Lose Weight Easily

7 Practical Guidelines To Lose Weight Easily

When you align your mind with your body, you can lose weight easily.
– Fahim Lashkaria –

Are you struggling to lose weight? Just like me, you might have also tried everything possible to reach your ideal weight. No BS. Only practical and proven guidelines.

Tell me, how many of these have you tried?

  • Followed those starving diets.
  • Excessive or tiring workouts.
  • Heavy-weight training.
  • Hours of Cardio and HIIT workout.
  • Long hours of the gym.

I know the pain because I have also been through all this. I have followed every damn thing people suggested to me and everything on the internet.

But it hardly helped me lose some pounds. Eventually, being tired of one, I jumped to other things, and it continued.

After doing all these or some of it, what do we get?

Loss of a few pounds, joint pains, backaches, pale skin, etc. Moreover, after such training, we also have a loss of our productivity as we are completely drained.

Furthermore, some people go to the next level. They eat excessively after the workouts. Thus, we are where we were.

Additionally, a series of question is always running through our heads:

  1. What is the fastest way to lose weight?
  2. Which are the easiest foods to lose weight?
  3. Why Am I not losing?
  4. Why is it so that I put in so much effort to lose weight but it’s all in vain?

These are some examples. Yet, there are many and we all know them.

If you are literally tired of struggling for your weight loss, no need to panic. You will find answers to most of your questions here.

What I will discuss in this article will definitely solve your problem and help you lose weight easily.

Do This To Lose Weight Easily?

Here are 7 practical things that you need to do to harmonize your weight loss journey. This will help you build the required mindset for losing weight and choose your untiring workout plan.

Hang on till the end, because I am going to share my journey of losing 30 pounds in just 2 months.

Dig Your Head Well (Purpose)

Lose Weight Easily

Digging your head well means finding your purpose to lose weight.

Why is it necessary?

It is necessary because this purpose leads to determination and makes us ready to pay the price.

During my consultations, I come across many reasons that might sound funny, or in some cases, they are related to others. I am listing some of them below:

I want to fit into my wedding dress.
People call me fat.
I can’t wear my fav dress.
Girls don’t look at me or vice versa.
All my friends are slim.
I don’t get enough options while shopping due to my big size.

They sometimes seem absurd. But, each one of them has a deeper thought hidden.

Let’s take the first one, “I want to fit in my wedding dress.” and dig it.

When she was asked why she wants to fit into her wedding dress? She replied that I want my husband to be proud of me.

Again, I asked why does she want her husband to be proud of her? She replied it will make her feel more confident.

Further when I asked why do you want to feel more confident? She said it makes me feel strong.

Again I asked her what does feeling stronger mean? She replied that she wanted to healthily live long.

Now, see how this digging deep helped her find her actual reason?

Do it for yourself. Not for others. Lose weight to be healthier and fit. Not because others will feel good.

Every BODY is Different

Lose Weight Easily

Read the heading again. It means that every one of us has a different physique, metabolism, fat, strength, etc.

Often people make this mistake. I too did the same. Follow other’s diet plans and workout plans. Doing this will surely lead to disappointment.

All you need is to study your body first.

Do some experiments with your diet plans. Does it make you dizzy, lazy, or weak? Choose the one that best suits you.

I and my wife cannot follow a similar diet plan. Because we are totally different. The first difference is gender.

Work patterns, physical activity, eating capacity, immunity, metabolism, body structure, and fat levels are different.

Even two men or women having the same weight will have a different ratio of fat deposition in their bodies. Hence, research well for your body type.

If you aren’t aware of things, you can consult us or someone in your locality who can guide you.

Don’t Cheat Diet, Instead Cheat Your Brain

Lose Weight Easily

I don’t understand the concept of Cheat Diets and Cheat Days. It is like working out for a week losing 200-300 calories a day and then flooding your stomach with 2000 calories.

Instead of doing this, cheat your brain. Make a reward system. Give small rewards often to keep your mind motivated.

It is human psychology the more you resist the more it carves. So when it is your cheat day, it wants you to eat the maximum. You might have heard of the phrase “the joy of forbiddeness.” The more you resist the more you will do.

According to the studies, 70% of your weight loss can be controlled with diet only. Yes, you heard it right.

One of my clients had a high sugar intake. You know these women have sweet cravings. By fooling her brain, she managed to minimize sugar levels to normal.

Instead of having all the pastry, she first broke it into some spoons and then, later on, had control over it. Now she is fit and eats one pastry once a month.

You just need to play with your brain. That’s it.

Don’t Starve But Manage

Lose Weight Easily

Many diet plans literally starve people. I never recommend them. A sudden decrease in food intake can cause many complications, deficiency, drop in immunity levels, and whatnot.

Many people skip breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Research shows that due to a sudden decrease, the metabolism of the body backfires leading to no weight loss.

