Manifestation Process

3 Things That Will Enhance Your Manifestation Process

Faith, Commitment and Discipline are things that fuel your manifestation process.
– Fahim Lashkaria –

Manifestation process is often taken lightly. Initially, they are happy manifesting their small sample desires. But often they face delays or find the Law of Attraction not working.

The LOA is always working either you willing and consciously do it or not. Manifestation is all about the program fed in your subconscious mind. Some can easily structure their subconscious mind and some find it difficult.

You can make your subconscious mind work in your favor. Yes, It is possible by doing small changes in your thinking and acting pattern. Let us discuss what we can do to make this possible.

How To Enhance Your Manifestation Process?

When I started working with LOA before years, I also faced heavy disappointments. I couldn’t manifest and often I reached the borderline and gave up.

After digging deep, studying the lives of people who manifested I found that working on these three elements; Faith, Commitment, and Discipline are what will make my manifestation process faster and smoother.

Since then, I have been using them and all areas of my life have changed as per my requirement. Hope this might help you too.


Manifestation Process

Faith means believing in the power of something greater than you. The basics principles of all the religions in the world are based on one thing and that is believing in some greater power.

What we lack while manifestation is faith. Building an unshakeable faith is what the Law of Attraction is all about. Rhonda Bryne published a book called Miracles.

Now, what are miracles? Things that happen when you are least expect them are miracles. You visualize emotionally, do meditation, and take the required action and then you have to believe that it will happen.

I can guarantee you that if your desire doesn’t conflict with any laws of Nature or any fellow human beings you are sure to manifest anything. Thus, what you need is unwavering faith.

Let me tell you about my life incident. I returned from the Middle East in 2014. I tried ample businesses. But nothing worked because the desire and the direction I worked were not in alignment.

I failed drastically each time but got up knowing that it is gonna happen no matter what. After 2 years I found the way. My faith helped me stay in the fight for long. Every time I failed, I stood up with the same enthusiasm.

Can you tell me about one person who has achieved anything without having faith? Go and ask anyone and he will say I believed that it was going to happen.

Thus, to enhance your manifestation process, build an unshakeable faith. Faith so high, that even if you see all things going against, you believe that it will happen. Be sure you are not working in the wrong direction morally or ethically.


Manifestation Process

The second thing is discipline. What is discipline? Discipline is continuously engaging your self and doing the required efforts consistently.

Be honest. If I ask those who complain about manifestation not happening, most of us will be found doing it for a while and then leaving it. That’s not how you achieve. If you give up after any failure or if you don’t face any failure, it means you aren’t trying.

A drop falling consistently on a rock makes a hole in it, and you are a human being with more powers than that. You are creators of your life and creation takes efforts.

Be disciplined in your work, do consistently what it takes to do. I am sure it will give you results. You will be amazed to see the power it provides to your manifestation process.


Manifestation Process

The third and final thing is commitment. What is a commitment? Commitment is all about priority. If you give your desire a high priority you will work for it anyhow and anytime.

If you are just interested to get something, you will work for it only when it is convenient. But when you are committed to achieving, you will be starving to work for it. Similar to the situation when you are hungry for 3 days and the way you jump on food.

The quality of your achievement is directly proportional to your commitment. We have a desire but it is not a burning desire. The thing that makes our desire burning is commitment.

Commitment is again related to your mind. If you commit to waking up at a stipulated time and act on it then it sends your mind a message that you will follow your commitment.

If you keep snoozing, then whenever you will commit next time, your mind will tell you that you cannot do it. It is a small act but has bigger impacts.

Be committed to everything you say. Either it is a promised chocolate to your kid or waking up on time. This will breed your inner self for being committed to bigger things and your dreams.

Final Thoughts

All three things are interconnected. If you have faith it will inspire you to do the things, doing things with discipline. Discipline will breed commitment and thus help you achieve your goals easily.

When you combine all these three elements and move forward with manifestation, nothing can stop you from fulfilling your desires.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you.

6 thoughts on “3 Things That Will Enhance Your Manifestation Process”

  1. I feel it is also important to have faith in your own self, along with the faith in the supreme power. We have already heard of so many cases leading to anxiety disorders due to loss of faith in one self.. And commitment and passion is definitely needed.!!. Highly informative. Keep it up!!

    1. Fahim Lashkaria

      Thanks, Zainab. This is what I call a psychologist view on my articles. Thanks for your insights. This inspires us to do more.

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