Reprogram Subconscious Mind

How To Easily Reprogram Subconscious Mind?

You live your life according to the programs fed by others, reprogram subconscious mind to get what you want.
– Fahim Lashkaria –

Hearing the word reprogram seems like a joke to many and was to me also when I heard this 15 years ago. But after all these years of research and implementation, I thoroughly believe that you can reprogram your mind and that too by doing simple exercises before you go to sleep.

Before we move to those simple exercises, let us get a brief idea about how our mind functions. We have two minds, conscious and subconscious.

The conscious mind is responsible for logic and reasoning. It controls all our actions and reactions based on your belief system.

These beliefs are made with your past experiences. These beliefs are stored in your subconscious mind and your conscious mind will always act or react based on these beliefs.

For example, you presented a project, and your co-workers mocked you. This will imprint in your subconscious mind and every time you think of doing such things, it will remind you of this experience.

Now, this has become your belief of failure and will stop you from doing it. This can be easily changed just by experiencing a better response.

This is what mentors and coaches do. They provide you a better, optimistic, encouraging experience that fills you with the courage to do things that you once thought you can’t do. What they do is help you reprogram your mind.

Thus, it is clear that whatever program your subconscious holds your conscious will react accordingly and by reprogramming your subconscious mind you can change your current state of life from miserable to happy and abundant.

Exercises to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Reprogram Subconscious Mind

You can easily condition and reprogram your mind for success and happiness by doing some exercises before you go to sleep.

These exercises are based on psychological research. But, you need to be doing them consistently and you will surely change your life.

It hardly requires 30 minutes and you can do them at any place even at home or while traveling before you go to sleep.

I recommend it doing at least for 40 days. Why 40 days? Because in the womb of a mother the child formation changes every 40 days. Doing something for 40 days consistently turns it into a habit.

Why these exercises are to be done before you go to sleep? Because when you go to sleep your conscious mind stops working but your subconscious mind is awake. It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Here is a thought that you need to fix in your mind before you start doing these exercises:

“When you’re truly focused on an intention for some future outcome, if you can make inner thought more real than the outer environment during the process, the brain won’t know the difference between the two. Then your body, as the unconscious mind, will begin to experience the new future event in the present moment. You’ll signal new genes, in new ways, to prepare for this imagined future event.”
– Dr Joe Dispenza –

Be Grateful


Gratitude is a spiritual discipline. Being grateful is the key to success. When you are grateful for what you have you feel contentment.

I have tried this many times in my life. The more I was grateful the more I was rewarded.

The universe always gives you more of those things that you are grateful for. It prevents you from being greedy and hence saves you from disaster.

Some of the proven benefits of gratitude are: It improves psychological health, improves self-esteem, and provides mental strength.

Gratitude creates a feeling of abundance and thus raises your frequency of manifestation.

Plan The Day


Plan your day the night before. Review your priorities and things that you will do that will bring you near to your goals. What time you will wake up, things you will do during the day.

Plan out each minute of your day and act accordingly. This will help you stay focused and give clarity and purpose to your day ahead.

Review The Day


Reviewing the day that you spent and seeing its and bits of it will help you see how purposeful you were on that day. When you review your day you can identify improper things and make decisions that will bring closer to your goals.

The day you programmed yesterday went as planned or not. Did you follow the schedule or wasted time in less important things?

This will bring clarity to your goals and inspire you to take action. The more you try to see the more you will find things that you need to be work on and you can upgrade accordingly.

Revisit Your Goals


The purpose to revisit your goals every night is very simple. The more you repeat the more it becomes thorough in your mind. The more you see and feel them the more you are to work towards it.

If you have designed a vision board then see it. If not jot down your journal. Think of the advancements that you need to make in your skills or work that needs to be done for achieving your goals.

It can be anything from meeting someone, taking some course, asking for help, or discussing ideas with someone. Note them down. Work on it as per the schedule.

Put Subconscious To Work


Now, this is the magic band kind of thing. Believe me, I have tried ample of times and sure you might have also experienced it unknowingly.

Many times, it happens that you are stuck in something and you sleep thinking and looking answers for it.

You suddenly wake up in the middle of the night or the morning while in shower. You find a solution to your query or remember something important.

It is your subconscious mind that works on your queries while you are asleep. It digs the innermost parts of your brain and finds a feasible solution to your queries.

So, ask questions to your subconscious question and put it to work. You will be amazed to see the results. It is just like the Magic Lamp of Alladin.

Your subconscious is way more powerful than you think. Use it in the best possible way and I bet you will need anyone to solve your problems.



Meditation tranquilizes your mental state and will take your mind in the blank state. When you are in the blank state you can store new beliefs and dreams in it. It is like an open hard drive. Input the data you want in it.

The blank state is necessary because you cannot overwrite a full hard drive. So you need to tranquilize it first and then store it. You will see a new you over time.

You can meditate anytime anywhere and take decisions without being hindered by your thoughts. During my career as a Mindset Coach and also my past journey, it has been one of the powerful tools for me.



The reason I have kept this the last thing to do is because I want you to go to sleep with these feelings. Feeling the joy of achievement, enjoying your goals, or the happiness on your face.

It is very likely to experience or see dreams about the thoughts with which we fall asleep. So it is another way to make your mind experience the life you want in real as well as in dreams.

It is a sort of hypnotherapy. Remember the thought of Dr. Joe Dispenza, I put above. Your mind doesn’t understand the difference between reality and dream.

Sir Bob Proctor always says ” If you can see it and feel it, you can achieve it.”

When you attach your goals to with emotions and start feeling as if you have achieved it. It sends the message to the universe and ignites the process of manifestation. It will help you find ways that will get you nearer to your goal.

Final Thoughts

Reprogram Subconscious Mind

The key to all these exercises is repetition and consistency. Don’t worry if it doesn’t work initially. Initially, your mind might even resist. Fool it.

I always quote the line from the song “All Is Well” from the Indian movie, “3 Idiots”. It says that your conscious mind is an idiot just fool it with love.

This fight between minds is also described in Mark Manson’s book, “Everything is Fucked” by the example of thinking brain and feeling brain.

If you require any help or have any trouble doing these exercises feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to assist you.

Reprogram Subconscious Mind

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