Step By Step Guide – How to Manifest Your Dream Body?

Your dream body is inside just dying to get out. – Emily Skye – Manifesting your dream body is easy if your mind is aligned properly with your desire. Have you ever thought why getting in shape and having a perfect body is necessary? A perfectly toned body directly influences our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. […]

How Positivity Helped Me Beat Depression and Anxiety?

Positivity is the only way to beat depression and anxiety. – Fahim Lashkaria – According to Anxiety And Depression Association of America, anxiety and depression are the most common mental illness in the U.S. It is affecting around 40 million adults in the United States from age 18 and older. This is approximately 18.1% of […]

How To Stay Positive Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak?

The placebo effect is scientific proof that we have the ability to heal ourselves. Our thoughts are powerful enough to bring things into existence. When will we begin to absorb this? – The Minds Journal – Due to COVID-19, people are getting scared and panic has increased to an immense level. It is the need […]

How The Universe Communicates With Us?

The Universe communicates with us all the time, it is you who needs to understand it. – Fahim Lashkaria – When you understand how the universe communicates, the manifestation journey turns out to be filled with miracles. We all experience it. Those who believe and practice the Law of Attraction, these coincidences or messages are […]

How Can I Manifest My Dream Job Using LOA?

Your dream job doesn’t exist, you must create it. – Anonymous – Around one-third of our life, we spend on our jobs. How great it would be if that was the job we enjoyed doing. This is what we call our dream job. We don’t feel bored to go to work, enjoy each day, surrounded […]

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