6 Ways To Express Love That Keep Your Relationship Strong

“Don’t hestiate to express love. If you hestitate it will increase roughness in your relationship”
– Fahim Lashkaria –

Expressing love doesn’t mean expensive gifts or vacations. These things aren’t wrong or bad but don’t suffice to hold strong bonds. What keeps the relationships alive is the emotional care we take of our better half.

Out of all cases I have handled, 60% of the cases lacked this the most. Sometimes either it was from the wife and most often from husbands.

When it comes to women, they get too involved in taking care of the house that they forget to take care of their husbands. Similarly, husbands think that providing food, clothes, and things is enough.

Women and men both want emotions but fail to understand and provide for each other. They sideline each other’s efforts and this is where the problem starts to occur.

Just recall, this did not happen in your initial years of commitment or marriage. Why?

The answer to this is really simple, you both were paying attention to each other. As responsibilities increased, both of them got busy behind things and a natural distance was created. They assume that the other half will understand.

But sorry to say, the car runs until it has fuel. Thus, the initial year’s love will not last long. You need to refuel the tank.

It is just about understanding your partner. What enchants him/her, what makes him/her happy, when, and what he/she needs in which situation.

In simple terms, take time to put your leg into their shoes and you will feel who they are.

After all these years of handling cases as well as applying them personally, I have found some simple things that we can easily do which will surely help to make our relationship strong.

How To Make Your Relationship Strong?

Love is priceless and always found in small and simple acts. Here are 6 Emotional Ways in which a partner can express the love that will strengthen their relationship.



Appreciation is the most underrated thing couples do nowadays. As time passes, we start feeling what another person does is his/her responsibility.

In every good relationship, appreciation is the most important and effective way to express love. It is the best way to strengthen the bonds of companionship.

Apply it anywhere be it an employee, a boss, a wife, a girlfriend, a best friend, parents, family members, siblings, or anyone.

To receive true love from your loved ones, you have to express them with the words of appreciation.

The moment you do this they feel proud of what they do and this will encourage them to do more. It gives them the feeling of recognition and they feel valued.

Try the power of appreciation today. Express them how much you value the efforts they put to make your day better and your life easy. Undoubtedly, the smile on their face will amaze you.

Share Responsibilities

Share responsibilities

We have always heard ” Sharing is caring.” Though it is food or work. Sharing responsibilities simply means helping your partner in their daily chores.

If you are a man, helping to wash dishes after dinner, or helping children do their homework, to help her in the household work like cleaning, laundry or cooking means a lot to your partner.

Similarly, if you are a woman, help him in his business if possible, talk to about his goals and help him achieve them. This means a lot to men when they know you understand them and are a part of his hustle.

This will make them feel privileged and give them a sense of care. Cooking their best food or learning to cook for them is one of the best things you can do. Women love when their partners cook for them.

Believe me, this tip is so effective that it will change your relationship into an everyday romance just like you did in your initial days.



We all love surprises. For women, it is a small bunch of flowers, a chocolate bar, or be something they like. It doesn’t matter it is big or small.

When it comes to men, it can be his favorite dish or an unexpected visit to his office. Most men love quirky and enchanting love move. Surprise them with the best of your lingerie or his favorite dress or even a simple candlelight dinner.

This makes them feel remembered and this is what a partner wants. They know someone special is there.

Quality Time

Quality Time

Time is what everyone needs. When you spare some quality time for them, especially adjusting your work, they feel most wanted and loved. This brings them closer.

It is not that you need to put in long hours. Asking your partner about how was his/her day or giving time to listen to their stories.

Why is it called quality time? Even though you already spend the time with them.

When you have some to hear you and someone to understand you, it makes us feel part of a big thing.

If you are busy with your thing and your partner in their things, the differences will increase, and doubt will fill in space. Give time and be there at their best and worst times. This will leave no space for doubt.

After a bad or good day, what a partner requires is someone that can hear them. This makes them feel heard and understood.

Financial Security


This one is my favorite. Women/men both long for a financially secure future. When either of them spends a lot and doesn’t care about securing or saving for the future, it hurts.

Sometimes men are spenders and sometimes women are. Discuss your financial goals with each other, make them aware of what your plans for the future are. Come on common grounds.

Express love by sharing the plans you have made to secure the future. It not only includes savings, investments, or retirement accounts but also changing your bad overspending habits, clearing debts, etc.

Most relationships end or get worse because both of them walk on different paths.

Physical Touches


Physical touches play a great role in the expression of love. Hugs are the most underrated in that. If you hug your partner thrice a daily, your chances of quarreling decrease by 50%.

Similarly, pampering them by a grab of an arm in times of stress or even normally, squeeze of the shoulder, etc help you express your love without any words. What lands to them is your emotions attached to that touch.

Final Thoughts

express love

As we read, doing these things isn’t a big deal but are the ones we usually tend to put aside. Apply these simple tips and just make your relationship flourish.

Plant these 6 trees in your garden that will help you spend the rest of your life with your partner in the best possible way.

All of the above tips have just one thing in common and that is care. This is the secret ingredient of a happy and long-lasting love.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If your relationship is going through turmoil and you need suggestions or guidance don’t hesitate to ask for help. I will be more than happy to assist you.


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