Law of attraction Real

Is Law of Attraction Real? A Logical Understanding

“Change Your Mindset, Change The Game.”
– Dr. Alia Crum – (Stanford University)

Many people have this question in mind about LOA. Is the Law of Attraction real? Let me give you a logical understanding of it and how it helps many people to change their thinking and eventually turn their thoughts into things.

What Law of Attraction Does?

Before we move further let me tell you one thing. Law of Attraction is the game of mindset. The more you believe in the positive aspect of things, the more you attract them. Mindsets are built on this formula.

Two persons see things differently based on their belief systems. The famous example of a glass half-filled and half-empty is all known to us.

Those with negative and unsatisfied beliefs will see it half-empty and the person with gratitude and optimism sees it half-filled.

Similarly, our response to things also changes depending on our mindsets.

The person who believes that they cannot market anything well will never be able to do. Contradictory to this, the one who believes he can do will try everything and will excel in it.

A classic example of this is two students learning from the same teacher having a different mindset. One excels and the other is an average depending on his/her mindset.

LOA gives you hope, develops an optimistic approach, and thus enables us to act in peace. When we are sad the same situation hurts which once gave you pleasure.

This is what LOA does. Builds a belief system based on positive outcomes and which inspires people to work on things that they did not believe they could do. Once you develop it the negative outcomes also can’t shake you.

To support my words and theory of LOA, I was researching today morning. And this is what I found which will make you think about the LOA concept.

See the below video of Dr. Alia Crum of Stanford University explaining on TEDx Talks about how our beliefs and thinking makes a difference:

This was the best possible explanation I could find how thinking helps us achieve things. It is a psychological and physiological study that shows how your mindset plays a great role in your daily life. Watch it till the end.

“Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill also explains that when you think about things you attract opportunities and if you act on them you achieve it.

They have researched multiple people in the field of medical, stress, workout, and food habits. These results will just help us to correct our approach to things we regularly do.

LOA – Case Studies

I have been studying and learning LOA since 2006 (15 years). Slowly and gradually got deeper and deeper. I learned a lot and evolved.

There are 2 kinds of people:

  • Those who unknowingly inherit these LOA things in their life from their family and are successful.
  • Those who get introduced, learn, and practice LOA at a later stage in life and then attain success.

People who have inherited LOA unknowingly are those who have seen their families doing and so without knowing they too follow the same.

The second type is those who have gone through shit in their life. A lot of failures in relationships, work, job, and later known to LOA. They build their new mindsets and belief systems overtime and then attain success.

Case Study – Unknowingly Applying LOA

Let me tell you the real story of my friend. He unknowingly inherited this LOA mindset from his family especially his father.

In his childhood, he was fed with mindsets of growth, confidence, looking forward to favorable outcomes, and doing challenging things.

He so developed it from an early age. He always targets the top industry standards in his work, foresees growth, and then starts working to achieve it. No matter what it takes.

Now, this is what LOA is. You think of your outcomes, you work for it and then you achieve it.

Case Study – Learning LOA, Applying it and Getting Results

One of my colleagues had the opposite circumstances in her childhood. She was bullied in school and college.

Somehow managed to gain her confidence and was going through life. When she joined our company we came in contact and started to look deeper into her life.

She was introduced deeply about the concept of LOA and she started practicing. She had a scared mindset and then gradually shifted it.

Once she changed her mindset her life completely changed. But previously she was so scared and had a lot of negative thoughts which in turn many times brought some unexpected disasters.

She worked hard to shift her mindset and once she did that she started achieving her goals. Her thoughts became things and she shifted her life on a drastic level. She is living the life she wishes.

Read her story here: How I Changed My Life 360 Degree?

Case Study – Applying & Teaching LOA To Get Results 

Let me tell you my own story. I was working as a BDM in Dubai. I had wished for a job in an airline as I was meeting people while traveling.

Now and then I use to visit airline sites to look for a suitable post for me and applied very often.

Unknowingly I gave my wish to Universe. I didn’t know LOA at that time and thus it took about 5 years.

Suddenly after 5 years, I got a clash with my boss, returned to India, and got an offer from my friend’s airline agency in UAE as an assistant accountant.

This job didn’t last more than 4 months and I was called by an airline office to join as an Accountant and was promoted in a year to Senior accountant. It seems like a movie story but it has seriously happened.

After working there for about 5 years, I was fed up with a 9-5 job and working for others. It was 2009 and now I knew something about LOA and started practicing it.

Back in 2012, I developed a wish to have my work and settle back in my home country. To be specific I asked the universe to get me a kind of work which I can do at my own pace, be my boss. In 2013, I left Dubai.

Reaching back to India, I tried multiple businesses, but all required time-bound work. Not at all fitting to the wish I made to the Universe.

In 2016, I met one of my school friends and we started our first website It was a great success and then launched 2 other ventures; and TastedRecipes, a Food Channel On Youtube.

Not Stopping here. Fourth I started this website is as an initiative for the second type of people around the world, to take them out of their false mindsets, develop confidence, see their inner potentials and make their life happy and meaningful.

Final Thoughts

From all the 3 cases, I could see that LOA knowingly or unknowingly works. My friend uses it unknowingly, my colleague learned and used it and I have achieved most of my success through these mindset changes which I learned with LOA.

LOA is nothing but a set of instructions that make you feel hopeful, confident, and most importantly make you feel that you can achieve it and believe it.

Sometimes you see your potentials, abilities, and things by yourself. Sometimes your experiences make you learn or you get a mentor or coach that unlocks your potentials and help you see life differently which was already there in you.

When you develop this mindset you tend to make better decisions. I don’t agree with those practitioners of LOA who believe that only thinking will give them everything they want without working their ass off.

The more you think of positive outcomes of a relationship, friendship, money, job, etc. you tend to attract such people, opportunities, etc to fulfill your wishes and if you work on those opportunities you are sure to get results.

Currently working and researching deep on this the LOA practical applicability in life. Once it is completed, it will soon publish the book with an in-depth logical understanding of this topic.

Law of attraction Real

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