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Don’t Starve But Manage Your Diet To Lose Weight

Manage Your Diet

Diet never means to STARVE yourself. It simply means to manage your diet. Eating RIGHT FOOD in RIGHT PROPORTION and at RIGHT INTERVALS.
– Fahim Lashkaria –

Often people get scared hearing the word “diet” or “dieting”. The only thing that comes to our mind is the thought of eating less, eating veggies, or starving. Believe me, that’s not at all true.

Starving is basically not a solution but indeed a root of many problems. Starve diets will give you nothing but pale skin, a lethargic body, uneasiness, and even low metabolism.

Moreover, workout with starving diets can even lead to damages to tissues, bones, and permanent aches in the back, knees, and other joints.

Basically, all you need to do is learn to manage your diet. It isn’t any rocket science.

There are a few things you need to be well aware of before designing your diet. Some things need to do inside of your head and some outside.

Previously, I have written a complete article in which I have explained what you must do to lose weight easily. Here we will discuss the diet section in detail.

There are two aspects to diet. Things that you must never do and things you must do to manage your diet. A diet that is highly effective and helps you in weight loss.

Things You Must Never Do While You Manage Your Diet

There are 3 things you must never do while setting your diet especially along with workouts.

Never Skip Meals

Skipping meals is a trend. People think that this will burn out and use the stored fat and they will eventually lose weight. But that’s not true at all.

When you skip a meal, your body will work the other way round. Let me explain.

Your body needs energy. So when you skip a meal, the body sees a deficit of inflow. Hence, it starts extracting more fat from the food. Thus, you stay where you are as the body makes more fat than normal.

Moreover, people who skip meals are prone to eat more in other meals. They stop eating when they are loaded.

But the digestion response is quite different. Our digestive system will take the necessary nutrients required for managing your energy levels at that particular time and rest will be stored as excess.

Eventually, you are where you were or with some bonus weight. Even though you work out the internal system is working against you. Hence, skipping the meal is not helpful but harmful.

Many of you might not agree with me at some point because you might have lost some pounds. But be honest. I am sure you might have developed low immunity, dizziness, body aches, etc.

Don’t worry. I have something for you that will make you happy. You can still lose weight without skipping meals and eating your regular food. We will discuss this in the “Manage Your Diet” section.

Never Go For Less Nutritious Diet

Carbs, proteins, vitamins, and even fats are necessary for our body. Depriving your body of any of these nutrients is not at all good. This can lead to many deficiencies.

I was struck by one of these deficiencies when I was uneducated about this. Thus, I don’t want others to suffer the same.

Being a non-vegetarian, I stopped some meaty products and developed a deficiency of Vitamin B12. Thank God, it didn’t last long and was cured by balancing my food nutrients.

There is a science behind this. Every culture, religion, society, location has a different set of foods in their diet. Even the climate of the place where you live makes a major impact.

For example, dietitians say to eat less rice to reduce carbs. But if you see South Indian people’s diet, most of the food items are made out of rice and they eat a lot of rice. But still, you won’t find them having abrupt body structure.

So, since childhood, our body is habituated to eat some foods and they don’t affect much to us. Thus, I never suggest a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian of their staple diet or cultural food. No doubt, excess of everything is bad.

I often hear people that they are on “No-Sugar”, “No Carb” or even “No Meat” diets. This can hinder your body drastically.

No Sugar diets can develop decreased levels of sugar which can hinder your pancreas and eventually develop diabetes. Similarly, a carb-less or meat-less diet can also cause many deficiencies.

Depriving the body of these nutrients can cause more harm than good. Hence, having a balanced diet is the only option.

Never Do Huge Calorie Deficits

Calorie cuts and calorie deficits are two different things. Cuts mean a small decrease whereas deficits mean a huge decrease.

For example, reducing intake from 1200 calories to 1000 calories is a calorie cut. Reducing intake from 1200 calories to 700 calories is a calorie deficit.

This part is important to understand who is doing workouts. The calorie deficit can cause a drain of energy levels and thus a person cannot perform exercises well.

You might have experienced it or seen people in the gym. They cannot complete the reps. This is because their energy levels get exhausted.

You might have seen a bodybuilder taking heavy food intakes. Why?

Because they need to maintain energy levels to perform the heavy workouts. Similarly, we also need to manage the calorie intake to keep our energy levels up.

Thus, keep in mind, we can cut some calories to burn the extra fat in our body, but a calorie deficit will harm us. It can cause muscle tearing or muscle straining.

How You Can Manage Your Diet?

It is not a tough task as it seems to manage your diet. All you need is a little bit of research on your body type, your food habits, and your food timings.

We all have different body structures. Some are lean, some bulky, some broad, and some clumsy. Depending on your body type you need to manage your diet.

Moreover, the digestive system of everyone works differently. Some have continuous constipation and some have easy stomach clearance.

Furthermore, some foods suit us and some don’t. Some create huge disturbance in our system and some are quite easy to digest. All of these factors matter a lot in managing your diet.

In simple terms, know what you eat and what effect it makes on your body. To manage your diet effectively and lose weight easily, do these 3 things.

Breakdown Your Food Intake

Breaking down your intake is a better option than starving yourself. Breaking down means splitting the quantity into parts and taking food at regular intervals.

Instead of taking complete breakfast in one go make two parts of it.  For example, you eat 4 chapatis in with an omelet. So you can split it into two. You can take two chapatis with tea first and then two chapatis with the omelet.

In short, you will be eating the same quantity in several parts so that there is no extra food that will get stored in your body. This will help you feel full all day long and will be saved from eating junk food.

Do the same with your lunch and dinner. But keep in mind, before doing this you need to get find the right amount you need to take for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A dietician can help you with that.

Define A Balanced Diet

A balanced diet consists of everything necessary for your body. It defines the right amount and the right food for us. It must include all nutrients that are necessary for us.

When I say all it consists of fatty foods like fish, jack fruits, cottage cheese, whole milk, etc. Moreover, it must also proteinous foods like chickpeas, beans, sprouts, and other legume foods.

Having a balanced diet with the right portion control can work miracles.

During this lockdown, I did not work out at home, but still, my weight was stagnant. The only reason behind it was the portion control along with a balanced diet.

Change Your Food Processes

This section is for extra obese peoples. No food is bad, but sometimes the processing adds up to weight gains. A simple change in food processing can change the calorie equation.

For example, air fried instead of deep-fried, cooked in olive oil rather than butter or other edible oils, etc. You can find many ways on the internet that will help you change your food processing.

Usually, people think that such foods are boring to eat, but believe me, the foods are tastier than we think and even healthier.

I am a chicken lover. I love eating chicken. Earlier I used to eat fried chicken or chicken curries a lot. But now, I have shifted to broasted chicken with some herbs like oregano, black pepper, ginger-garlic paste, and salt.

You can also make arrangements for your sugar levels. If you drink a lot of tea with heavy sugar, slowly you can decrease the sugar amount. The same is the case with your sugar cravings. Just a small decrease. It won’t make any difference in taste and you can enjoy it.

Diet Tips

Here are a few tips that will help you lose weight easily:

Final Words

After reading all this, hope now you find it easy to manage your diet. It is nothing more just a simple attentiveness and your weight loss becomes easy.

Just follow the do’s and don’ts that are given above to manage your diet and you can achieve your weight loss target in a few months.

If you need expert guidance, you can surely contact us for consultation. Provide us with your details and we will do the research and set a complete diet plan as well as a workout plan for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us through the comment section. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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