Millennials Quit

Why Millennials Quit Their Job So Frequently?

Millennials quit because organizations don’t customize training, career paths, incentives and work responsibilities for them.
– Carolyn Martin –

One of the basic reasons why this Millennial generation also known as Generation Y doesn’t stay long in their jobs is the compatibility they can’t find at workplaces. They have been brought up in such a way that they see things differently.

Working for MNCs abroad and running businesses, I feel that many HRs, leaders, managers, and bosses have just misunderstood the Millennial generation.

Millennials are those born between 1980 to 1999. Currently, most of the new workforce are millennials. By 2025, Generation Y will cover almost 80% of the workforce.

Usually, our current workforce is a mix of generation X and Y. This brings about a clash of ideologies.

Generation Y is very casual in the workplace and that sometimes irritates the older generation.

Moreover, Generation Y is more straight forward and questioning. They have questions and keep on asking until satisfied. This makes Generation X sometimes go nuts.

This generation is a bunch of fascinating human beings; ambitious, confident, and innovative, tech-savvy. You can call them the digital natives.

These millennials carry immense capabilities but unfold at different frequencies. All you need to do understand their frequency. Once we do this, the results will surely amaze us.

Thus, we must understand to know what they want and how can we provide them with those things.

Reasons Millennials Quit So Early

Being a millennial and working for more than 15 years in different fields and leading MNCs in the Middle East with my millennial colleagues, I got a chance to see them more closely.

Additionally, being a Behavior Analyst and working with them has helped me serve my colleagues advance in their careers as well as life. Here are a few possible reasons why millennials quit their job frequently.

Lack of Connection


The most important thing that matters to Gen Y is the relationship they have with their team leaders, managers or bosses. There is a big gap of emotions between them.

For these young enthusiasts, the relationship is everything. They long for a sense of belonging. They see how much we care for them and that’s what makes the bond.

You might have this old phrase ” I don’t care how much you know until I know how much you care.” It is not just that you care for them as an employee but also as people.

Creating a bond or connection that shows them how much you care for them. It means looking for things beyond profits or work.

Another way to do this by involving them in discussions. This makes them feel that they are a part of the big thing.

Be authentic and real. Build trust with Gen Y. Keep a sense of transparency and openness.

This doesn’t mean you dress or act like them to be a part of them. Just be yourself and most importantly don’t bother them being themselves.

Boring and Unchallenging Work Culture


Gen Y gets too easily bored with routine kind of things, They want something challenging and love don’t hesitate to go the extra mile if it is new and challenging.

Geny Y group likes to learn more and more that will help them easily climb the ladder of growth and advancement.

The older Gen X as wait for the growth prospects and deal in patience. They spent years on growth and take their stance.

Whereas Gen Y is different and wants growth a bit earlier. What matters to them is growing anyhow. Be better than what they were earlier.

As Simon Sinek says, “They join a company and in 6-8 months they say the quit. And when asked they say, I ain’t growing or making any difference.”

The companies need to provide them with some sort of advanced training or design midway growth prospects.

This will keep them motivated as well as stay longer. Not only that they will prefer your place over high paying jobs. Providing this not only benefits the Gen Y but also the company. Because more and more people will be willing to work in such environments.

Many times, I hear this from my employees and colleagues that their friends envy our job as well as company culture.

Inflexibility In work


This one is something undigestible to Gen X bosses. They still love the culture of look busy do nothing. But Gen Y is more productive with flexibility.

Researches in recent years have proved that flexibility increases productivity. Gen X knows it, but still reluctant to leave their old school ways. Showing up at the time, doing things in a stipulated way still matters to them.

What flexibility here means is the flexibility in work times, start times, finish times, the structure of work or location of work.

Opposite to this, when they see bounds, they prefer to try other places where they can get this.

No Positive Feedback Systems

Positive Feedback

Usually, team leaders, managers, and bosses trying to manage their young staff just overlook the power of positive feedback. This doesn’t mean you have to see unnecessarily shower them with appreciations.

Gen Y has been raised in an era of self-esteem. They like to be where they are wanted and valued. They have been brought up their whole life being special.

Genuine appreciation and encouragement for small things work better. In 2018 a study was conducted on millennials where they were asked about this positive feedbacks, 67% said at least once and 33% said twice or thrice a day would be much better.

When they don’t find this they look for options where they can get this and hence Millenials quit the job.

Lack of Innovation


Gen Y can be one of the biggest sources of innovation for the company. They are fresh, bold and confident. As discussed earlier, they like challenges, they put all in to break the bars.

Gen X was just the opposite. Full of timidity and fear. They love tried and tested things whereas these young ones love to be initiators.

They are bold enough to ask or challenge an already prevailing way. This leads to innovation and new patterns at work.

Your response to their suggestion and ideas makes a big difference and also builds a sense of ownership and empowerment in them.

Smart leaders always understand, evaluate and approve when they see an opportunity of a different perspective. Hence are successful in retaining this young talent.

Gen Y loves to work with companies that have similar values as their own. Thus, Millennials quit a company even though it is satisfying in every way.

Lack of Respectful and Constructive Guidance


Gen Y is open to respectful and constructive guidance. But when they find things disrespectful and unnecessary hindrance they feel suffocated.

There are two ways deal with the same situation. One is the authoritative way and the second is a respectful and constructive way.

Even though they seem bold and confident, they are looking forward to your non-authoritative wisdom. They are looking forward to your coaching and mentoring.

If we adopt a respectful way of explaining them they look forward to us for guidance. This is how leaders can get their things done more profoundly without clashes.

Final Thoughts 


Just provide them with all they want and you can prevent millennials quit their job frequently. Let me finish this by sharing my experience and how it helped us.

By involving them into important discussions and obtaining their inputs makes them feel part of some big thing. This helps to keep them engaged and also encourage them to go the extra mile for it.

Slowly and gradually applying all the solutions helped us gain their trust and they felt motivated. It was just by being a colleague rather than a boss. Identifying the need for help, mentoring and being beside them.

The employees even turned bigger job offers after that. It is a human tendency, that when you feel being wanted and there are people to help them, they feel at home.

Making these small changes and help prevent these millennials quit early and they can be your biggest future asset.

If you need any help feel free to ask. I will be more than happy to assist you.

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