How A Millennial Can Understand The Million Dollar Word “Spirituality”?

Spiritually is welcoming others in your life & harmonizing with their acts or ideas. Making efforts to make their & your life beautiful and peaceful without expecting the same in return.

– Saloni Desai –

You have seen some people when a dog comes around their house and wait for his meal. The house owner comes outside and provides Roti or rice to the Dog.

Dog eats happily and leaves. This is an act of giving to the one who is in need without expecting anything in return.

Maybe in your friend’s group, you have said to each other sometimes that she is a good woman. She has a spiritual side. What do you mean by that?

When you feel seeing someone and you say that they are spiritual? Are they God’s people? Well, we all are God’s people. And we all have a spiritual side. Each of us has it.

Believe me. It’s just that you haven’t explored it in yourself yet.

When I was in my 12th grade, I was introduced by the word ‘spirituality’. This word has itself a sign of peace & acceptance, isn’t it?

So yes, my uncle gave me some clues about it. He is a big follower of Osho Rajnish’s ideology.

During my teenage, I had acquaintances with one’s karma and salvation. Those are too big words, right?

Then I was upgraded to college & there I had a subject called “Indian culture”. Again I came to address spirituality. I was fascinated by it but never got a perfect definition of it.


What is Spirituality?

Different people have different definitions. Some say spirituality is with the mind, peace, and meditation.

Some define it as leaving the worldly pleasures and going into the mountains.

Some say “If you are not fascinated by girls or boys, you are completely spiritual. Some even say “If you can pass your day without speaking anything, you are spiritual.”

So many statements & confusing us making bored. The problem is everyone has got it wrong. Everyone knows the half story.

And being your Friendtor has allowed me, I would like to present the easiest form of understating spirituality.

Let’s begin with a small story.

Definition of Spirituality

Earlier I shared with you, when I started my MBA college, I had a subject called “Indian culture”. We had a lady professor who used to be calm, beautiful and she had an amazing fragment with her.

She was from Pondicherry and used to visit our University in Surat for her lectures. One day while sitting in class, she told us to do an amazing activity.

We all had to create Kolam on the whiteboard. We all were confused that why she said so?

She said she would tell us later on the reason behind the creation. One by one, all of us started creating Kolam.

Kolam is a very popular rangoli that south Indian people draw. We have to start with one dot and make it large.

We all students had to join the dots and in the end, see what could be created.

I went near the board and stretched the line in half circle to join the dots below dots and on the left. Then the other 3-4 classmates came and did their part.

While looking at the design, I was not happy with my part. I felt like those lines which I stretched were making no sense in the design and it looked absurd.

So stood up again and removed those lines. The professor smiled at me so I gave it back and sat back to my seat.

Later on, finally, Kolam was prepared, we all were waiting for our professor to explain to us about the activity.

She then pointed her fingers at me & said,” You, my child, what’s your name? I said with nervous eyes,” Ma’am, S-a-l-o-n-i.”

She gave me a very huge smile and said, “ You all created a good design. You know what does the Kolam means & why south Indian makes it? What is the reason behind this design?

All of us were scratching their heads & confused giggling with each other.

She said a wonderful thing. In Indian states like Tamilnadu, Goa, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh & Kerala – Kolam is the most religious thing that every South Indians do on an everyday basis.

The meaning behind this Kolam is getting prosperity at home every day. All the ladies wake up early in the morning & draw Kolam with rice flour outside their house before sunrise.

She added that the very main purpose to draw Kolam through rice flour is helping the ants and birds to get their meals and they would not have to go here & there.

It’s like welcoming others in one’s home & everyday life. A daily tribute to harmonious co-existence.

We all smiled with a deep understanding which showed up in our eyes. I was still standing & waiting for ma’am to make the point on my standing.

I still remember the words that my Ma’am said to me,

” You did a great job today. When you cleared the lines, you not only cleared the lines but helped this design to set in complete harmony. And that seems rare to me.”

I obliged by what she said & I didn’t think at that time that my one-act of removing line would have this big impact.

We think that what we do is small and it’s not going to help others because we are not powerful humans.

But it’s wrong. Every human in this world creates harmony with each other & that’s how every we co-exist or win our fights.

The Crux Of The Story

Was this easy to understand? I hope I was able to present the story well.

By the way, the story itself defines spirituality.

Spiritually is welcoming others in our life and harmonize with their acts & ideas, make every effort to make their & your life beautiful and peaceful without expecting the same in return.

Setting up harmony with animals around us, people around us is very crucial in life. This is the way you can create a peaceful environment around you.

When one does something & others understand and vice versa; it gets easy for everyone to be with each other instead of fighting with each other.

When we think, our part was not so good, we could not change what we did. But we can make the upcoming actions better. Right?


Are We Spiritual?

There are some common incidents I would love to tell you that we all have in our lives. You will be astonished to know that you have been spiritual since long.

I believe kids are very spiritual. When you were a kid, you used to move on in life.

You will cry over small things but then move on to another thing which will give you a big laugh. You didn’t stop smiling, didn’t stop having fun, didn’t stop loving – at all.

You would obey your parents. You would say “Namaste” to your elder ones. You were spiritual in your childhood.

When you entered your teenager, you fought for yourself, you helped your friend in homework, spoke concerning your servants which were quite like your friends.

You were helpful to your mother in a small task. You had no bad thoughts about your neighbors.

You were just living your life in your style and didn’t care what people would think.

You were spiritual and if you are doing the same today you are spiritual.

I assume you all have read Ramayan, Mahabharat or Geeta – whether it’s Lord Krishna, Lord Ram or Lord Ganesha – all have said one common thing.

When you do good to people & you serve your best to the people without expecting anything in return, you are a spiritual being.

You care for people not because you want others to care for you, you just care. You just love it. You just make someone smile. You just help.

This is where the journey of being spirituality starts.

We have to mold our mind to 365 degrees to live a life that has no expectations but only hope. But if you try you can do it.

Some Myths About Spirituality

I have a lot of friends & we meet mostly on Sunday. One fine Sunday we had a conversation about spirituality. And I was shocked to know their myths about the term.

Let me list down those myths for you. And I want to clear your mind with spirituality and it’s existence.

1. Being Spiritual is Being Religious

Spirituality is always misunderstood with religion. It is considered a term from Christianity religion. It has nothing to do with any religion.

It is nothing but the knowledge of self. Your inner soul. The soul that guides you to do right and save you from doing wrong.

2. Why I should believe in spirituality?

We, humans always think that we are right. What we do, say, or believe is the only thing that exists in this world.

Either they believe that they are the only saints on this earth or they don’t need to be spiritual.

It is necessary for your good. It’s an act. It’s an emotion. It’s a practice to change your mindset towards the positive side of life and ignore all the negativities.

It’s an amazing state of mind where you expect less, hope more, and live your life no matter what circumstances arise.

If you are being done good by other people, you are good at them. And if you are being bad by people, you will still do good only no matter what.

3. Living a spiritual life means leaving the materialistic life

When you are in the process of being spiritual, it’s not like you have to leave your people & life and go away.

Being spiritual will make you expect less. You can have expensive cars, a nice house, awesome gadgets. But if one day, it’s not with you, it’s not going to make any difference.

If today you are earning 20,000 bucks a month & tomorrow you will earn 10,000 bucks, it should not make any difference towards your mindset.

You are still cool, amazing & you have an awesome life still.

And it’s not called as faking up everything is good, it’s being happy with what comes to you and go away. It’s about being comfortable with whatever you have.

Being in tune with God, nature, each other, and ourselves, is being spiritual. There are so many wonderful ways we can make, and take the time to connect with it.


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