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How Do I Discover My Life Purpose?

At the intersection where your gifts, talents, and abilities meet a human need; therein you will discover your life purpose.
– Aristotle –

We all are born with a purpose on this planet earth. It is not about finding your life purpose but it is actually about discovering it.

We all are living our life. We study, work, enjoy life. So, what’s the point in discovering our life passion. But how many of us are feeling fulfilled? We all know the answer. No need to say me, just be truthful to yourself.

Just ask yourself these questions and your inner being will answer you:

Do you feel excited, energetic, and enthusiastic every day?

Are you enjoying the work/job you do?

Do you get a sense of fulfillment at the end of the day or after completing your task?

If the answer to these questions is yes then you are on the right track and you are living your purpose. But if not, you need to first find your life purpose and then start enjoying life. Don’t merely live your life.

Many of us are waiting for the weekend to get rid of the life we live to escape. This is because we don’t enjoy what we do.

It’s not your mistake. You were not guided or were living in such surroundings that did not develop this mindset.

But not to worry. Here we will discuss what simple things you must do to find your purpose and I will also tell you my story of discovering my life purpose.

What is Purpose?

Life Purpose

The purpose is the driving force that guides our decisions, influences one’s behaviors, gives direction, and gives a sense of fulfillment to life.

Everyone’s purpose is unique. Purpose changes throughout life depending on the evolving priorities and good or bad life experiences.

The purpose is seen in every work we do. Let us understand this with an example.

Recently, I was reading an article by Mark Manson. In his article, he described that he used to write even in his childhood.

But left interest for some year. Then again he started writing and currently he is a well-known author of 2 books. One is “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**K” and “Everything is F**ked”

Many children are fond of drawing, music or storytelling, etc. If they choose their stream related to their interests then they excel. But unfortunately, 60-70% of the people are not working on their highest interests and thus there is a lack of fulfillment.

In my career of counseling, I have met n number of clients, who discovered what they were meant for. They pursued their career surrounding their interests and now they doing what they really enjoy and also earning their living with it.

Therefore, according to me, Purpose is what you think that no one else on earth can do better than you. Nothing more than your passion doing which you are For me

It can be anything. Those people who are really good at sales will be enjoying fulfilling other needs and good at convincing. It can be music. Even though you make it for self-satisfaction, but when you do it enchants other’s souls.

Thus, it is important to know what we are meant for and what makes us extremely fulfilled. In short, it is extremely important to find your life purpose.

You don’t need to find it. All you need to do is discover it.

Why I am using the work discover is because Your life purpose is within you.

Amazed! Right.

One important thing. It’s never too late to discover it. It doesn’t matter what your age is. You can do it anytime. Hang on till the end with me and I will share with you my story how I was able to discover my life purpose.

Let us see how we can easily discover our purpose.

The Easiest Way To Discover Your Life Purpose

Discovering your life purpose is a simple task. But it has been projected as being the toughest task. Take a pen and a notepad. Order your coffee and until you finish it, it will be done.

Your Life Purpose is Hidden in Your Life – Dig Your Life

Life Purpose

We have within us everything we need to know. None other than you know your life better. Start digging it. Look for your interests. Look for things that you enjoy the most. Match it with what you are currently doing.

But keep in mind you are truthful to yourself. Often it happens that we follow other’s purposes because it’s fascinating. But, as we all know what fulfills his/her soul won’t fulfill yours.

An artist makes art to suffice his soul, but it also serves others in many ways. Some use it for decoration and some for status. Everything we do is in some way connected to the world around us.

When you will dig deep inside you, you will find things that enchant you, encourage and motivate you. You will find instances when you deeply felt fulfilled. Make a list of those things.

Whatever we do, there is a reason behind it. In all things you do, you will find a pattern. This pattern will unfold the reason.

For example, when I dug my life, I found that I like solving problems and make things easier for people.

This was since my childhood. I used to help people, solve their problems, help them relieve their pain, make them feel good about themselves.

In college, unknowingly this pattern continued. I use to encourage my friends, push them hard to do things, be their support in what they do.