Often, people manage to starve, but it doesn’t last long. You do it for some days, weeks, and then back to normal.

Some have the habit of eating all in one go. This habit is a major cause of weight gain. It is because the food you take in has to be digested by your system. The body takes what is required and in the end, the balance food components are stored in your body.

I always suggest managing the food intake for my clients. It means breaking down your intake into parts.

For example, you eat 4 chapatis and a plate of rice for dinner. Instead, either eat the rotis in the evening snack and then eat rice at dinner. Or else, take some light snack in the evening and eat half of what you eat at the dinner table.

Believe me, this has helped me a lot in my weight loss.

Healthy Mind Equals Healthy Body

Lose Weight Easily

This is one of the biggest things that affects your weight. When a person is under stress, they tend to eat more or less. Very few are tend to develop a low appetite. But mostly there are chances of prone to overeat.

During stress, the blood flow to your mind is more than your digestive system. Your mind is continuously thinking and hence the blood flow is high. The digestion process is less active and people gain weight.

These fats are accumulated mostly in your abdominal and hip areas. Thus, there is an increase in your weight.

Read a complete study by Harvard Medical School stating how stress leads to overeating and how the weight increases.

Feed Your Mind Excessively

Lose Weight Easily

Everything is first created in your mind and then into reality. The same is the case with your weight loss. All you need to do is to first cultivate a mindset that will support your actions. Believe me, your weight loss will be just a play for you.

What if I tell you that working hard or starving diets to lose weight without proper thoughts will never give the desired results.

Does this happen to you? You lost weight but developed some other body issues like a decrease in your metabolism or look pale etc.

Initially, I was just like you, following everything around the internet. Be it diets, exercises, and doing everything that everyone suggested. Along this journey, I was able to understand how the mind and body are completely interconnected.

I am about to make a statement which most of you won’t be able to digest. Don’t worry, I have everything to support my theory.

“You can lose weight even eating your regular, traditional, or cultural diet just by developing your mindset along with some discipline.”


Read the article where I have explained how feeding the brain properly adds up to your weight loss.

Choose Wisely

Lose Weight Easily

You might be thinking about what to choose wisely? Right?

Chill. I will explain it.

How many of you have seen or been having gym memberships for years and still waiting to reach your weight loss targets? Moreover, you have put in a huge amount of workouts.

You will be amazed to hear that I only walk on the treadmill and never run. That too for no more than 20 minutes. But still, I burn calories. My other gym mates have 3 thigh days at the gym and I do only one day. Still, I lose more.

Basically, it is all about the right moves and not the numbers. It won’t be wrong if I tell you that it’s hardly a matter of 2-3 months to lose 20-30 pounds or getting a flatter belly.

For this either you have to gain knowledge of this or else you can hire a personal trainer who is really knowledgeable. Luckily, I found mine. You can even find them.

Now, it’s time for mathematics. You pay for a year’s gym membership say $ 3,000. Where you are on your own. Use the gym equipment and do some Zumba and HIIT sessions as provided by the gym.

On the contrary, you hire a proper personal trainer for $ 800 a month for 3 months and get the desired results. You save $ 600.

That’s the point where I say to choose wisely.

How I Lost 30 Pounds in Just 2 Months?

Lose Weight Easily

I started my journey 13 days before the lockdown and I was 225 Lbs (99 Kgs) at that time. Previously, I had an accident in which I had implants so could go to the gym.

I was going to the gym but not regularly. I wasn’t losing enough and so I decided to talk to the gym owner, who is my friend. He then suggested hiring a personal trainer.

He suggested me with 3 persons and told me to take a trial from each for 3 days. Luckily, I found the right one.

With his perfect diet guidance and proper workout techniques, I lost around 15 Lbs (7 Kgs) in those 13 days.

Believe me, during the lockdown I did not do any exercise but just kept control over my prescribed diet. I was able to maintain the 207 Lbs (92 Kgs) where my trainer left me.

After lockdown, I again started. Within 1 month and 8 days, I lost another 20 Lbs (9 Kgs). Previously, I had my belly out, obliques (love handles), and heavy thighs.

Now, a flat belly (not six-packs), minimized oblique, decreased thighs and my waist moved from 38 inches to 34.5 inches.

During these 2 months of my workout journey my workout plan was as below:

  • 2-days Abs with Little cardio. (Once every 3 Days)
  • 1-day Thighs.
  • 1-day Legs.
  • 1-day Bi-cep, Tri-cep, and Back.
  • 1-day power yoga.

I believe, if I can do it, you can do it too.

Final Words

Lose Weight Easily

Is there anything left to say? I don’t think so.

Just dig your purpose, research diets/workout based on your body, remain stress-free, feed your mind well, and lose weight easily and happily.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us through the comment section. We will be more than happy to assist you.

You can also opt for my personal consultation for your weight loss, which includes mindset development, diet structure, and workout plans.

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