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How Scripting in Law of Attraction Helps To Manifest Faster?

Scripting in Law of Attraction

Scripting is a magic wand to change you from what you are to what you want to be.
- Fahim Lashkaria -

We are a product of our social conditioning done during our childhood. Many studies have been conducted and prove that what we are today is a result of life scripting done in our childhood.

According to Psychology, a life script is a set of childhood decisions made unconsciously about self, others, and the world by an individual in response to the then circumstances.

We often blame our parents, teachers, circumstances for what we are today. Yet they play only a small part in that. It was our interpretation that made us what we are.

Well, let me explain with a story.

Two children are being raised in the same house. Father is an alcoholic and every day beats up his wife and children. Both children grow up and one follows the legacy of his father drinking, beating, abusing, and living the same life. Whereas another never touches the alcohol and life a better life.

Here, both children are brought in the same circumstances. But the interpretation of the situation by each of them is different. Thus, its not what we have been through, its how we perceive it.

What we have lived till now is not our fault. But what we will, is surely our responsibility.

What is Scripting?

In laymans terms, scripting is the process of writing or designing a new perspective of your life in the present tense. The work doesnt end here. This is just the beginning.

It is just like our own story, we have been told many times, and now we have been living that story for years. But the great news is, a brand new story can be written and we can live a different life.

Talking technologically, you cannot run a Mac OS on a system that already has Windows OS installed on it.

Come on, Smarties, What should be done?

Exactly, we need to erase the disk containing Windows and install Mac OS on that PC.

Similarly, your old story is the MAC OS and the new story is Windows OS.

So, there are three things we need to do to change:

  1. Erase Old Script
  2. Write New Script
  3. Install New Script

Keep a note of these three steps. Later we will need this.

The Psychology Behind Scripting

A question arises in everyones mind, How can this scripting help? The simple answer to this is very simple. Humans have been created such.

Our mind has enormous capabilities. It absorbs emotions either good or bad and stores them in our minds. So whenever we see, hear or feel similar situations, the mind recalls those experiences and acts the same way it acted earlier.

To explain how our mind works and why we have been living that way, I always perform this match stick experiment with my mentees.

Bring a matchbox and keep it on the table. Take someone from your friends as a volunteer. Light a match stick in front of him and act as it burned a little. Now, blindfold his/her eyes.

Wait for 30 seconds and take two match sticks from the matchbox. Keep one in each hand. Placing the matchbox on the table, light one matchstick and touch the other non-burned match stick on their hand.

They will jump from the chair and in some cases even feel the heat and burn.

You didnt even light that match stick, but they felt the burn. This is because whatever we experience is stored in our minds.

Similarly, our old reactions of fear, unworthiness, etc are stored in our minds. So whenever we try to do something different, our mind feels uncomfortable.

Therefore, if we want a different life, we need to store those experiences in our memory. By scripting a new life, we program our minds. We put new and favorable responses to the situations.

We need to read the script regularly and feel the experiences. This allows the subconscious mind to absorb the new reality. Thus, we reprogram our minds.


There are some prerequisites before you start scripting.

First and foremost is 100% belief in the working Law of Attraction. If you have doubts please read this article:

  1. Is Law of Attraction Real?
  2. Why Law Of Attraction Doesnt Work For Me?

Secondly, you must have a clear vision of your goals. It is most important. If I say to run in the dark, you dont know where you will go. The same is the case with unclear or borrowed goals.

Borrowed goals are those goals that others set for themselves. They want it and so we want it. Such goals are emotionless, purposeless and thus arent inspiring us to take action or work hard to achieve them.

Read this article to attain Clarity Of Goals.

Moreover, there are many other articles on this site about soulmates, manifestation techniques, and the Law of Attraction to help you define your future life.

Contents of A Script

Scripting is an art. Just like a writer writes a story for their movie, you need to write your own story. A story that you want to live.

Define all the 8 areas of your life.

