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Step By Step Guide – How to Manifest Your Dream Body?

Your dream body is inside just dying to get out.
– Emily Skye –

Manifesting your dream body is easy if your mind is aligned properly with your desire. Have you ever thought why getting in shape and having a perfect body is necessary?

A perfectly toned body directly influences our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. If you don’t like your body it’s hard to feel good about your whole self and even people or thing around you.

Getting your body toned has enormous benefits. Here are some just to inspire you to work on your dream body.

  • Increases confidence.
  • Boosts memory.
  • Increased Libido.
  • Strengthens relationships.
  • Brings happiness.

Having said that let me clear one thing. You can’t attain those beautiful abs, cuts or butts thinking and visualizing on your couch. There is no doubt that it will make some difference but won’t let you get your desired results.

If you have clicked on this article with the above perception then I insist that you don’t read further.

Before we move forward, if you have excess weight, then you can also manifest your weight loss similarly. Check out my previous article on weight loss. One you lose weight then getting in shape comes into the picture.

8 Steps To Get Your Dream Body

I worked for 10 years with my fellow gym instructors while I was in the Middle East. All these years I was working, researching and implementing these steps to get results and also helped many others to manifest their dream body.

Are you ready?

Let’s begin the journey to manifest your amazing body. Below are 8 steps that will help you manifest your dream body.

Define Purpose

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The first and foremost thing here is to define your purpose. Purpose drives action.

Ask yourself, Why you want that body?

  • To attract a beautiful or handsome partner.
  • For your husband/wife/partner because they love it.
  • Make yourself fall in love with you.
  • Gaining confidence.
  • To flaunt your body.

It can be anything that keeps you inspired until you achieve it. I don’t ask you to be motivated because motivation is temporary and inspiration is permanent.

The reason to define purpose is very simple. Your subconscious mind is very emotional. When you give it a purpose it pushes us to work on it with our own will rather than force.

My friend’s purpose to attain her dream body is for her future partner. She desires her partner also to have the same. This keeps her inspired and easily to the required effort.

Define Your Fitness Goal

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The clarity of goals is one of the most important parts of your manifestation process. Write down your fitness goals. Define inches, the shapes, cuts, each and everything in detail.

Keep in mind that you cannot achieve all in a go. Thus breakdown your fitness goals. Work on one thing at a time. Rushing on all in one go won’t help. Choose one and start working on each one by one.

For example, when I wanted to get in shape, I started with my sides first then abs then upper body. It will help you see results in less time.

Usually, people start working on all and get frustrated while they see no results. Therefore define and then breakdown your fitness goals.

Believe That You Can Do It

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Belief is another important part of the manifestation process. If you don’t believe no one can get you anything and if you believe no one can stop you from getting it.

Initially, when you start workouts after a long time or for the first time, your body will resist. But don’t let that resistance fool you. Believe that you can do it.

It is all inside you. Remember that to get in your desired shape you just have to work on those extra things. The stronger the belief the easier it will be for you to take action.

Convince Your Mind To Pay The Price

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Thirdly, you need to convince your mind to pay the price. You have to leave your comfort zone and do those extra workouts after even getting tired or exhausted. Prepare it priorly so that it doesn’t resist.

To keep your mind convinced, remind it of the purpose, fool it by showing smaller goals to achieve every week/month and believing that it is easy for you. Making this your routine will help your mind support you.

You also need to convince your mind of your new diet. Your desired body will require a perpetual diet format to follow.

Make your mind and tummy habituated to your new diet. This will help you make changes in your diet according to the required calories.

Feed thoughts of the benefits you will enjoy after getting your dream body. Post your pictures on the vision board along with the pictures of those whose body you admire.

Emotional Visualization

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Visualize every day for about 15-30 minutes before and after the workout. You can even visualize while working out. The most important part of visualization is your emotions.

The more you feel it the more you enjoy it and the more you enjoy it the more you do. Eventually, the more you do the faster the results will be.

I have seen my friend working out. She just gets into the act. While seeing herself in the mirror she puts on a perfect smile showing the happiness she observes getting into shape for her partner.

Physical Visualization

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Physical visualization is something out of the box. This helps you to visualize easily. Now, in this case, wearing a body slimmer can help you visualize how you will look after getting in shape.

Buying clothes for your desired body can also help. Decrease the sizes of clothes you purchase slowly and gradually. Believe that you have already achieved the goals.

Apart from that, you can also get your picture photoshopped by some artist and post it on your vision board.

Physical visualization with emotions works like magic. So, add up your emotions to it to make it more enjoyable.

The purpose of doing all this is to help your mind believe that the moment has arrived. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination. When you feel all these things it starts believing that it has occurred.

Keep a Like-Minded Company

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When we don’t have a company, we tend to lose sometimes. Hence, having friends who are fit and in the process of getting in shape just like you is very encouraging. On the contrary, if you have friends who themselves are not in shape will always demotivate you.

I became friends with every instructor that has worked with me till today. Moreover, I always have my wife with me on this. So we both are encouraging each other. The feeling of being appreciated by your partner and being shown the changes in your physique by them is awesome.

It doesn’t mean you have to leave your existing friends. But just don’t get influenced by them.

Determined & Wise Action

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Now the final part. Action, Action, and Action. Without action, you can’t even put food in your mouth then how can you attain your dream body. Action is mandatory.

The action includes a balanced diet, proper and regular workouts, avoiding foods, etc. Consistent action is very important. Remember, a drop falling from a tap consistently makes a hole in the stone.

I have included the word “wise” in this subheading on purpose. Often, the gym instructors try to take advantage of your desire and fool you to buy their products like protein shakes, energy boosters, etc. I request not to take any artificial products. Always choose natural products.

For example, a glass of pure coconut water provides an instant boost. Boiled eggs are more proteinous. Including pulses in your diet gives you more protein. Thus, be watchful and wise in anything you choose.

Final Thoughts

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Following these 8 steps, you can start your journey of manifesting your dream body. Once you make up your mind, define your goal and purpose you are halfway through. Apply the visualization techniques and take determined action.

Our fitness program is under construction and planning to launch in June 2020. Till then if anyone desires to get paid consultation or guidance can contact us.

It includes diet charts, setting up workouts, and mindset development. Charges differ based on gender and your current physique.

If you have any questions regarding this or want any clarifications then feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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  1. Very nice article.. Quotes r too good!!!
    Visualisation concept is actually needed everywhere! That now I believe by ur many articles..

    1. Thanks, Nidhi. Thanks for the appreciation.
      Indeed you will mostly find it in every manifestation process. Feeling it with emotions is the key to faster manifestation.

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