Solution-focused Approach

How To Develop Solution-Focused Approach To Problems?

We all have problems. It is the solution-focused approach that makes the difference.
– Fahim Lashkaria –

The solution-focused approach is nothing but a process of calming yourself down in tough times and seeing the overlooked side of the problem.

Developing this approach not only helps you stay positive during problematic situations but also helps you to grow in life.

When your mental peace is disturbed you might take an emotional decision. Whereas when you have a good mental state it helps you to make profound decisions.

We often hear people complaining about their problems getting severe.

The solution-focused approach is like finding something in still water. As in the case, the water is still you can see the thing easily. Similarly, when your mind is still, you can see or look for solutions easily.

On the contradictory, the problem-focused approach is like finding something in moving water. The vision is unclear and it is difficult to see the solutions.

5 Ways to Develop a Solution-Focused Approach

Solution-focused Approach

After struggling in my initial years, here are 6 ways that helped me develop a  solution-focused approach.

Stop The Chain Reaction

The first thing we need to do is to stop the chain reaction. We know what we focus on comes our way. So when you focus on problems they will eventually increase. I call it the chain reaction.

Often it happens that when we think of problems too much, we tend to create new problems that even do not exist or has not happened yet.

When you stop the chain reaction, it will neutralize your brain and give you space to focus on solutions.

Divine Guidance

Many times we are unable to calm ourselves down during harsh situations. Ask for divine guidance. We all believe in God, the Universe or Superpower. We believe that he has the solutions to everything. We call it faith.

When you ask for divine guidance, your mind gets hope. We all know the power of hope. It helps you get over the hardest things.

Find People Who Dealt With Same

Look for people near you who have been through similar problems. The solutions they have applied will give you insights that can be helpful to solve your problem.

If you cannot find anyone near you or cannot reach people then look for the same over the internet. You could find exact or similar people or problems. Check them out make a list of things you can apply.

This helps in two ways. It makes you feel relaxed that you are not alone in such shit and secondly that it has a solution.

I always recommend my clients to have a group of positive people. It helps us in such times and also helps in developing a solution-focused approach.

Evaluate The Root Cause

Once you have done the above things, now its time to evaluate the problem. Look for its root cause. Why did it happen in the first place? What you did wrong?

Take a piece of paper. Write everything about the problems. Write down your research that you have done. Write every possible solution you found that applies to you.

Look for things you can do to make the situation a lit bit better. Think about what would you do if the situation was a little bit better. This will give you a positive state of mind.

Now think what if this problem happened to one of your friends, what solution would you provide to him/her.

See your problems as others see it. Because when we see problems from others end we tend to have a lot of suggestions. This helps you get to a possible solution to your problem.

Act Right Away

The final part is action. Don’t just be a thinker. You need to act upon it. Keep your ego aside, push your limits, do whatever it takes anyway to solve the problem. Now you have more knowledge of your problem as you have completely studied it.

Move forward even if it is a small step. If you can’t move for yourself stop complaining. You have no right to complain because you have everything to solve it. Just do it.

Save this note to see or read any time you are in some problem. It will make your blood flow faster and inspire you to take action.

Final Thoughts

Solution-focused Approach

No locks are created without a key. Hence, every problem has a solution. The only thing we need to do is to develop a particular mindset to overcome difficult situations.

It is advisable to learn to catch fish rather than asking for food. Because if you give them food they will ask for it again. If you teach them how to fish they will manage to get food for themselves and be independent.

Share this with your friends who are going through problems. If you want any help feel free to reach us. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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