  1. Career/Business
  2. Finances & Wealth
  3. Friends & Family
  4. Recreation & Entertainment
  5. Health & Fitness
  6. Love Life
  7. Personal & Spiritual Development
  8. Physical Environment

Describe each aspect of life considering minute details of the life you want. Include pictures of places, things, people, and whatever you want. This will help you in visualization.

While defining your career, you must start from your academics, environment, relationship with colleagues and boss, type of work, company you want to work, etc.

Similarly, for business, the area, type of business, products, sales channels, relationship with clients/employees, and every aspect you can think of with minute details.

For friends & Family, define the relationship with your parents, siblings, relatives, friends, etc. Define relation with each the way you want. The emotions you want to give them and the emotions you want from them.

If you are single, define your soulmate and if already married define the relationship you want. Care, love, sex, acceptance, open-mindedness, etc. Whatever you can imagine.

Design your vacations in general, then the destinations, the companions, your trips with friends, your trips with family as well as with your soulmate/partner.

While defining your health & fitness, define the body weight, disease-less life, fitness routines, and everything related to it. Moreover, include the physique you want. Get yourself photoshopped to see your future self and use it for manifestation.

Thus, define in detail you

Make sure one area of your life doesnt contradict with other. For example, you want to be an entrepreneur. Say, for instance, you define to have a great business, but forget to mention that you have free time for your family. Now you will obviously have a good business but with less time to spare with your family.

What To Do After Scripting?

After scripting comes the real part. Just writing wont make your life. So now the action begins.

The law of attraction has changed my life and many others around the world. It revolves around the statement what you mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. It is not that you start thinking about achieving something and you get it.

Many believers of LOA get this wrong perception. LOA is the process of discovering your hidden potentials. It diverts your focus from unwanted things to your desires. When things are in your focus, you see the opportunities that were overlooked.

The law of attraction works only when you make yourself ready for what you are demanding. If you are lazy and want to achieve six-packs, it is not possible.

No doubt, it will be a gradual process. But first, you must indulge in mindset changes required for what you are demanding.

Reading your script regularly is necessary to keep it alive in your heart and mind. The more you read more your mind accepts it.

Dont read for the sake of reading. You must read it with emotions. Feeling each aspect as if it is happening and you are enjoying it.

As soon as you start living your future life in imagination, your realities start to change. You will start seeing opportunities to fulfill your goals.

One of my mentees did this scripting process and here is his story.

Case Study

My mentee was looking to find his soulmate. Once decided, we started discussing the type of person he was looking for. On my recommendation, he started reading novels in the love niche.

These novels gave him the words and things she wanted in his life. He read, scanned, evaluated all the attributes that were possible in his social culture.

Then was the time he started writing the description of his soulmate. He described all the minute details for his partner.

He described his relationship with her. Moreover, he described her response in times of ups and downs. Everything in the way he wanted her to respond or take care of.

Furthermore, he described the recreational activities they would perform together. Additionally, he imagined the growth aspect of life with her. How she would be helping in achieving his life goals of finances, relationships, career, etc.

It did not end here. We talked daily for an hour on this topic to refine his writings. Changed things as required and acceptable in the scenario.

Soon this phase changed to seeing people in this category. Now, we were discussing people around him matching his soulmate description.

It took around 6-8 months to find the exact match of what he actually wanted. In between, he found some near matches but as time moved he discovered the missing items. Thus, carried on his search. And finally, he found what he wanted.

Scripting helped him to see his love movie every day. This also helped him to feel the person. His emotional quotient reached its peak.

No doubt, there were times when he felt uncomfortable and impatient. But every time he read the script, it made me feel better. It gave him the strength to wait for the best that was eventually meant for him.

Final Words

Conclusively, we are the creators of our life. Our past life and old mindsets dont let us live to our full potential. Thus, by scripting, you can change and design your new life.

No one is coming to change it for you unless you do it. Food on the table cant reach your mouth until you pick up the spoon and put it in your mouth.

Stop waiting and start scripting. Start writing the script of your movie. If you need any help feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help you.

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