How Reading Habits Helped Me?

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” 
– Joseph Addison – 

Reading habits are not a hobby. However, for some people, it’s only a task. I will tell you how reading can make a big difference in your life just like it did to me.

When I was in the adult phase, I loved reading short stories and some informative books on science and poems. This is how I created an interest in reading books.

Many of my friends used to ask me how do I speak English so fluently? And I used to reply with a smile, ‘I read books.’

I did my academics from a Gujarati medium. But was able to make the English as my daily communication language just by my reading habits.

Yes, indeed, you can make your English fluent and support your knowledge with facts by reading books.

Also, it has not only helped me gain fluency in my communication but has helped me develop a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset.


Things started changing in my life about my relationships and managing finances. I was five years older by reading books at the age of 18.

I got inspired to write this article meeting my friend on a casual day. We were talking about reading books.

Surprisingly she said that now who reads books. I am pass out from a college and I don’t think that now reading helps. I don’t enjoy it also and every person has different interest areas.

For a minute, I was shocked listening to her answer.

I know many of you will not think of the way she thinks about reading. But some people believe that reading books is about interest.

I somewhere disagree with this fact. Because reading should be a habit and not interest.

Let me tell you some myths people have about reading books:

  • Reading is over when you are graduated from college.
  • Not everyone can like reading. It’s about interest.
  • I prefer watching videos, shows, or inspiring movies instead of reading.
  • I don’t have time to read.
  • My opinion about a book doesn’t matter.


In reality, reading a book is a constant thing. During your college days, you used to read daily. Why? So you can gain good grades in your subjects. You learned new topics, gained wisdom out of learnings, and many more things.

So why stop this learning process now?

Just like you brush your teeth every day, you take a bath every day, you drink a cup of coffee or tea every morning, you should read books every day.

It’s simple if you try!

It can be anything you want to read; novels, magazines, newspapers, or blogs but YOU MUST READ.

By reading you cannot only gain knowledge but you can become a Wikipedia of your world. And without knowledge, one cannot put their point of view to the outside world.

Knowledge is everybody’s pride and one should never lose this opportunity to be an important human being in the world.

There are so many marketers, bloggers, and writers earning money from just sharing knowledge.

So how come they are so much knowledgeable? Are they from the Moon?

No, they are literally like you and me but the difference is reading less and more. As a result, they are gaining knowledge every day.

Warren Buffet, a successful businessman and the richest man in the world spend 80% of the day reading books. Many other legends like Bill Gates and Elon Musk read 600 pages a month.

Make reading a daily habit just like your daily eating habits. Also, Make sure that you do it consistently. Set time for your reading daily at least for 5-10 minutes.

If you are traveling, keep a book with you or kindle will also work for you. Also, when you read, makeout points you find important. You never know how it can help you.

Keep a log of your books list which you finished and make a wish list about the books that you wanna read. Choose your favorite topics and start reading.


A day will come when you will become a regular reader and you will agree with me on that day that it can make you feel relax as well as sometimes makes you wonder.

Reading can be a mood booster. Some day you had a fight with your wife or with a friend, get your corner, and start reading. It can help you set your mood and calm your mind.

I have made reading habits and it has helped start this blog and share wisdom with you all.

Some of my recent favorite books are:


Let’s make a pact between you and me today. We will read every day for at least 5 minutes. So, join me with the daily 5 min reading mission, and let’s make this world beautiful.


If you are already a daily reader, comment on your favorite books or blogs and if you want to build a daily 5-minute habit, then let’s join together in this mission.

You can ping me on my Facebook page and share your thoughts about your reads. I will make a post mentioning your name and share your opinion about the things you read.

Sounds good?

Let’s do it.


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