Self-imposed Barriers

How Self-Imposed Barriers Stop You From Success & Their Solutions

 Overcome the self-imposed barriers to move forward on your pathway to success.

We all want to succeed, but some self-imposed barriers hold us back on our pathway to success. Let us know what these barriers are and how to overcome them.

Before you read further, I just want to warn you. If you are here just to please your mind and looking for motivation that will last for hours or max for a day then please don’t read further.

I ain’t gonna talk about luck, support, opportunities, or give you anything. I don’t like putting the moon in your hand.

You are reading this and it means you want to change. Grab your notepad and pen. Note down those things that you are doing.

What Are Self-Imposed Barriers On The Pathway To Success?

5 self-imposed barriers are as follows:

  1. Limiting Beliefs
  2. Fear of Failure
  3. Unwillingness to Change
  4. Procrastination
  5. Holding on To Your Comfort Zone

Let’s discuss each in detail.

1. Limiting Beliefs

Self-imposed Barriers

Our family, relatives, friends circle, society, good or bad experiences, etc create our beliefs. What are limiting beliefs?

Have you ever been to a circus?

Usually, we see some animals tied near the gate for attraction. In those animals, you might have also seen a giant elephant.

The elephant’s leg is tied to a rope that is poked inside the ground, which he can easily break or even pull out. But the elephant doesn’t pull that? Do you know why?

Self-imposed Barriers


Since the elephant was small, it was tied to the same rope. At that time, they tried but couldn’t pull. This was imprinted in the mind of the elephant and thus even when now it doesn’t try to pull.

These types of beliefs are called limiting beliefs and we also have such limiting beliefs imprinted on our minds.

To be wealthy is not my cup of tea, I can’t do it, I don’t have those capabilities, I am not that strong, what will people say, what my relatives will think, and the list goes on.

Due to these beliefs, we don’t even think to try. We believe our abilities are fixed and that we cannot do or learn.

Reasons for such limiting beliefs are our bad experiences, lack of education, sometimes religious beliefs, fear, or too much care by our elder/parents.

After all these years working on myself and then as a life coach, I have found 5 practical ways that will help you overcome your limiting beliefs. These solutions include both related to your mind and your body.

How To Overcome Limiting Belief?

Identify the purpose of your belief and where it came from. Start questioning it. Is it still valid or useful?

If you find that it is not valid or useful, replace it with a new belief. The new belief must be in line with your values and that’ll support you in achieving your goals.

Beliefs are patterns that the brain has identified. Retrain it by feeding with new patterns. This will help you rewire your brain. Take the charge.

Here are 5 practical ways to overcome limiting beliefs.

2. Fear of Failure

Self-imposed Barriers

Fear of failure is the worry we experience when we think about all the things that have gone wrong or the thing we would face if we failed to achieve our goal.

You did something earlier and couldn’t complete and left in between. You didn’t try that after that. Or else you wanted to start something new but didn’t do because no one has done it.

In simple terms, fear of failure is nothing but a fear of shame. What others will think of me? I don’t have things required to do this. and many such things we all have experienced.

What if I say, there is no such thing as failure. it is always an experience.

How To Overcome Fear of Failure?

My friend always tells me this story about himself. How his father planted a belief that helped him overcome the fear of failure.

He lived in Kolkata. In Kolkata, the traffic police are very strict. They usually impound the vehicle. Thus people tend to strictly follow rules.

He once drove and his bike was impounded. He then left taking the bike again. His father noticed and explained it to him.

The statement was impactful. He said “Don’t fear. What do you think would he do to you. He isn’t gonna kill you.”

What I could get out of this story was that once you are ready for any outcome, your fear vanishes.

You can only control what is in your hand. Those not in your hand you cannot do anything. So why to bother your small little mind for that.

For those who gave up and thinking to give up due to fear. Ask yourself these questions.

What brought you till here can it get you to the goal? if not what is missing? Can I learn?

I am sure doing this you will never let you give up. My mentor gave me this exercise and it has always helped me in such situations.

3.Unwillingness To Change

Self-imposed Barriers

When you think you are the best or what you are doing is the best, you never will even try to change yourself.

Unwillingness related to two major things: One is Lack of knowledge and another is self-proclamation.

In today’s internet world, I still meet some people who are old school.

I know some personal counselors who tend to give up their old age tactics of getting one to one counseling instead of getting more money sharing their knowledge online over some time.

They are unwilling to change because they don’t know the current trend. Today, people search for everything on Google.

Coming over to self-proclamation, some people feel that they are the experts and don’t need anything from others. Either it is knowledge or help. They live in their world.

Recently, my company was looking to recruit some content writers. We had an applicant who came for an interview. He was a good writer and had good research skills.

But he was a self-proclaimed expert. He claimed to be an expert in SEO, SMM, and 8 more skills. But when he was asked which industry leaders follow in terms of his expertise, his reply was none.

The reason he gave was again at the top, I don’t follow anyone and I don’t need to be an expert.

Due to this attitude, he was not recruited at our company and might also have the same because he is unwilling to change.

 How to Overcome Unwillingness to Change?

