Self-Help Books

“The good thing about a self-help books is that if you misunderstand something then they won’t mock you.”
Stephen Richards –

Being a Behaviour Analyst and a Mindset Coach, I have known many people who have changed their lives by making reading their habit.

Benefits of Reading Books 

Some sure shot benefits of reading that you will get once you develop a reading habit:

  1. Gives knowledge.
  2. Improves your brain.
  3. Reduces stress.
  4. Improves memory.
  5. Improves imagination.
  6. Develops critical thinking skills.
  7. Builds vocabulary.
  8. Improves writing skills.
  9. Improves communication skills.
  10. Improves focus and concentration.
  11. Cheap entertainment.
  12. Motivates you to do.
  13. It makes you more empathetic.
  14. Improves Skills.
  15. Builds self-esteem.
  16. Anytime anywhere entertainment.
  17. It helps you sleep better.
  18. It helps you learn about another world.
  19. It helps you socialize.
  20. Improves creativity.
  21. Learn at your own pace.
  22. Improves morals.
  23. It provides you the knowledge about history.
  24. No side effects of the digital world.
  25. It makes you smarter.

So what are you waiting for?

List of Self-Help Books

Here are some self-help books that will help you change your mindset and give a new perspective to your life.

Happy Reading!

Everything is Fucked By Mark Manson

Self-help booksMark points our attention more seriously and profoundly on a bigger perspective. He talks about our position in socio-political surroundings. Great for Millennials as it will help them change their perspective about life.

The Leader Who Had No Title

Robin Sharma is a highly respected leadership guru. In this book, he talks about his conversation with 4 leaders who were not honored in their conventional domain. Conversation with each of these leaders picks out the important and essential principles that can help an ordinary person in becoming a true leader.

Success Through Positive Mental Attitude

World-renowned authors Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone team up for Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude. The crux of this book is that with the right attitude you can achieve your dreams. It emphasizes the famous placebo effect. You can unmask your hidden powers by having a positive mental attitude.

Steal Like An Artist

Austin Kleon explains the meaning of creativity in a very different way. He has expanded the manifesto with an illustrated guide to have a creative life for writers, artists, entrepreneurs, designers, photographers, musicians, and anyone attempting to make a career or a life in the digital era.

Predictably Irrational

Dan Ariely is an author, teacher, and speaker who holds dual Ph. D., one in psychology and business administration. This book is about human behavior and explains why we humans tend to make certain decisions and behave in certain ways. It mainly focuses on the process behind decision-making.


Nudge – Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness is a great book for individuals trying to understand their own selves.  It talks about the irrational decision-making process of humans. You can learn to leverage nudging for your own as well as for the good of society. 


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