxima in second-hand cars.

4th month started, still, I didn’t get what I wanted. Some had price issues, some I didn’t like, and on and on.

Many of them were golden color but didn’t have the tan interior. So none of the deal went through.

As I told you I didn’t have money for this but still, I was using LOA to get through. The 4th month was about to complete and yet I had no signs.

One day, I was feeling low and was discussing it with my friend about this. He told me that you haven’t done what is required. I replied to him that I was doing everything that we learned about LOA.

He said to me you haven’t done anything that gets you near your target. It was money I was lacking. I wanted something but didn’t want to work for it. So it was not manifesting.

That conversation waked me up. The next day I started making arrangements for the money. I started saving as much as I could from my salary.

Apart from that, I used to do some extra hours at the office. Thus, managed to get 50% of the money. I had started working for my dream. Universe responded.

One day a friend of mine visited my place. He was living in another city. He had come to my city to sell his Nissan Maxima Cefiro with a tan interior.

Isn’t it astonishing?

Additionally, his deal didn’t go well with the client he had come for. He came to meet me. We started discussing the purpose of his visit and he told the whole story.

I just saw his car and just realized that the Universe had brought it to me. So I started talking to him and expressed my interest in his car.

He was ready to sell. Then slowly, I told him that I had only a specific amount of money and not full payment. He took 2 minutes and agreed to pay the rest balance in 5 months that too without interest.

This is how I manifested my car.

Final Thoughts

I did manifestation, vision boards, visualization but lacked the action to work in the direction of achieving it. The day I started doing the required work, the universe helped me achieve.

This was just a small manifestation. Depending on the size of your goal, circumstances, your dedication, willingness to leave your comfort zone, and patience, you can manifest anything you want. Be sure you are ready to pay the price.

Law of Attraction Doesn't Work

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