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Lockdown – An Opportunity To Redefine Your Life

An opportunity to redefine your life is given to you. Use it to upgrade your skills, amend your relationships, nuture your soul, define goals and start building your mindsets.
– Fahim Lashkaria –

We always wanted time and it is here. Due to this virus whole world has been in lockdown in some or the other way. Staying home and staying safe.

There is no doubt that this virus has made people’s life a bit hard. Simultaneously, it has also provided us with a golden opportunity.

Many of us complained about the scarcity of time when our life was routine with jobs and other regular things.

Some of us wanted to learn skills to upgrade your job profile and some thought to start their own business. Many of us didn’t have time to schedule our life or change our habits. Moreover, most of us longed to spend quality time with our loved ones.

This lockdown has provided us with an opportunity to do all things that we longed to do. Let’s talk about things that you can do during this time to redefine your life.

9 Things You Can Do During This Lockdown To Redefine Your Life

Here are 9 things that you can do during this time. Some of them I am doing and some are those which my clients and friends are doing.

Let make a promise to self that when we come out of this we rejuvenated and ready to rock and be successful and happy in our life.

Developing a Positive Mental Attitude

redefine your life

Often it so happens that setback in life makes us pessimist and our thought process turns from positive to negative.

My life changed just because of positivity. It is the most important part of the success mindset. Positive mental attitude is one of the keys to success. Positivity breeds hope and help us to see opportunity in every adversity. Positivity can change your toughest moments into an opportunity in disguise.

Positivity develops a solution-focused approach to problems. Not only that it builds your faith and inspires you to take action. Use this time to build a positive mental attitude.

Positivity has helped me beat depression and anxiety. Check out my story here

Overcoming Fears

redefine your life

Fear of failure is the worry we experience when we think about what can go wrong instead of what can go right. In simple terms, it is nothing but a fear of shame, rejection or loss.

This fear has made us stay where we are for long. Try to overcome the myths that we have developed in our minds.

A very easy solution for this is doing S3. I learned this while I was watching a video in which Jim Kwik said this S3 formula. It means taking Small Simple Steps. Small victories will inspire us to do more and slowly eradicate the fear of failure.

For example, if you are camera shy, use this time to record small videos of yourself. Improve ever time and within few days you will be good at making them.

Building Faith

redefine your life

Faith is what makes us move. Faith is a set of beliefs that we hold in our minds. Faith will push you to do things that once seemed impossible.

Build your self-image. Believe that you deserve it and believe that you can do it. Thorough belief will make you move mountains.

Use this time to instill and reprogram your mind with beliefs that support your dreams and eradicate those that no longer suffice or motivate you.

It is the first key to anything and everything. Results are not gonna come until and unless you do. Once you believe it starts manifesting.

I have seen many people having great ideas. But still, they lack in making money. Why? Just because they don’t believe in themselves.

We see people who have fewer things but still achieve great things. I have studied many lives and concluded that only one thing was common in them. They believed in themselves.

Once you build your faith it will turn your efforts into results and help you redefine your life.

Change Habits

redefine your life

All these days, staying at home you managed to Iive without the expensive coffees and junk food. You saved a lot of money. Carrying this habit after the lockdown will help you save money that can be used for a beautiful dream vacation.

You can develop new habits and leave the bad ones during these days while staying home. According to research, it takes 21 days to leave a bad habit or cultivate a new habit.

Evaluate your life. Make a list of bad habits that you want to change and a list of good habits you want to cultivate. Start working on them. Once this is over, we will emerge out of this with some good habits.

Defining New Goals

redefine your life

We all have dreams and want to achieve them. Usually, in our busy lives, we don’t get time to define our goals with clarity and plan for them. Now is the best opportunity. Get clarity of goals.

Clarity of what you want to manifest is just like the blueprint. It plays an important part in manifestation.

Your outcome, your purpose, your plan and your reconciliation of the result will make you more clear and helps you work on things that matter to you and your life.

