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5 Mistakes We Often Make While Practicing LOA

Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve It.
– Napoleon Hill –

Many of us face problems in manifesting while practicing LOA (Law Of Attraction) or you are new to the concept of LOA, then you must look in that you aren’t making these mistakes while practicing LOA.

Manifestation is not so complicated, but we often make it. Let us discuss some of the mistakes we make while practicing LOA.

Being a Friendtor (friend+mentor) and a Behavior Analyst, I talk to many people every day and receive a lot of messages about this.

I figured out that these 5 mistakes mistake we make while practicing LOA:

  1. Misunderstanding Concept of LOA.
  2. LOA is not Magic, It’s a Process.
  3. Lack of Action.
  4. Impatience for Results.
  5. Asking Wrongly.

Misunderstanding Concept of LOA

We think that just by seeing “The Secret” Movie, hearing some lectures about practicing LOA, doing positive thinking, positive affirmations, or making vision boards will help us manifest what you want.

I am gonna break your heart here. Sorry to say, but you will not be able to manifest.

Wake up!

Napoleon Hill said:

Practicing LOA

It has a very deep meaning.

He could have said it this way ” What you mind can think and believe, it can achieve it.” but he didn’t.

Don’t get confused. Reading both the quotes you might feel the meaning is the same. But no, it isn’t.

The actual meaning of conceiving is to nurture the thought in your mind just like a pregnant woman nurtures her baby in her womb. Making love, feeling her beats, sewing little clothes, preparing for the birth.

We often think about what we want but we never nurture our thoughts. We let them wander here and there and get influenced by others.

Another thing that we often misunderstand is getting whatever we wish. Either it is bad or good. Violating other’s rights, hindering nature, or the laws of the Universe.

When I started practicing LOA, the first book that I read was “Success Through Positive Mental Attitude” by Napoleon Hill.

The first chapter had the first rule which is still imprinted in my mind:

Practicing LOA

So whenever you plan to manifest and define what you want, check it through this rule. If it hinders any law or rights of fellow men, either you will not manifest or if you will it will not last long.

LOA is not Magic it’s a Process

When I say that LOA is a process it is something that will do what is required. Those who practice LOA believe it as magic.

They ask the universe for their wish and expect it to turn into reality just a matter of days/weeks/months irrespective of their wishes. Creation always takes time and we aren’t ready to give that.

We want to achieve our goals without changing our habits, lifestyle, and even mindset. That’s not possible at all.

You can’t expect to draw kind, generous, and confident people in your life if you are acting cruel, weak, and selfish.

Somethings we get very soon and for something it takes time. Why is it so?

The reason behind it is that what you have asked from the universe demands a different you. You don’t value yourself and want others to value you.

The Universe might require to crush you into pieces, take away something, make you learn some lessons, and make a new you to give you what you want. But most people lose hope and stop practicing it.

Practicing LOA

The simple solution to this is trusting the process. If you have demanded you will get it and amend you in the way required. Keep your eyes open and see the signs.

Sometimes negative situations arise and we start losing hope. To regain your positivity read this article on How To Stay Positive In Negative Situations.

Lack Of Action

You want financial freedom. You need to plan and work by your goal. Just visualizing abundant money in your bank account will not bring it there.

We have to work in accordance by learning new skills, saving from our routine expenses, giving up your small desires to attain a bigger one, or making investments.

Practicing LOA

My mentor always used to say this to me, ” First fill your money tank by saving and making the continuous source of filling it. Then open the tap to use it.”

With positivity and 100% belief in the Universe, you start working and it will come to your help. Your things will start getting accomplished. You will start experiencing victories.

The main cause is that we are very lazy. We want everything to be served to our mouth even without lifting it with our hands.

It is the same as asking the Universe to make you win a lottery without even buying a lottery ticket.

Impatience for Results

Humans have always been impatient and it is the main cause of their problems. A farmer sows a seed of mango and waits for years to manifest the fruits.

You don’t get the child the next day you have intercourse. It takes 9 months for a beautiful baby to come out. How can you expect to get the results right away?

Giving time is necessary. Be calm. Don’t pay attention to your negative thoughts. You might remember the proverb ” Good thing come to those who wait.”

This doesn’t mean you wait the whole life. Give a reasonable time. Click on the link below to learn how to be patient while manifesting with LOA.

I wouldn’t like to say more on this but will request you to grab your headphones and plug it into the smartphone or system and just see this video with full concentration. I hope you will get your answers.

Asking Wrongly

The most magnificent lesson that I learned while practicing LOA is asking the best. But what is best for me.

Earlier I used to ask for things that I felt were good for me. I got them but later was dissatisfied with them. Worked hard to get them but they didn’t get provide me happiness.

I started researching. After about 3 years, I came across a paper on which it was written:

The universe says, “What you think is good for you may not be good, and what you think bad may not be bad.”

I dug more and I found that sometimes the universe gives you bad experiences with what you have asked for. Then I started asking the universe differently.

My pattern to ask the universe was this,

To date, I have been always bestowed with the best things. Friends, family, life, car, bike, relationship, partnerships, work, etc.

Final Thoughts

My mentor explained and trained me to plan every goal very carefully. For all my goals, he gave me an exercise:

  • Define your goals properly that align with the law of the Universe and not hindering the rights of a fellow human.
  • Write them down.
  • Visualize Them.
  • Get Emotionally attached.
  • Physically feel, smell, and sense them.
  • Give them a reasonable time.
  • Be committed to taking action.
  • Be ready to accept any change aligning with your goal.
  • Have patience.

Following these rules, I always have manifested the things according to the time God/Universe thought was best for me, and when I was most in need of that.

Hope this post might help you clear your doubts and join the club of achievers.

If you have any questions feel free to ask us. We will be more than happy to respond.

Practicing LOA

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5 thoughts on “5 Mistakes We Often Make While Practicing LOA”

  1. Am 60. That made a lot of sense. I have been trying it for the last 10 years. It’s hard to get you r head around. Hopefully. Thank s to you i will get it fully. Many thanks

  2. Hi am just trying to be the best person i can be. I used to cry a lot because of what people did to me. I now choose to be happy and I am looking for real love. But I now love myself 1st. Still hard some days. But there is a lot to be grateful for.

    1. Fahim Lashkaria

      Miss Kerryn, You are the best and God loves you for that. Those who have done bad to you shall payback in their own way. Universe has designed the law of karma for them. You deserve to be happy and you should be. You are practicing the best attribute that is gratitude. My experience says that it makes miracles happen. I have seen many in my life and sure you might have seen them too. Keep up the spirit. Love and Blessings. May God Bless You.

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