A very effective formula to overcome unwillingness to change is to implement change in several stages. Your mind won’t accept sudden and huge changes at once.

While you eat, you take small chunks. Not all at once. Eating too much at a time will just upset your tummy. Similarly, an overdose of change can get your mind upset.

Get knowledge, keep an open mind, and be ready to accept the standards prevailing in the market.

The famous mobile phone company Nokia failed just for the reason that it was unwilling to change according to the market standards. We all know the story. If you don’t know, google it.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help at any point. There might be things you don’t know and others might.

Try to see what have other people before you or around you who were in a similar situation did to improve their situations.

Don’t wait for the problem to become unbearable.  See your future self vividly in your mind and try to solve that problem at an initial level so that the pain is less.

4. Procrastination

Self-imposed Barriers

Procrastination is nothing but putting things off intentionally or habitually. In simple terms, it is the habit of delaying/postponing important tasks. Not only that but performing unproductive or say unnecessary tasks.

We all are traveling this boat at some or the other time in life. The difference is just that some identify it and rectify it while others carry on with it.

I too have been a procrastinator at times. But, thanks to my mentors and friends who helped me overcome it.

Procrastination is connected to fear and will. Sometimes it is some hidden fear that we don’t wanna talk about and it encourages us to delay the action.

Another big reason for procrastination is a commitment to goals. If we are committed to our goal we will do anything required anytime.

But if we are just interested and have only the desire, we will do the efforts only when we feel like. This is the reason we people starting some work and then loosen the grip.

Many times it also happens that our mental state is not good and we don’t feel like doing anything. I have seen people postponing works for days, months, and even years.

Seneca, the Roman philosopher, wrote:

“While we waste our time hesitating and postponing, life is slipping away.”

Procrastination is a deadly virus. Don’t take it lightly. You lose your precious time, opportunities slip from your hand and eventually, you aren’t able to achieve goals or ruining your career.

It is not just about goals. It has personal damage too. Slowly and gradually you start to lose your self-esteem leading to poor decisions.

How To Overcome Procrastination?

The first and foremost thing I would say is not to postpone the work to a later time. Do it right away. My colleague always says, if it is delayed/postponed, it is never done.

Don’t overdose. Start doing small tasks and then get them to bigger. I applied this formula and it helped me a lot.

Give a deadline for each task and honestly and strictly monitor is. If feeling lonely, find a company that can work with you.

If much of your time is wasted on social media or smartphones, just quite the phone. Disable on-screen notifications. Give a specific time for it to see hourly or once in a while.

Some calls and messages are important and thus it is ok to attend. The best thing you can do is to hang out with people who inspire you.

Perfectionism is one of the biggest reasons for procrastination. Time is not right, I don’t have skills and such other excuses.

Leave that thought aside as there is never a perfect time. Waiting for one, you will never accomplish anything.

 5. Holding On To Your Comfort Zone

Self-imposed Barriers

What is a comfort zone? Where you only do easy things, doesn’t challenge you, don’t need your extra effort and time.

In a comfort zone, your activities and behaviors fit a routine and pattern that minimizes stress and risk.

We want more in life but are afraid to challenge ourselves. We push the envelope on what is safe.

The comfort zone is like being at home. Your performance will be steady. You will stay where you are. Leaving it will put you in the hustle and can bring out your optimal performance.

In this competitive world, people who are willing to take risks, step out of their comfort zone can reap the biggest rewards.

History has the proof. Take the example of Steve Jobs. I think I don’t need to elaborate much on this.

How To Leave Your Comfort Zone?

Pick activities that scare you. Have you seen the movie “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”? It is a Bollywood movie. Those three friends did that itself which gave their lives a new dimension.

Talking about friends, they have always been our motivators. Grab them and plan some adventures.

Before 10 years, I also had a habit of being into my comfort zone. Thanks to my bench buddy and my dear friend. We are together for the past 21 years.

He took me out of it. He just explained to me the psychology of the mind. Whatever we do more it becomes our new comfort zone. Just go on stretching your limits and you will be out of it.

He also added that don’t force your mind but fool it. It is egoistic and doesn’t want any clash with thoughts.

Mark Mansion has explained this theory giving an example of Thinking Brain and Feeling Brain in his recent book, ” Everything is F**ked”

Remember the lines from the movie 3 Idiots, “Dil Idiot hai, Pyar se usko samja le.”

I am ending on to the same note that I started with. You have to do something more to achieve that more which you dream of.

You’ve got to be willing to do things you’ve never done to achieve the success you’ve never had.

Final Words

Self-imposed Barriers

We all want to succeed but are willing to pay the simple price it wants from us. Most of our hurdles are such self-imposed barriers.

Here we have compiled 5 self-imposed barriers and their possible solutions. Doing these little things can take your life from miserable to enjoyable.

If you make up your mind to overcome the self-imposed barriers you can easily do it.

Take charge of your life. No doubt life will bring some downturns. Just face these self-imposed barriers with positivity, enthusiasm.

Don’t worry, Be Happy.

If you have any queries feel free to contact us through the comment section. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Self-imposed Barriers

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