What Is A Soulmate and How To Identify It?

Attracting a person into your life who is genuinely compatible with you requires inner work. How can you discover who your soulmate is without first knowing who you really are and what you really want out of life? You’ll always be clambering around in the dark.
– Mateo Sol –

In this chaotic world, we find ourselves skimming through many relationships to find our soulmate. A person that can truly fulfill our spirit inside.

Many of us currently spend our lives with life partners and not soulmates. No doubt that these life partners are supportive but still fail to enlighten our spirit.

We secretly dream about that person and feel how our life would be if they existed. We lack trust in their existence and hence we settle for anything less. Of course, they do exist and interestingly, we all have one.

Deep within our hearts, the knowledge of our soul partner exists. We may or may not be conscious of them. Often, we experience moments when it feels that the person is right beside us.

The reason it is not clear is that we have never seriously thought about them. Our prior bad experiences and illusions of worldly pleasures bury these feelings aside. But in our loneliest times, we all long for that right partner who completely enlightens our spirit.

Recently, we see people having a spiritual awakening. People no longer like to spend our life with those whom we don’t match. This alone can be the reason for increased divorce and breakups in the world.

This spiritual awakening gives birth to self-love. People have started being themselves and not trying to settle for less.

The increased spiritual light creates more dissatisfaction with our current relationship as we find our current relationship more egoistic than unconditional.

The worldly definition of love often means getting something for oneself rather than giving. People change partners for getting more personal needs met instead of changing their view about real relationships. Love is rather more of giving than about receiving.

Before we move forward let us know what a soulmate is?

What Is A Soulmate?


Let us make it simple, soulmates are:

  • With whom you are completely comfortable.
  • Those who can speak without uttering a word.
  • You both have the same values and goals.
  • You both care for each other’s happiness badly.
  • Value your relationship with each other and want to save it no matter what.
  • Your talks are never-ending.
  • Don’t have to agree on everything, but value other’s opinions.

This is what soulmates are. But how often do we think it this way?

Keep all your doubts aside imagine that each one of us has a Soulmate. We are all spirits of God. Each of us is divided into two parts since the inception of our life. One is that we carry in us and another is that our soulmate carries.

The Soulmate completes our life with all that we lack and we carry all those that they lack. It has nothing to do with genders. You can find them in any gender that you look for.

Usually, we spend our lives looking for it in the outer world but it is accessed from within us, through our hearts.

How To Identify Your Soulmate?


As discussed earlier, our heart knows about it. We tend to fall for people who carry some of those characteristics. In the end, we tend to leave them as it is not completely compatible with our soul.

Every relationship we have been through has contained the reflection of our soul connection. It has been peeking through the eyes of every person with whom you have ever been in a relationship.

As soon as we clear our misconceptions and fears about the sense of true love from our hearts, we begin to live. The moment we start to live with an open heart, we start to recognize our soul connection.

The true ingredient of this awakening is the sense of unconditional love. It all starts with self-love and being yourself.

You may have this question that Where does he/she come from?

Like attracts like. As we surround ourselves with unconditional love, it will get reflected in our partner. We don’t need to go anywhere or do anything special.

This power of love will attract and bring our soul partner to us. It is quite possible that your current partner develops these qualities or you get it in a new partner.

The first step towards activating the process is that we need to dissolve and put aside our fears. Fears about being imperfect, unworthy, abandoned, unloved, undeserving, etc.

It already exists. The illusion of lust and other physical pleasure hides them from our vision. The moment you start loving yourself, this illusion starts to vanish.

Final Thoughts


Remember, your soulmate is an integral part of you and has always been with you. You cannot find each other as you are already a part of each other.

What if I said that manifesting your soulmate was just about becoming aware of ourselves.

Giving out what you want is an important part of manifesting your soulmate. The Law of Attraction is completely about your feelings and emotions. The more positive feelings and emotions you feed to your thoughts more real it becomes.

Are you looking forward to manifesting your soulmate? Check out how you can manifest your soulmate using the law of attraction.

If you have any queries or questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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  1. Really very well explained about soul mate specially in these relationship generation.. Manifestation of soul mate and included LOA is just amazing.. I never thought like this before.. As always quotes are too good!!

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