Why Persistence is Important And How To Develop It?

Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.
– Bill Bradley –

Persistence, a word we normally use but has a deep meaning. In layman terms, it means not to quit on to your dreams in times of setbacks.

No matter from which field you are or what you do, we all face some difficult times. Sometimes things don’t work according to our plans. Often, we see everything going against us.

During such time, we feel like quitting. We also start doubting ourselves and our dreams. Either we choose to do something else just to divert our attention from the past setback.

This is what the vast majority of people do. The road seems unclear as it is cloudy. We give up and then realize and also regret later that how near we were to our dreams.

It’s with everyone including me. But when I realized my mistake, I took the path of persistence.

Moreover, when we see the success stories of people, we will find this common trait in each. Those who kept going during the storms and adversities could only achieve something valuable and meaningful.

We often see holes on the stone under a tap. It is because the water persistently falls at the same spot.

Many of us have talents. But not everyone succeeds. The only difference between the achievers and non-achievers is persistence.

Choose any field, pick the best of them, and you will find that those who succeeded were the persistent ones.

The best example is Sachin Tendulkar vs Vinod Kambli. Both of them had equal talents but the level of persistence was different in both. Hence, Sachin managed to reach the great heights and Vinod Kambli didn’t.

How To Develop Persistence?

Success with talent is short-lived and doesn’t guarantee everlasting success. But persistence does. Now, the question is how do we develop persistence?

Here are 6 things that will help you develop persistence.

Get Clarity of Goals


If I say to run in the dark, you don’t know where you will go. The same is the case with unclear or borrowed goals. Borrowed goals are those goals that others set for themselves. They want it and so we want it.

Such goals are emotionless, purposeless, and thus aren’t inspiring us to take action or work hard to achieve them.

You move one step ahead and then two steps backward. Pulled back and sometimes not even getting started. Excited for a while, talk about it.

Most of us have been through this? Right.

Setting such goals, you will either not achieve them or go on changing your goals. Your time, money, effort that put on such goals all will be wasted. And none of us want to do that.

The first and foremost thing is our belief. If your beliefs are aligned with your goals then you are more likely to move forward and do whatever it takes to achieve it. On the contrary, if you have limiting beliefs then you are going to spend time thinking it and not doing anything.

These things can be avoided if we properly define what we want and have complete clarity of goals.

Here are 4 proven ways to gain clarity of goals that will keep you motivated, help you master your goals, and inspiring you to give your 100%.

Get Ready To Pay The Price


Nothing comes free in this world. Everything has a price in terms of money, time, failure, embarrassment, criticism, loss of loved ones, betrayal, loneliness, etc.

Usually, we give up in fear of paying these or by eventually paying it. Isn’t it?

As we are now clear about our goals, its priority, and its value, we must prepare our minds for paying the price. Price differs depending on the size of your goal. But one thing is sure, you have to pay it.

Do you know what will happens if we aren’t prepared?

Let me tell you one thing. Even the food on your table doesn’t fly and come into your mouth, so do you think that what you demand will come to you without any action or hard work. Never.

I still remember an interview in which Steve Jobs said about his life. During his struggling period, while he was making his first operating system, he ran out of money.

He used to go to temples to have his food. We just know that he is successful, but are unaware of what price he paid.

Just search the stories of Jeff Bezos, Cocacola, Sundar Pichai, etc and you will know about the price they paid.

There are “n” number of such examples even near you. Who once had nothing but their persistence made them successful.

Find The Seed Of Opportunity in Adversities


Everyone faces adversities or failures. Successful are those that try to see the opportunity in those adversities.

This habit made me reach where I am now. A successful blogger earning in 6 figures, having multiple businesses to pursue my dream.

As I already said, I have done multiple businesses in the past and failed. Because I couldn’t see the opportunity in those adversities. Adversity is a great teacher. It gives you valuable insights into your mistakes.

I always say to my mentees, don’t change your goal, but change your plan if it’s not working. This gives you a better chance of success next time you try.

This is only possible when you have a positive mental attitude. Most people become negative during adversities. Thus, it is necessary to stay positive during negative situations.

Here are 13 exercises to stay positive in negative situations.

Break Down Your Goals


We usually give up seeing the size of goals. We must break down our goals in small sets. You cannot climb without a stair.

The basic reason people lack persistence is that they are often overwhelmed with their goals. The goal seems so big and there seems so much to be done to achieve it. Over a period, this develops self-doubt.

Thus, it is necessary to break down your goals into subgoals and then into smaller tasks. Hence, you can be persistent and focus on the task at hand. Every task completed will bring you nearer to your bigger goal.

Measure Your Progress


We often fail to appreciate ourselves on the achievements that we have already made. Often people with big goals tend to feel that they aren’t making any progress. That is not always true.

Develop a system in which you can easily measure your progress. It will give you a clear picture of what you have done until now. We cannot see a seed buried under the ground until it sprouts.

Measuring the progress will inspire you to be persistent as you will see the distance you are moving near to your goals.

Take Breaks

Doing the same thing over and over again makes us feel tired. It is necessary to take breaks to rejuvenate ourselves. It is quite better than giving up. It refreshes your energy and enthusiasm. Taking a break means recharging your battery.

Working on something constantly becomes frustrating sometimes. It kills the passion and interest, especially, when we can’t see it happening right away.

Sometimes, we feel stuck in some situations and cannot find the solutions. Take a break to think, to plan, to structure, to treat yourself, etc.

This has helped me a lot in my career. Often, I would find solutions to my problems while on a break.

Final Words


Persistence is knowing what you want and going after it with what you have got until you achieve/get it. Most people expect to achieve success quickly with minimal efforts and without paying the price.

If you are clear about your goals, ready to pay the price, and remain persistent, no one can stop you from achieving it.

If you need any help you can contact us anytime. We will be happy to help you.

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