In your routine life, you didn’t get time to prepare your vision board. Vision board is a powerful tool that helps you to invest the time and energy to easily visualize your goals.
It also consistently reminds you of your life goals and inspires you to take action that takes makes you closer to your goals day by day.

Amending Relationships

redefine your life

Our busy lives have taken us away from our loved ones. We want to be part of their journey but due to our busy schedules, we cannot do it.

Being at home, it is time to realize how our wife manages to handle a huge burden of work. Help her in her daily chores. Moreover, taking time to sit beside them, talking to them and taking the time to understand each other is what they need.

Many marriages have been ruined because of a lack of communication. We tend to oversee the efforts our partner does in making our life easy. Appreciate them and put your feet into their shoes. Here are 6 simple ways you can express your love that will strengthen your bond.

Your kids have missed you. Your touch and your care. Usually, children of working parents face these. Use this time to nurture your child. Be their support and take time to instill some good habits in them.

Check on your parents who have given their lives to make you successful and what you are. Ask your neighbors or old age people living in your neighborhood. It all comes under our duties being a human.

So make use of this opportunity and take time to strengthen your relationship. Good family support is often the reason for successful people. When you are at peace with your home, your mind is free of tensions and you can focus on job or business more confidently.

Learning New Skills

redefine your life

None of us want to stay where we are. We all want to grow. Either it is our job or business. We need to upgrade to win the market. I have seen people working on a single job for years. Many businesses have been thrown out of business just because they didn’t upgrade.

The best example is Nokia. They didn’t upgrade themselves and thus were thrown out of the market. Growth requires efforts. Learn some new skills during these times. Everything is available online sites like Mindvalley, Udemy, and many other such platforms.

Learning skills can also include meditation, yoga, fitness, or even art. My colleague, Saloni Desai, started learning painting recently. See her first painting below:

redefine your life

Art is also a form of mediation. It develops your focusing skills and also stillness. Moreover, it also helps to improve handwriting.

You can also learn skills that will help you upgrade your job profile or help you to grow your business like data science, analytics, drafting, writing, social media management, etc. All these skills will help you opt for promotion in your job, get a new job and brand your business.

Plan For Business

redefine your life

Currently, you have time to study the markets and patterns of your industry. Plan out some new things for your customers. Create new products, design new courses, plan your website content, prepare content, etc. You can do many things during this time.

You might have dreamt of starting your own business, this is the best time. Use this time to prepare and research. Study your niche and plan accordingly to launch your products or services.

Acquire Knowledge

redefine your life

Acquiring knowledge is far different from learning skills. Knowledge is a treasure and you now have the chance to increase it. Read some self-help books that you always wanted to.

You can choose to read success stories of people and learn from their life. You can find millions of videos on YouTube that will help you enhance your knowledge.

Knowledge is never wasted. I learned fashion metrics before 20 years. It now helps me to guide my clients for their wardrobe choice that build confidence. So, keep in mind that nothing is ever wasted.

Final Thoughts

Don’t waste this golden opportunity. It the time the God/Universe has given us. I always quote this quote of Napoleon Hill, “Every adversity carries a seed of equal opportunity.” This is our opportunity. Use it in the best possible way to redefine your life.

Anyone of you requires any help in designing your vision board, defining your goals, develop a positive mindset can feel free to contact us. We would love to help you in every possible way.

We have shared some of the things here to do during this lockdown. Let us know what you are doing and how you are using this time. We would love to share them on our social media accounts.

If you have any queries or suggestions please comment below and we will be happy to assist you.

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  1. Nidhi rangatiya

    Very nice quotes and mainly the way you narrated time utilisation by point it will make people remind actually forgotten task..

    1. Fahim Lashkaria

      Hey, Nidhi. Thank you for your appreciation. Glad to know that you liked the article and the time utilization tips during this lockdown. Please do us a favor and share with as many people as you can to make this reach far. Thanks in advance.

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