Eventually, if found this pattern in my career life also helping my colleagues, bosses to solve their toughest problems.

This pattern repeated even when I started my first website I was damn good at excel and excel is a great tool to simplify tedious tasks.

I started developing free excel based solutions for small businesses. Within 9 months traffic of my website skyrocketed. But still, I wasn’t yet thorough about my life purpose.

Did you see there was a common thing in all these events? In all these events, I liked to solve problems and thus I found my life purpose.

Identify and Master Your Passion

Life Purpose

Basically, passion is something that you can do for hours. You forget to eat, drink and even pooh. Something in which you can immerse yourself.

I found what I was good at. It was my passion. I could do it for free. I didn’t care about the time. This is what we call a passion.

This gave me inner satisfaction and I was living a purposeful life. It was then I started learning psychology and helping people professionally.

Once you identify the passion, your job is to master it. Be such that no one can do it like you. America Got Talent, Dance India, etc are shows when people come to show what they are passionate about. Those who are really passionate, win.

I did the same in my career. I mastered small business solutions. Got into depth, spent hours, and sometimes even days to find a feasible and easy solution.

During that process, I learned new things and thus, mastered my skills. And then when I got into the consulting business, I did the same.

How My Life Purpose Can Contribute To Make The World Better?

Life Purpose

The world is filled with problems. Small and Big. See how your passion can help people to grow, make their lives easier and better.

We all know Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. They had coding passion. What they did was use it for changing the world.

Today, everyone has a PC/laptop at home having Windows or Macintosh. We have extraordinary phones from Steve that brought a revolution in the telecom industry.

This is what life’s purpose is all about. If you remember the quote by Artistotle, which says that when your gifts, talents, and skills meet a human need you discover your life purpose.

Even though it’s music, dance, painting, sketching, cooking, weaving, machines, or anything. Your mastery of that particular thing will eventually bring you at the top.

Get Ready To Pay The Price

Life Purpose

Often, it so happens that people identify their purpose. But fail to leave their comfort zone. These questions run in their minds.

What will my parents/relatives/friends say?

What if I fail?

I will look Foolish and bla bla

You’re actually avoiding something you truly care about. Get ready to embarrass yourself. Show me one person in the history who did great things going with the flow. None.

For doing something unique and unconventional, you need to walk alone and against the herd.

We all use Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg went against the herd to create something exceptional. He connected people and gave them a social platform to mingle. There are thousands of such examples around us. Some are doing at a smaller level and some are doing at a bigger level.

You need to embrace the embarrassment. Don’t worry about what others will feel and say. Follow your bliss. The gift that God has bestowed upon you.

After leaving my 6 figure job in Middle, when I started working on my website. My family members, especially my mother considered me foolish.

But I knew inside, that I had something that could be helpful to people and will be able to contribute to the world. That’s what made me 6 figures in an around a year and a half. But I was ready to take that embarrassment.

Every pleasure comes with some sort of sacrifice. Decide what struggle or sacrifice are you willing to tolerate? Believe me, you will bless yourself in the future by following your purpose.

Final Words

Life Purpose

Doing this is the first step toward a purposeful life. Once you have discovered your life purpose, now set goals. Find the clarity of goalsFaith, Commitment, and Discipline are things that will fuel your motivation.

To summarize the whole, you need to be doing things that encourage you, things that give a sense of fulfillment. Don’t see other’s things and become that sheep of the herd.

Every one of us has something unique to give out to this world. Do things that encourage you to wake up excited every morning. Things that you really enjoy.

If you are facing any problem discovering life purpose, go get a mentor. It can be your parents, friends, or someone you really admire and think as your role model.

Moreover, you can also contact us anytime. We will be happy to help you discover your life purpose.

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  1. Pursuing your passion is something that needs a lot of guts, although it is true that happiness comes from doing the job you love. I had a friend who loved doing standup comedy gigs and had to put aside his passion as it was tough to find a platform two decades back. I wish he had someone to guide him back then like this.

    1. Hey Arun, It is never too late. We wish your friend a happy time ahead. Thanks for your comment. If you like this post please share it on your social media so that someone can get guidance. Thanks in advance.

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