Running Regularly

How Our Organs Transform By Running?

Running is therapy anyone can afford.

- Toni Sorenson -

We all know running is the best exercise.

But how many of us do? The answer is very few.

We can guarantee you one thing that if everyone starts running regularly just for 10-20 minutes, you can minimize the chances of diseases next to 75%.

We understand that this seems like an exaggerated statement. But dont worry we have something concrete to support our statement.

How Body Organs Transform By Running Regularly?

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After reviewing hundreds of studies by well-known organizations, we have compiled information on how and which organs of our body transform if you run regularly?

Now, lets see what it does to our body if we run regularly for 30 days.


A regular habit of running makes our joints healthy. It strengthens the muscles that help to release the pressure on our joints reducing the risks of arthritis. You might have seen old people having an active life who will be perfectly walking around with no complaints.


Muscles rust when not used and chances of wear and tear increase. The more they are used they become stronger. Healthy muscles help to lift more weight than normal increasing our ability day by day. We often see people in the gym lifting heavyweights. This is the result of continuous training of muscles. In difficult times like power failure, such people have no difficulties climbing or walking down the stairs.


Running improves the functioning of the pancreas. We have learned earlier that it uses up excess sugar from our bloodstream, thus, helping in the proper functioning of the pancreas which produces insulin. This reduces the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes by 60-70%.

Blood Vessels

Running increases circulation which helps in maintaining blood pressure. Moreover, running decreases cholesterol in our blood vessels. This reduces the risk of narrowing our blood vessels eventually saving us from stroke and other cardiac diseases.


When we run, our skin breathes through the pores in our bodies. This helps in opening pores of the skin allowing it to breathe properly. This results in healthy skin without acne. Often, we see people who have the habit of regular workouts have glowing and wrinkle-free skin. This can help in boosting your self-confidence too.


As running improves digestion due to the availability of proper blood flow to our digestive system, it reduces the chances of bowel cancer or IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) by 50%. The logical reason behind this is that while running the fluid intake increases due to sudden loss of water from the body through sweat. Thus, helping us in proper digestion and reducing constipation or bloating of the stomach.


Non-active lifestyle or eating disorders lead to complications like PCOS or PCOD in women. Usually, these disorders make women overweight, and is often hard to lose weight. Running involves physical activity of the abdomen that helps in decreasing the disorders and gaining regularity of periods.


Regular running improves the strength of bones and gradually helps in increasing bone marrow. This reduces the risk of sudden and unexpected bone fractures.


Running reduces fat levels in the body and uses the excess fat stored in the body. This helps the liver to function properly. On the contrary, excess fat levels get deposited upon the liver leading to the fatty liver which results in misfunctioning of the liver and weight gain. Obese people are more prone to cardiac diseases and hence regular running helps to reduce those risks.


A healthy heart is a key to healthy and happy living. When we run, our heart functions at its best, and the pumping of blood through blood vessels is regularized. Moreover, it uses the excess fat in your blood vessels and enabling proper blood flow decreasing the chances of heart stroke.


During running, our respiratory system uses our respiratory muscles which are between our ribs and diaphragm. These movements strengthen our respiratory muscles that make our lungs stronger. Doctors suggest mild cardiac activities for their asthmatic patients.

Sexual Organs

Many studies show that increased physical activity leads to an increase in sex drive. There are multiple reasons for this. One is the increased blood flow to every part of the body that leads proper functioning of sex organs. Another reason is the structured body which increases confidence and attractiveness.

Final Words

Inspiration to Running

This is eye-opening. Hope this helps us to take running seriously and start our running routine. These are only a few things that happen to our organs.

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So, are you up for a 30-day challenge?

Let us know in the comments below.

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