How These 4 Habits Led Me To Procrastination?

“The Four Habits of Procrastination: Overthinking, Social Media, Napping, and Minor Chores.”

We often hear of the word – Procrastination. But you might have not thought of these 4 simple things that play a big role in your procrastination.

Sometimes these habits even make you think that you are productive while you are procrastinating.

I have also been stuck in these habits until I realized that I was procrastinating.

Four Habits That Lead To Procrastination

These 4 habits are not thought to be big but their impact is very huge. We don’t even realize that we are trapped and don’t even try to change. Recently, I was the victim of these four habits and it cost me too much.

Let’s talk about them how they trapped me. The first and foremost reason to write this is that as I was able to recognize it might help you too.

1. Overthinking


We want to do many things and also know how to do them. Often we get stuck in thoughts like shall we do it this way or that way. Leading us to overthink about that particular situation or task.

Our brain floods with thoughts thinking on that and you start saying, I will do it tomorrow. But we all know there is no such thing as tomorrow and it not gonna come.

Unknowingly, you are the victim and get in the ugly cycle of procrastination and things keep on lingering.

I also did the same thing. I have been a Mindset Coach and helped many people fighting this but this time I was the victim. It sometimes happens that you overlook things and I did.

Recently it so happened that I wanted to write on some topics but got stuck in overthinking.

It was so severe that I kept thinking for hours initially and later to for even days continuously. But in the end no actions and no results.

This continued for about 3 weeks, when suddenly while talking with my partner on this matter, I realized that I am a victim of overthinking.

The best way to deal with this is to start doing the task even if you don’t know much about that task.

Usually, this happens with me many times. As soon as I want to write about anything, I just start. Once I start writing, relevant thoughts flow through.

The difference between then and now is that I don’t think too much over before starting that helps me avoid overthinking. Once you are in the flow, you will surely reach the target.

2. Social Media Notifications


In today’s world, most of us are affected by this though we agree or not. As soon as the notification tone on our smartphone rings, we tend to check it.

I am also into it and see at least who it is. I don’t open the social media app. But recently, I also got into the trap.

As I told you before that I was stuck in overthinking, being frustrated by that I started passing more time than usual on social media apps. Sitting idle and just passing time.

When I realized that it was decreasing my productivity, I switched off the on-screen notifications on my phone. And now I am getting back on track.

3. Napping


Napping here doesn’t mean the power nap we take. It is about taking continuous naps to avoid work.

While working we often think to take a nap. If it is a power nap it’s good. But when it is an unnecessary nap then again you are under the radar of procrastination.

What I mean by an unnecessary nap is that, while you are working on something and suddenly you decide to take a break or nap.

When you try to resume your work, many of the thoughts or ideas that were in your mind are lost somewhere. Does this happen with you?

This lingers your work as well as your productivity. You need to reconstruct the thought process and this will delay your output.

Being into both the traps of overthinking and social media, I also became a victim of this unnecessary napping.

When you overthink your mind is on a constant run. You might have sleepless nights as I did. If not that, while thinking you will become so much tired that you will feel like sleeping to calm the mind.

So just avoid these unnecessary naps. Focus on the task at hand. Once you finish it, then only get to rest so that you can save the time of restructuring of thoughts.

4. Minor Chores


Minor chores are those tasks that if done now or later will make no difference in productivity.

We usually think that let’s do these small chunks first so that we can completely and continuously focus on important tasks.

But that never happens. These minor chores keep on popping up and our really important works suffer.

Allocate a period to do these minor chores. This way you will be able to complete both important and minor chores well in time.

Let us know your thoughts that do you feel these habits impact your productivity and how you manage to get rid of your procrastination.


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