Positive People

Why Is It Good To Surround Yourself With Positive People?

“Positivity is highly contagious. Being around positive people changes the way you see things.”
– Fahim Lashkaria –

People we surround ourselves with makes a huge difference in our thinking pattern as well as our decisions.

These people provide us with experiences that shape our mindset. How we deal with situations completely depends on this mindset.

Usually, we see two kinds of people around us; optimists and pessimists. Optimists have a solution for every problem whereas pessimists have a problem for every solution.

Why Positive People Are Helpful?

Positive People

Being around these positive people helps us stay positive in negative situations. We all have these people around us. In the form of a friend, spouse, mother, father, uncle, etc.

Someone whom you ask for solutions and he/she evaluates your capabilities provides you with a good one. Someone who inspires you to do something big when you are doubting yourself.

These are the ones that we need to surround ourselves with. They help us know ourselves and push us.

Reasons To Surround Yourself With Positive People

Surrounding ourselves with these optimistic people helps us in many ways. Here are a few reasons why it is good to surround yourself with positive people. One benefit leads to another and the chain goes on.


The first and foremost characteristic of a positive person is that they don’t judge you. They hear you all and try to know your perceptive. A positive person will never give a solution without evaluating you.

They pay attention to detail and want to know the base of things that you did so they can point out the mistakes that are the causes of it.

If there is something wrong, these holy creatures will explain to you and give you another way.

Contradictory to this, if you start saying something and someone judges you or brings you down, your moral gets shattered.

Good Listeners

These are very good listeners. Thus, we like to ask them things we wouldn’t ask everyone. Because we know that they will patiently hear us and then help us see the best in it.

It is a human tendency that we like to talk to people who hear us rather than who argue with us. Opposite to this when you have a negative person around you, you can’t present your thoughts completely.

They will intervene and drag our attention to things that can go wrong rather than things that can go right.


You might have heard that truth is bitter but not with these Optimistic people. They are genuine and will never say anything for their own benefit.

If you are doing any mistake and they want to present tell you, they will present it in a caring way. They will explain to you with examples.

This truthfulness they show towards us makes us feel good and show their unconditional care for us.


When we feel negative or are feeling low, having such positive persons near you will keep you inspired. They are loaded with inspiration. By believing in your capabilities, pushing you forward and being your support they help you grow.

These are the only things one requires to stay inspired. You know someone trusts your more than you trust yourself and know that they will still be there if we fail to encourage us.

Final Thoughts

Positive People

Being in a good company makes you good. It makes you think good & it grows you inside.

My grandma always used to say about this: “If you are friends with a coal dealer, your hands might not get dirty but your clothes will have a bad smell.

Similarly, when you are friends with a perfume seller, he might not gift you perfume but you will benefit from the good smell every time you meet him.

The same is with positive and negative people. You need to make your choice.

If you like to talk to us or want guidance on any matter we will be more than happy to help you.

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